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  1. Tnsharpshooter

    Nokta Anfibio Versus Minelab Equinox

    The Deus at one time was indeed new to the USA, although it was released and being used across the pond. I bought one early on after they were made available in USA. And I did talk about. Guess maybe I helped with Xp’s sucesss in USA with Deus too then. Lol No one person can make a detector a failure or success. The way I see it. Basically nowadays if a manufacturer makes a dud, it will be outed in short order.
  2. Tnsharpshooter

    Greetings From Indiana!

  3. Tnsharpshooter

    Cheers Nu Guy Here

  4. The GB system has to be somewhat complicated with the different freqs. You know we as a group may be hung up a bit too much on the mulit freq of Equinox. Why? Think about this. What other unusual characteristic does Equinox possess outside of multi frequency? Think about all other single frequency or multiple select VLF frequency detectors. Notice anything? Look at span for Equinox using a one coil setup-5khz thru 40 kHz. Do you see any other detector model using such a span and including these lower single freqs the Equinox utilizes? I don’t. So this being a able to use one coil (albeit designated a smart coil) with the frequency span (its freqs range actually ) used on Equinox is actually industry setting when you think about it. Seems it’s out of range currently for other manufacturers to even make a selectable freq detectable using a similar/same span. And it work correctly. Not Xp with Deus Not Rutus with Rutus Alter 71 Not White’s with either V3 or DFX series. Not First Texas with CZ series. Not Nokta-Makro with Anfibio Multi, Impact, or Multi Kruzer
  5. Tnsharpshooter

    Deus Version 5.2 Update

    I am seeing some forum crosstalk. This version shown above, its designation may change to say 5.2, without the suffix in a couple weeks. Seems this update is still carrying the beta suffix for ID. Maybe Xp is floating this to satisfy some problems for folks faster by not redesignating. So we’ll see. http://www.treasurenet.com/forums/deus/588744-version-update-5-2-released.html
  6. Tnsharpshooter

    Deus Version 5.2 Update

    Pic of one of my remotes after update. Note the new version ID. Btw LF coils only recognized. Neither of my Hf coils recognized. Don’t have x35coil so can’t say for sure on it.
  7. Tnsharpshooter

    Nokta Anfibio Versus Minelab Equinox

    I have posted loads about Equniox and Deus (various coils). All purchased by me soley. So I have spent lots of free time using these and posting about. Typing this stuff up on forums using iPad takes time too. I report you decide. Folks can buy what they want. I never tell folks to rush out and buy any model period. I say folks should look for central themes with detector models as different folks post about. Notice Equinox, I see lots of similar things being reported.
  8. Tnsharpshooter

    Nokta Anfibio Versus Minelab Equinox

    Quite the opinion you have here, especially of me. I guess you didn’t read Mr Dankowski take/test on the Racer series as well as the FoRS gold and Nokta Impact units comparing all the above to the F75series except the the FORS gold unit he compared to Xp Gold max power. I encourage you to go read his comments. He stated the Racers and Impact did have advantages to F75 series. And this gent knows the F75u units extremely well. And at the time the F75 unit was priced considerably more than it is now. I did test the Impact prerelease and even posted about the unit as far as my experiences. I have offered publically to do this for any manufacturer. The Impact and Racers do have advantages over other model units, not all. And the conditions at detecting site used can affect. As far as how they are priced. I sure didn’t have a thing to do with this. If you don’t like, for whatever reason don’t buy. There are things about every detector I have used and owned I don’t like. To include Deus, Equinox, Etrac, CTX, Racers, Impact, Minelab GPX, and others. There will never be one detector modle made that will satisfy everyone. Just like autos and other things. So I share my experiences I have with units. And my comments are weighted based on my experiences with other units. I have not run all VLF detector unit models and have never stipulated as such. I have no vendetta against any manufacturer. I have sold some units purchased by me that didn’t serve my purpose and or I didn’t like. I have even gave units away I didn’t like to folks down on their luck. I have loaned units to folks to use and they posted about their experiences on forum(s). I try to help folks with their questions and problems. So I like to detect, like to read about others experiences. It has always been my policy, if a manufacturer sends me a unit to test, it is their choice if they want me to keep or they can indeed direct me to send to a USA dealer/distributor and the unit can be put on display or be sold as a display unit. Someone has to test units. It is work too, trust me. I froze my rear off testing Impact detector. But I did get some good data to share with manufacturer and to the detecting public in general. You indeed may see me talking about another unit in the not to distant future, Last here. Two of what I consider my prize finds were found with guess what? Fors Relic detector and Nokta Impact both wearing smaller coils. Not so much prized for what they are but where I found them. A fake capped bust dime and a 1916 Merc dime. Found these 2 objects in a spot I had spent countless hours using supposedly some other good detectors, most costing more then either of these 2 units. And on the dime, I even had a witness when I located and dug. And the funny thing was I found the above in the sites found on either the first or second outing with each detector in each site. Whereas my other models had been used in these spots multiple multiple times. The other detector coil setup that has been real good to me is Deus and elliptical Hf coil. So all 3 of the above detector /coil setups, don’t underestimate.
  9. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=319559705274507&id=230504936963369
  10. Between yesterday and today I spent 6 hours afield with Equinox and small coil and Xp Deus and Hf elliptical coil. The site used very iron ridden and old. I compared located suspect nonferous targets while alternating which detector was used to locate a suspect target. The freq band of 28.8khz used on Deus. Field 2 and park 2 used on Equinox. Both of these detectors with small coils do well in iron. I do think Deus is easier to get one’s arms around faster though. Modern trash sites the Equinox has a leg up though. Both these detectors with coils mentioned above have one thing in common. Both will alert on suspended vertically positioned nails especially square nails. Deus and LF coil even run at 18khz doesn’t seem to do near as often. Is this behavior freq driven or algorithm driven? I can’t say. The Equinox will indeed find some nonferrous (usually smaller) that Deus and Hf coil while in the mid band freq range CAN’T alert on, I witnessed this many times. Sometimes using higher freq band would solve the problem, sometimes not, but remember the 2 coils above not the same size and shape. Bigger iron I think Equinox has advantage for quicker recognition based on tonal behavior. But Equinox falls short when compared to Deus and elliptical coil for Nox alerting on nail head with a short portion of shank attached. Both detectors seem very stable Emi wise in all of the sites I have had them in. Some targets today field 2 notta, yet park 2 was a hitting. Even with disc in field 2 set to 0. Some targets though raising disc to factory default using field 2 would take them out tonally. The Deus here I think is easier on the ears (from ferrous falsing) even if Deus is set up hotter to run. I experimented a bit with iron bias setting on Equinox. But didn’t get enough quantifiable data to post. Yesterday I compared also to a single freq VLF wearing smaller coil. It was QUITE evident the Equinox was punching down in the soil better with GOOD I.D to boot vs the single freqs detector. I love the fuller tonal presentation the Equniox offers on nonferous targets. Disc setting using Deus were altered while comsring targets from -3 to 7.0 using full tones and or pitch program. Neither one of these detectors with the smaller coils are going anywhere. I love both.
  11. Tnsharpshooter

    Looks To Be New XP Detector Called Orx

    Here’s a video of DPR unit.
  12. http://www.xpmetaldetectors.com/blog-detection/nouveautes/nouveau-detecteur-orx/ I am unsure of how this detector will be available as far as which countries.