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  1. we are a weird mob here. The steering wheel is on the right side of the car and the cars have boots and bonnets, we don't put our luggage in the front of the car like Germans do (VW) or use a petrol tank as a rear bumper bar likes the USA do (Ford Pinto). The blood goes to our brain as we are upside down, not like those northerner they have the flood draining from their brain down to the feet. To get back to gold beware if you find gold near an eucalyptus forest Aussies might take you into Drop Bear country or feed you a deadly vegemite sandwich. You have been warned.


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  2.  As you can see there is a lot of specimens with different impurities, so "dolly pot" is worth while if the specimen does not win the beauty contest. That is what I did to these ones and most others.


    If you want to calculate your gold you can use my 1980 calc formula from my old book. You will have to find the  Specific Gravity of a sample of the Quartz & Gold and Modify my calc. Note:- The Quartz sg can be done on a sample of the specimen with no gold or similar bit looking the same from the location. The Gold sg can be got from known sg of gold in that area. My calc were done 95.5% purity typical for the area I was working in the golden triangle Vic Aust.


      I found that my Formula was accurate for specimens that showed a fair amount of Gold

    " Weight of Gold" = 3.0717718 * (Weight in Water) - 1.9126176 * (Weight in Air)

    Hope this help you decide what to do your specimen.

    Sg of Gold           = Sg

     Sg of Quartz      =  Sq

    Weight_in_Water =  Ww

    Weight_in_Air       =  Ww

    Weight Gold   = Sg * Sq * Ww / (Sg - Sq)  +  Sg * Wa *(1-Sq)/ (Sg - Sq)





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  3. The one and 2 golden dollars are the cream on the beach dry sand. If you buy something with a paper/plastic not you have more chance of getting more $2 coins than $1. The $1 and $2 get spent straight away but the fake silver ones get thrown in a bucket. As most coins we find these days are found on the dry sand and are in good condition. All of these coins are post 1966 when Aus. changed to decimal currency and are not collected by me.

    Back to the fake $1 and $2 coins I used to hit the main holiday spot about 200 miles east of Melbourne. There was a boy (from an unfortunate family) that would see my car and race over and dig all the targets for me. After the first time I came to the agreement that $1, $2 and jewellery were mine and for his effort he got all the other coins and toys that he dug up. I think he was always checking to see if I was there because he never missed when I was detecting.😁 

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    4 minutes ago, deathray said:

    Hey brother, never seen your vids until this thread started, now I watched them all this weekend. Fantastic vids, and the lifestyle I'm envious of man. I hear ya on.people doing wierd crap. My friends that did the vids here in Cali, went through it too, after they posted a video of a 4 ouncer found. My buddy Ron, tried to throw people off the track by doing things like adding a train sound in the background of one, taking different vehicles, etc. People get nuts man. 

    You don't have to make a video to have that problem. If you want to show your finds only do it when you are going home at the end of prospecting and only if no one saw you at the location.

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  5. GotAU? I got similar equipment for use when Kayaking, it should be used by all remote hobbies. The personal locator beacon is well worth the money even when you have to replace it after 10 years with no activation, as the battery price was to high and justified buying a new PLB.

    I all so have a Marine 5 watt radio which is good to use in the desert miles away for the sea for private conversation with the wife when prospecting. The backups are the three Garmin Rhino which has GPS, Radio and a Location tie with one another so that you can go straight to the other Rhinos. 

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  6. 53 minutes ago, phrunt said:

      360 nuggets for 30 days, 645grams. The biggest nugget was 320 grams.

    1 nugget about ½ of the gold found. 359 nuggets for the other ½ of gold.

    1 day about ½ of the gold found.       29 to 30 days for the other ½ of gold.

     Interesting statistics what do you do chase f!ySh!t or get a big coil?

    That is the ground that I like.


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