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  1. 5 hours ago, phrunt said:

    That's awesome Jason, your impression of the fix mirrors mine so far, I think it improves a lot more than just the speaker as overall stability seems better even without using the speaker, and a number of people are now reporting that.  I'm puzzled why they're specifically saying it only fixes the speaker, perhaps not to get flooded with warranty claims.  I'm happy your problems are now under control and you can use it again.    I like you think everyone should get it done, regardless of if they use the speaker.

    Jason report should make GPX6000 owner a lot happier. Garrett Australia now has a big problem trying to sell the AXIOM at an unreasonable price in Aus and NZ as ML has up their game. 

  2. 2 hours ago, Geotech said:

    For those who forego headphones in order to hear snakes and such, I use "transparent" Koss UR40 headphones. They are "transparent" because they don't block outside ambient sound so you can still hear everything around you but the detector response is right in your ear.

    Back in 1980 at Wedderburn Vic. Aus. most of us hated the built in speaker there was so much beep, beep, beeping going on, even the birds were mimicking the the beeps. I can see the benefit of the UR40. I made my own Earphone setup to do the same with the best earphone that were available for stereo that I could get, and made a cage (like in a safety helmet) that allowed ventilation and keep the Earphones very close to my ear.   

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  3. 55 minutes ago, Steve Herschbach said:

    On this location in 1980 the Hand of Faith was found, perhaps the spiritual start of the “Electronic Gold Rush”

    It's good to see the Monument photo. When I saw the location back in 1980 there was not much to see. I never detected more than 2 days in Kingower but one of my mates got a 2½" flat square nugget about an ¼ " thick that weighed 11 Oz on the other side of the sealed road from the spot about ½ mile in.

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  4. 9 hours ago, GB_Amateur said:

    Fishing bobber in one of his bags.  Appears to be someone on a vacation/holiday to me.  On second thought, looks a lot like geof_junk....  Hmmm.  🤔

    Erik an I have an understanding he keeps of my beach *GEOFFREY BAY" and I keep of his. November I will be taking all of Phrunt gold in NZ so Erik will have full access to my beach during that time. 


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  5. 4 hours ago, Diggin' It said:

    One thing that puzzles me, is the only coins I have ever found here, are no older than 1940's...wondered if maybe I couldn't get deep enough because of all the iron...found model T hubcap, damper from coal burning stove, tractor parts, a cast iron can opener patented in 1892,

    1940 was over 80 years ago a penny could buy a lot more then. "From the early part of 1940 to the middle of 1943, average weekly wages in manufacturing establishments covered by State unemployment compensation laws increased 71 percent, from $26 to $45"

    I would of taken more care of my COINS if I had any back then.   🤑

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  6. Simon as you only got 10 days before I head over your way to remove all of that heavy metal in your area. I will post you some Vegemite lids to fortify your plastic coil ears it should do the trick as it withstands exposure to Vegemite.


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  7. 19 hours ago, fogrider said:

    Thanks for posting.

    Modern metal detectors are new to me. I last hunted in the early 1980s.

    Seems like all brands require the operator to learn their detector's "voice". 

    In my situation, my Nox 600 reads gold at 13-15, which is where pull tabs live. Canadian nickels sound almost exactly like certain bottle caps when operating in full mode, and only really shine at 4kHz. 

    I'm learning to hear the subtle differences in signals. The light iron "grunts" of some bottle caps, and the narrow chirpy "waaah" of a coin on edge.

    Cheers, and good hunting....


    Old school also (well old anyway) When I discriminated for coins in the 1980 I found that I got a much more relievable reading by lifting the coil as far as I could and still have a soft signal that was definite. I think that doing this reduced the ground an other target masking effect. As coin hunting is secondary to gold prospecting my detectors don't have ID facilities, so I can't say that this will help with the junk targets but might be worth trying. 

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  8. 5 hours ago, Malleeboy said:

    Jason Why don't You borrow another 6000 and same coil and take it out and do a side by side test with the same settings and see what happens.  Minelab could have stuffed something when they had it apart. 

    All the best . Mike 

    Good to see you around again Mike last time we spoke you were in a bad drought but I guess you must be unwater at the moment. I wish you all the luck you need. Your suggestions is an old and well used way to help find detector, coil and location problems which I have used many times and should be used more often. Jason have you tried seeing if the EMI is directional by having a horizontal shaft position with a vertical coil (90° to the shaft) and doing a slow 360° turn. If it is directional it direction it will be 90° from where the noise goes a lot quieter and will also occur at 180° further on.  If you have no success it might be your GPX6000. 


  9. Phrunt and Oneguy ....... A great post both of you have said what I have heard and it does show that gold will be detected in  all types of ground and conditions. That's what makes it hard to recommend a detector for someone that is not detecting in your area. The differences between Victoria, West Aust, Australia, New Zealand and of course USA vary immensely. It was great to see your posts with out the   .......*&*^!*...... that goes on some forums. 


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  10. In the areas that I detected in WA with a VLF detector it was not the hot ground it was the hot rocks 3 or 4 target signal per swing from them in some spots. At the time I had 25 years experience with VLF detector at the time. Using Minlab detectors post 2003 I had no problems with the PI detector in the same area. As for depth the hot ground of Vic was a lot worse for the VLF but hot rocks were only a mild problems.   

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