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  1. One thing I've noticed with the D2 is every time I'm out I find quite a few on edge coins to the point where you're hearing beeps on each side of it. I've been digging a lot of older deep plaid mixed in with a few Mercury dimes and Rosie's etc lots of nickels and they're coming in crystal clear almost like how could any other machine have missed this.
  2. Said if you tie a piece of braided line maybe 100 lb test 150 lb test that she's for fishing in a circle then loop it through the eyelet on the remote and then loop the line through itself just like you would do with the regular Lanyard, then just leave it on there and when you go metal detecting just slide your lower rod out with your coil on slide the loop over the center shaft all the way up to the top where your remote attaches pop your remote on slide your lower shaft back in and now there's really no way to lose it.
  3. Use a piece of 150 lb test super line or braided fishing line and then use a velcro strap to strap it to the shaft. Then you could make it as long as you needed
  4. It fits , but it's the cam that makes it slightly tighter. Plastic which gives vs carbon fiber that don't. I've used a simplex lower and yes it is more snug but you can use a razor blade and remove just a fraction of the cam stop material and it fits great.
  5. Use a simplex carbon fiber lower or a legend lower. They fit and with a very small mod the coil works fine on it. Or buy a tall man center rod as it adds 5" and less of the lower will be sticking out and flexes less.
  6. I had 8-3-22 version and installed 11-3-22 version and did not lose my saved programs. I had a couple glitches , pinpointer took too long to connect was one. Tones didn't act 100% right to me. But seems fine now.
  7. I did the update and noticed no difference .. however in the past I have had an issue with the way my computer installed the download and had to redownload the update which worked perfectly. May just be a bug in the first download. Try it again.
  8. Make sure your bottle cap adjustment is on zero I noticed that on several programs maybe all of them if I have the bottle cap turned on in other words one two three four five It makes the nickel all broken up. I can hear it okay in one and two but once I hit three to five it just about disappears so I run my bottle cap adjustment on zero. I'm not sure how this would affect the beach hunters like myself as I have not tested on the beach yet to see if I was eliminate gold by running the bottle tap adjustment up but that's what I would start with on my part program and my deep high conductor program I can hit my 9 inch nickel on my test garden very cleanly as long as my bottle cap adjustment is on zero
  9. My dealer told me all dealers only received 1 deus 2 each for their customers.. I was number 2 on the list. Lol. What a bummer.. oh well it's only been in the 60's here so it's not like I can go detecting anyway lol. Looks like March or April
  10. Since the chip in the battery will not fit in the 9x5.5 maybe they should make a solid elliptical coil and just change the charging clip to a different style that way it could still be waterproof otherwise if you have an external battery it won't be waterproof
  11. They are good targets when looking at it from a metals perspective. If those are eliminated you may lose buttons, buckles etc. At least that's what I would guess.
  12. I love my MI-6 and it's my favorite pinpointer. I keep it paired to my deus .
  13. Agree. I may put a screen protector on it but that's it.
  14. i still have a bunch of the equinox screen covers cut to fit and they work fine.
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