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  1. This guy is very stupid, the Eastern Brown snake is one of the worst snakes to be on the wrong side off. They will chase you at a rate faster than a quick walk pace. I was in a situation where I had to step on the head of one of them to save an old lady that I was escorting to her mail box a ¼ Mile from her house . (hell she was about 15 years younger than I am now? 😁) Any way watch this idiot but remember some of us get old and stupid.😟


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  2. 55 minutes ago, Bohemia Miner said:

    "Axiom’s manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) is $4,700 and its minimum advertised price (MAP) is $3,995. Discount rates for Axiom might differ from your normal rate so check with Garrett to understand your specific pricing. The Axiom is eligible for Garrett’s Military Discount."

    That seem to add up to  what a dealer told me.  

    They have no minimum sale price (in the shop) on any of their Garrett detectors.

  3. To compare undisturbed targets it is hard to decide the method of operation. If there is many undug targets in the selected area it is a bit easier than finding a known target and testing it against the second detector that knows it there. The first one did not have that advantage. When I compare detectors and coils, I detect till one is found and mark it then use the other unit till it finds another one and so on till time runs out. Then compare all the signals with both units for comparison. The reason that I did it this way was I found nuggets that the mate had gone over fairly carefully and missed them, but could detect it when he knew something was there.

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  4. When the handle is replaced get one with the wood grain orientated on the same plane as the pick head. It is the strongest for hitting and levering out the target.

    The photo above shows that it spit along the grain that was at 90º to the pick head orientation.



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  5. 7 hours ago, Tony said:

    I’ve still got over $100 in damaged $1 and $2 coins……I think they can be exchanged by banks?

    The $1 & $2 coins are removed from Carol heap and go in mine. Tony the total that you have to be counted is some where between 100 and 50 coins so that is not problem like the 2000+ that had to be counted by the bank machine.

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  6. 2 hours ago, WesD said:

    Hmmm, so it looks like any full wrap taping of the coil cover cuts the venting off.  My guess, if your staying at a set elevation it wont matter much?

    Be aware that the pressure will build up with temperature changes. Different temperature In the sun, in the water, in the car with the windows shut on a sunny day will change the pressure in the coil so a vent is required.  

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  7. That Video reminds of my Prospecting Mate when he hit a signal near a tree. He got the nickname of DOG as he seamed to race off to a tree and find gold quite regular. Both our wives were there at the time. He spent about 20 minutes with his wife trying to dig out the target. I saw him filling his hole, I asked what did you get. It must of been the sap in the tree root he said. I must see how it responded with my Garretts compared to our Whites I told him. When I hit the signal I got a similar response to a very deep 5 ounce nugget I had got a year before and said it sound good to me. I pulled out his dug dirt and went down another 3 or 4 inches and pulled out a 2 ounce solid nugget and gave it to him. He could not believe it and handed it over to his wife for a look. We she gave it back to him he handed it to me. I said it yours you got the signal and you were the first DOG to that tree with a laugh. No you dug it out was his reply. I told him you dug more dirt out than me and gave it back to him. I had found a prospecting mate that I could trust and  went partners with him when I hit a patch and took out a claim. This was back in the VLF days so thanks JEN for bring back the memories.  

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