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  1. Seeing post on Dankowski site. Where AQ Impulse can be bought directly from FT. Seems they have changed their ways of the limited dealer approach. From the thread/link: http://www.dankowskidetectors.com/discussions/read.php?2,176318,page=5 ivanll Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I see there have been changes to the solo dealersh > ip of the Impulse AQ Limited and that it can now b > e obtained directly from FT. > I shall make another attempt to purchase one and h > ope there will be a better experience and outcome > this t
  2. https://patents.justia.com/assignee/minelab-electronics-pty-limited
  3. Not hard to run detector Chuck. What may be harder though is set up for peak performer running over ground. Some experimenting likely necessary. The salt setting for one may or may not yield increased performance. Or the salt setting may yield some better unmasking say in iron yet depth could be sacrificed. Then there are all the different freqs to run detector. So emi, etc could be factors and one might find one or more but not all freqs to give advantage. Sweep speed is key with Tarsacci. I can’t even suggest a correct rate of swing. I think it varies though depending on conditions
  4. Here’s the deal with 2 tone ferrous using Etrac. Remember tone break is preset and cannot be adjusted. Hence when ferrous number on a swept target goes so high the tone will be low. Hence not higher tone where such a situation would draws one’s attention. So hunting in iron and doing actual head to head comparisons using 2 tone ferrous and multi tone conducive tones, more nonferrous will yield nonferrous tonal signature using the latter above vs the former. To add, even a deeper target with no ferrous masking can provide a low tone using 2 tone ferrous. These targets would be easy to spo
  5. http://www.dankowskidetectors.com/discussions/read.php?2,180608
  6. Not a big deal Chuck. I enjoy doing them. As far as addressing F75 performance in video above. One could run disc level 6 and select one tone. And possibly get some evidence tonally dime (something nonferrous) exists. Running disc 6 does sacrifice some depth though. And running one tone some folks might not enjoy.
  7. I have used. My bud has one. He does pretty good with his. Good higher conductor detector for the $$$. Nice and ergonimic too.
  8. The positioning of knob on left side may indeed cause right hand users to inadvertently move the knob when it contacts their body, etc. Here’s a short video I did with a cheap fix. Enjoy.
  9. This posted Feb 9, 2021. https://garrett.com/noticesupdates
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