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  1. I have 2 sets of Tony Eisenhower headphones. But only use them close to water. Amazing headphones. I use the stock equinox headphones with my nox, and tarsacci . I bought a tiny bluetooth receiver that I velcro'd to back of control housing . I like being wireless. I like this because in the warmer months in the deep south I can use wireless Bluetooth ear buds and they sound great .
  2. Oops. Funny thing about the internet it's so hard to tell lol. I call everyone guys, you guys those guys etc. I need to change the way I do things. My post was just supposed to be funny. Chase gives alot of great info and sometimes I think he/she is too smart and goes into detail where I see it and kind of chuckle . My mind works on more of a simple platform lol perception is everything. Chase sees questions I think as algebra problems lol I look at 3 words out of 10 lol I was a foster parent 15 years, adopted 2 teen boys, and helped over a hundred kids and families over the years. But t
  3. Lol. One guy asks questions, another tries his best to answer, a third says the second guy is all wrong and he doesn't even own one , writes a book , and second guy ends up correct. All joking aside I understood what original poster was asking because I seen Aaron post that chart before and I screen shot it. It's a little confusing and I really don't pay much attention to it. I dig til Target is out of the ground.
  4. I do not know if the coiltek 5x10 is without cover. I was quoting you on your weights. But changed them to ounces. I did weigh my stock 11" without cover.
  5. The 5x10 weighs 15.2 oz. My minelab stock coil weighs exactly 16oz without cover. It's very close to the stock coil in weight. The 7x10 Vanquish coil weighs 12.7oz. Not really a split lol
  6. I thought Vanquish coil weighed less than that?
  7. Or if an adaptor is needed the buy a 12" 1/8 to 1/4 adaptor and mount receiver on arm cuff. I always do that so there is no extra weight on coil end of unit.
  8. The tarsacci comes with a pig tail that screws into headphones port and uses 1/8 female plug for your 1/8" male plug from the receiver for your headphones.
  9. He had some hunting to do first before I headed his way. He has to do this particular hunting now or get eaten by gators I'm thinking. Lol. My parts ,lower ,middle rods and coil are on their way back from Steve anyway. Steve took measurements to make some shafts for some of us. Once I get these parts back and Calabash says he is ready then I'm headed his way. Most likely the week of the 22nd if he gets done with what he is doing.
  10. Just for reference the 15" minelab coil weight
  11. Got my new coil. Looks great! I can't use it til I get my lower rods back from Steve . But it feels solid. Weighs 1lb 5.6oz
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