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  1. Sorta surprised someone didn’t ask about the stop sign shaped coils. Are they better than round? You know like the coil on deeptech vista X. Wonder if this stop sign shaped being better than round, is this snake oil?
  2. Saw this posted elsewhere by EQX 600 owner. https://www.findmall.com/threads/equinox-600-leak.347035/
  3. Very nice Steve. Helps alleviate some confusion for folks.
  4. I was going to buy 540 propack and shoot some video. And show comparing to EQx and Deus. I am not a so-called detexpert. Lol. But I think I can use and compare the unit and give folks a good idea of its usefulness for how much it cost. And using the smaller coil that comes with pro pack, just what does it do that maybe Nox can’t do with its stocker or 6” coil. So a bit of an inquiring mind I had today. May not buy now though, we’ll see.
  5. I called one dealer today inquiring about Vanquish units. They had no units period.
  6. Some post done lately by Op of Tnet thread. Talking in general terms about price of detector. http://www.treasurenet.com/forums/avitech-technologies-inc/623158-cygnus-1x-metal-detector-6.html
  7. Without the spark-plugs. That might save a little. Lol
  8. A new model detector released to the public. Both the folks who own as well as the service center will have some growing pains. The owner might not have a clue as to how the detector could be split up to reduce packages size for shipping. So moral of the story here. Folks when talking to a service center about any broken detector, be sure to ask what you need to sending in exactly. Especially, if you the owner are paying all or part of the shipping. It is also a fact some folks are better mechanically suited to take a detector apart vs others. So this could play a part in how much of a detector is sent in for repairs.
  9. Might depend on which version Deus one is operating. According to Xp gold field mode is a true am mode. https://www.xpmetaldetectorsamericas.com/xp-deus-version-3-features
  10. So the actual detector’s battery has gotten some attention here. Btw I still don’t see battery listed yet on parts list at Minelab.com. Anyway thinking long term here what about changing batteries in the wireless WM 08 module.
  11. Some feedback. Dilek responded to my email. She has forwarded this issue to their IT folks. Cheers.
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