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    The great outdoors/ gold prospecting ,Treasure hunting
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    TDI PRO OZ / TDI SL , MinerJohn coils
  1. Hi Karelian, the part you circled is the ground Ballance trim pot, just set the the main GB knob to 8 , do normal ground balance and adjust the inside one till ground ballanced .
  2. Thanks for detailed report report JP , I have seen Dean from Gold Search Australia use the QED and a NF 8x6 sadie coil , in soil around Dunolly Vic picks up micro gold . And yes well done Howard and congratulations ROD
  3. I would like to say thanks for the replies I'm in shock and feel sick in the stomach the new bosses at Whites may as well change the name to Black that's not how you treat a friend.......you help them back up ? quote from tboykin from Whites next will be Whites detectors made in China, Sorry to Jimmy Rod
  4. Hi everyone ,last week Jimmy had some specials on, now its closed , just when I was going to put an order in darn, does anybody know whats happening?
  5. Thanks for your reply Steve us Australians are waiting for the MXS fix , I'm on the waiting list, so when Whites is ready to send to OZ I can have a detect, I have got 3 sites , one is an old Pub....a place where you could buy a beer , tie up the horse and stay the night, two old homestead sites ,from the 1850s but there is a lot of iron trash, and sends the TDI bonkers , and the beach is only an hours drive, so got plenty of places to go detecting. closest goldfield is 10 min away. Rod ps I hope your out in goldfields good luck.
  6. Hi Steve H and all love the forum , but most of all Steve your politeness and honesty . ok so does this mean that there is two types of MXS? one with the long hold audio, for deeper target, and the new program for faster target response but no so deep? would be a good idea to have a switch, so we can choose between the two, because having the option to switch between quick target tones for areas for high trash areas and slow target tones for areas that are not trashy? I would prefer to switch the MXS to my preference rather than being forced to use only quick target
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