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  1. WOW, Thank you Steve. Was'nt expecting that! Very good info. Once again, go to the front of the class... 11 out of 10 for effort! No chart... no problem! As usual its "horses for courses" with detectors. Joking aside, thanks for all your knowlegable replies which must seem like a full time job. I 'm sure everyone will agree with this! P.S. Please don't be put off with your independent testing the EQUINOX. Don't let the idiot's, fools and low life's get in the way of you love doing, what you need to do, what you want to do. After all, you do it for yourself and fo
  2. vanursepaul Posted February 25, 2015 Steve, I would like to see you superimpose the ATX on this bar graph to see where it fits. Paul The whole graph isnt there, but you know what i mean, eh? Steve, remember this one? ...Did you ever do it? Maybe you could have a go at superimposing 2 new columns for each of the 3 nugget pics. (space to the left and right of the GPX and GPZ). Time permitting of course! I'm thinking 1 column repr
  3. Looks like a potentially brilliant machine! Proof of the pudding will be in the eating... as usual. Hats off to Minelab personnel for keeping stumpfh on this for 9 months!!! Any independent real world testing been carried out with this yet? Testing in the 4 operational modes need to be done to see if it really can beat its rival in each usage sector... e.g. 1- GOLD MODE:- EQUINOX 800 (20 kHz) vs GOLD BUG....... & EQUINOX 800 (40 kHz) vs GM1000 / DEUS HF / GOLD RACER / GB2 2- BEACH MODE:- EQUINOX (multi freq) vs SOVEREIGN GT / EXCALIBE
  5. Thanks for an honest reply. sorry it just didn't work for you. So, using each of the VLF machines that you have, (G2/GM1000/GB2/GR) as benchmarks, how did the deus compete, performance wise, on a 1 to 1, direct segment comparison. e.g. high freq gold bug 2 vs deus at 80 kHz, and gold racer/GM1000 vs deus at 60 kHz, ect, ect. Did it win, or was it strong, or could it at least compete in any direct comparison test at similar freq's, with your current vlf's. How close was it? splitting hairs close, or night and day away? Performance / depth only... leave ergonomics, screen size, ba
  6. Hello Steve. Just noticed you sold the new xp deus hf coil. What happened, or what went wrong with experiment "XP DEUS V4 -HF ELIPTICLE" ??? Was kinda hoping you'd found the "do-it-all" holy grail you and others were looking for, including myself. Any updated info, or maybe you have a write up in waiting. jim
  7. Hello all OK. firstly not talking about dedicated beach machines like EXCAL II, CZ21, AND THE TIGER SHARK. What would be the best top 3 (decending order ) normal, single freq, prospecting, vlf machines that would be good on wet salt water beaches. I know they wont be as good or as ideal as a dedicated beach machine, but having this capability on a general purpose or prospecting machine would be nice. I'm assuming 14-15 kHz maximum freq, ruling out the AT GOLD, FORS RELIC & GOLD+.? I'm thinking:- MAKRO RACER 2, WHITES MXT & MX SPORT, GARRETT AT PRO, FISHER GOLD BUG/F
  8. Thanks Paul for that valuable info. TOP MAN! I didn't know you had an ATX. Have you ever used an SDC2300 in the water? WELL DONE TVANWHO! LOOKS LIKE STEVES WISH CAME TRUE THEN! (see link below). That's a real handy looking little machine. Fisher Gold Bug 2 Pinpointer Conversion By Steve Herschbach in Detector Prospector Forum, 6 Jun 2015 Not too long ago I posted about converting a Tesoro Silver uMax into a pinpointer at... 13 replies steves quote:- "I did recently try and sell a coupl
  9. Hello Paul. Thanks for your input. Very impressive setups you have there. What kind of depth are you getting with the HEADHUNTER headset and probe under water? Been googlin those GOLDQUEST machines. With that 10us, they seem to have been the best suited, underwater, beach, gold finder in their day. Reports say better than the newer TDI and INFINEUM. I wonder how it would compare against the highly rated ATX at the beach? I believe the aquasearch version is waterproof. Do you Know what the differences are on the V2 and V3? What handheld probe are you using on the G
  10. Was thinking. Maybe someone who khows what they are doing, could put together a diagram or chart of sorts showing the differences of all these machines. I don't mean a features comparison, I'm thinking task suitability. I have in my head a suitable diagram which would show the effect of how suitable/strong each detector would be operating in different enviroments, or detecting tasks, e.g. fine gold/nuggets/coin & relic/dry beach /wet beach etc. I have no clue how to produce it on a computer, but i could draw it out on paper, scan it on to here, then it could be be printed ou
  11. Is there a more powerful/deeper alternative to the usual pinpointers.? Need a small handheld, waterproof nugget detector, with a 2"-4" coil, suitable for snorkelling in small streams. Alternatively, a backpack mounted normal detector(in a waterproof bag), with a tiny coil directly held in the hand, or on a small 6" handle, might work I know there is the NOKTA POINTER & GARRETT PRO POINTER AT. (Lacking depth, and sweep coverage) Also seen the DETECTOR PRO Pistol Probes, VIBRA QUATIC & VIBRA TECTOR 730, & FALCON MD20. Would any of these work for me? (Possibly too low a
  12. Just found this. Check it out http://md-hunter.com/nokta-impact-to-be-triple-frequency-machine-another-new-product/#more-6135 Rumours of April/May release. Maybe Dilek could provide an information update. thanks jim
  13. Have you any clue as to where Whites head might be on a AT GOLD beater, using the MX SPORT platform? thanks jim
  14. Hello lads, great input. "I would be very tempted now by the FORS Relic but would probably go Racer 2 again even though the Relic at 19 kHz has an edge." So regards the 19khz having an edge, how measurable/quantifiable would this "edge" actually be (depth & nugget size) in the real world. Take this scenario as an example:- If 2 of us were covering the same ground, one behind the other, 1 operator with a 56khz GOLD RACER for small stuff, and the other operator with a 14khz RACER 2 OR a 19khz FORS GOLD+, which would be the ideal combination for the best "clean up" abi
  15. OK. the MX SPORT came out to take on the GARRETT AT PRO. Jury is out on that one at present. Seems a decent detector though, on a good platform. So.... with the waterproof casing already there, why not bring out a dedicated prospecting version at 19khz, with a lot less bells and whistles (tones?), to compete directly with, and hopefully be superior to, the GARRETT AT GOLD? The "WHITES MX GOLD" might be a winner Maybe tboykin can chime in on this? thanks jim
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