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  1. I've had that issue over the years. Now I can use the deus stock and not quite fully extended. I'm 6'4" with long arms. Size 17 feet. The deus feels long enough. I've used the tall man middle and it's really long and I may buy another .
  2. They sell a tall man middle rod. It's like 5" longer.
  3. I think he means if it's too slow to detect close to other targets that are deep but are on the surface then why is it wireless? 😛
  4. I wasn't asking you to. I was referring to my original post and was myself wondering what his concern was with the antenna. And I tossed out some possibilities but have no idea.
  5. So my statement started an argument? Lol. I wasn't sure what his issue was with antenna . Was it resistance innthe water? Chance of falling off? The pain of putting on? That's all in meant. I didn't start an argument lol but it is a thinner wire so in reality it should be less resistance in the water. Same difference as a smaller coil, less plastic in coil, thinner shaft like the one made by Steve for the Tarsacci . Thinner is always less resistance as long as same shape.
  6. The charging clip costs little compared to an entire carbon fiber shaft and aftermarket arm cuff and aftermarket coil ear stiffeners. There are aftermarket charging clips for $25 that will last forever. :).
  7. I've not seen anything from XP that's cheaply made. I'm betting it will be very durable. As durable or more so than standard coil cables. And the best part is you can easily repair /replace it as compared to coil cables.
  8. That skinny cable will be less resistant in the water than a standard coil cable which will be on the other water detector.
  9. Looks like the remote is slightly bigger with a slightly bigger screen. Looks like the speed is as good or better.
  10. The new Garrett finds pouch. I removed the belt and made belt loops like I do on all of my finds pouches. Just works better for me . Well built pouch. Made in China 😢
  11. I don't own any single frequency detectors anymore. The deus is all I have at the moment til the 2 comes out. So yeah I believe ML was right and I hope Nokta Makro hit a home run with this.
  12. I think it's perfect. In line with competition and less money on a proven design. Win win for everyone.
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