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  1. https://www.whiteselectronics.com/easter-egg-bunny-application-form/
  2. I have done similar test. Try this. Put nickel under dime and sweep using all modes in multi freq. And check using all single freq. Then put dime under nickel and repeat above. Watch what ID Eqx gives in each scenario, modes,
  3. At speed 5. As far as I know when you go single freq say using say Park and field modes they are the same performance wise using the same single freq. Remember there’s no iron bias using single freq, just speed setting adjustment allowed. Maybe a good summary here. Using 40 kHz single freq ops in iron, a Nox user can find stuff. I did some actual testing today comparing 40 kHz single freq and multi freq. And one other brand detector. The EQX does behave little different using single freq 40 kHz vs multi (I.e. park 2 and field 2). Using 40khz is something to experiment with, and actually keeps one’s interest piqued. On some nonferous items, imo EQx using multi freq beleive it or not can actually outsmart itself. Smashed cans can cause EQX to give some audio test sounds dodgy and one may indeed think bigger iron. Single freq will give better signal actually. I think it hasto do with shape and texture of the smashed can. The multi freq is spotting this and acting like it does. Of course a smashed can is junk target, yet nonferrous. Saw this happen couple times the other day while using single freq 40 kHz detecting with EQX. Remember Minelab was not planning to release EQX 800 with a multi freq option for gold modes. But multi freq turned out better than even they expected it seems. And the rest is history. Gold machines (non multi freq) were Detectors of choice in the past for the more experienced hunting relics in high iron content areas. cheers
  4. Welcome to the forum. https://www.detectorprospector.com/metal-detector-database/
  5. Hunted a patch today, very challenging. I have spent a lot of time in this patch. Testing detectors and using detectors. It is loaded with iron nails. Part of old settlement t dates back to late 1700s. Speed 5 and auto GB used in all modes today. Where multi freq was used speed 5 used and iron bias FE2 set to 0. So I plugged in 40 kHz into park 1. Used it to locate all targets. Would toggle and check with park 2 and also prospecting mode 1. Found a total of 15 nonferrous targets. Crosschecking I would not have dug all the targets based on park 2 signals or the signals behavior. Prospecting 1 mode did better than park2 generally. Use of the single freq 40 kHz tamed the Nox, I could keep my sanity moreso, less falsing. Some located targets did infact sound better using Park 2. But lot easier to get over using 40 kHz in this site today. Now this site has seen previously EQX action running multi freq using park 2 and field 2. I never have found 15 nonferrous previously in this area using park 2 and field 2 using multi. Also loads of Deus action previously by me in this site too, even Hf coils. Just thought I would share. I plan to try this strategy again soon in another iron laden site just across the road from site I detected today. When I go there on all located 40khz targets I will check all using park 2, field 2 and prospecting 1 modes using multi freq. Cheers.
  6. More depth, extra mode, and more. Video posted on Facebook
  7. Checked their site, model is showing coming soon giving method for folks to receive emails on actual info/updates. https://www.csmetaldetectors.com
  8. It will give a signal. You can try it out and see.
  9. Now, not to insult anyone’s intelligence. Wonder if the dime was bigger. Or we would have compared say a deeper Civil War bullet (bigger object). We likely would not have seen as big a difference signal wise when running GB to zero. The auto ground balance function does expose some of the inner workings of EQX. What exactly? Auto GB number when done when compared to doing auto GB using single frequency, the number that comes in screen is nearer the number acquired when auto balancing using 20 kHz single frequency. Folks can while in the wild after finding a what seems like a deeper target in the wild using 0 GB setting can always do quick auto GB and listen to target. To see what advantage may be gotten. Naturally by doing this one could be sweeping good targets and missing them, or thinking they are iron. Minelab, If you read here. In my opinion you should edit your online manual for both 600 and 800 EQX model’s in the area of ground balance recommendations. To change to read something like the following. New users of EQuinox or persons with little detecting experience recommend running GB at zero setting. Advanced users of Equinox will find when using EQX models in higher mineralized soil improved performance when using auto GB feature allowing detector to balance to actual ground.
  10. Deus has pumping GB feature. Works good too. Take a look at this video. Where gent uses and talks about ground notch feature. Use of this will help with noise from bumping coil in fields. The manual really only talks about ground notch helping with hot rocks, it will help with coil bumping too, Run down around level 85. Cheers
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