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  1. Thanks folks. The school listed on ring was small town school. One I am familiar with, wife graduated from there. Likely didn’t have over 45 graduates in class. So I called the guidance counselor at high school. Told her I had unusual request. I wanted to know what last name of gal named Joyce was in 1997 class. She told me they don’t keep records past 20 year point. I said but you do have a graduate group picture on the wall in school don’t you? She said yes. Said she would go look and for me to call back in an hour. I did call back. Got Joyce’s last name. She said she checked in office and said she lived in neighboring town and even had a Facebook account active with her maiden name. The bonus was she even told me where she worked. So I called her place of employment and left a message with a very courteous lady for Joyce to call me. That I may have something that belongs to her. Joyce did call me about half hour later. I asked questions and she described ring to a tee. Turns out Joyce has a twin sister. Both sisters parents bought 2 rings actually especially made for their 2 daughters and had Birthstone put in both rings. Identical rings excerpt for the first names engraved on both. Turns outs Joyce’s ring was stolen from her home some 22 years ago. And you know the rest of the story. Her dad has passed, but her mom survives. Hopefully this ring will put a smile on Joyce’s mother face too. It sure did mine when I returned. Cheers.
  2. Quick detective work I found owner. Joyce has been reunited with her class ring. Turns out it was stolen 22 years ago. She’s tickled. https://postimg.cc/gallery/1beypse2i/
  3. Found this small 10k class ring this morning. And another junk ring. And few coins mostly nickels. Will try to return class ring. Has first name engraved . https://postimg.cc/gallery/ize0kr3u/
  4. And why the use of prospecting modes can have advantages ( as far as coil sweep coverage). If one can use prospecting modes where they are hunting. Freshwater beach prospecting modes good to use. Open field relic hunting too. Can be off more of the sweet spot and get clue of target’s existence. Fine gold chains likely will yield stronger signal too (if detectable).
  5. Sure EQX 800 is fast. But speed alone won’t get all detectable targets. EqX speed can get some targets other detectors wearing same size coils and yes even smaller coils can’t get. And the speed can get you some targets in super high mineral soil too other VLF will go whiff on or ID as ferrous. I see this even in my area, soil not overly high mineralized.
  6. Preorders for Vista X can be done now. See FM forum classifieds section for details. Dealers in USA very limited.
  7. Release from the chute. Lol. I am thinking one day we may see a drone used to deliver a detector at event.
  8. Interesting. I am sure your testing will reveal something hopefully good or bad.
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