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  1. Safe to say. If a person had a Deus 1 and liked it. They should like Deus 2 even more. Nice layed out manual. Professional indeed!!
  2. Minelab may get another chance. Depending on how their next release stacks up to previous released single frequency, multiple select single frequency and also multi frequency detectors. Both what Minelab has previously released as well as the competition. Like “ this unit XxX will be a more desirable unit in many detecting applications versus using many previous models released by us and the competition”. This could have been said back when imo when EQX models were debuted. Wonder if this would have set anyone off like the word obsolete did ? Notice no actual models listed when talking. So the curiosity factor will definitely be there imo. Good marketing imo starts and builds curiosity for potential customers. Remember some purchasers of new detectors may not have a unit, or have just one unit. Not a lot of units. This potential customers one would think has to depend more on marketing and internet in general to find out if a unit will suffice/work for them.
  3. So how could this be set as far as password protection? When a person registers their units they pick a password. So their detector profile is only visible to owner and manufacturer. Any inquiries or actions on a unit. Manufacturer post in profile. This would go for any repairs, password questions etc. So an owner could at anytime look at their detector profile and see if any activity has been taking place. The manufacturer only post info. They do no actual personal alerting to owner. It would be up to the owner to keep abreast. Inquiries posted by manufacturer would have name, email address, phone number and address. Manufacturer don’t give any info out on a detector where person inquiring doesn’t have password assigned by actual owner upon registering. First thing manufacturer does on inquiry is ask for model and serial number, and see if it indeed exist. The manufacturer does play along though and try to get vital info like they are going to assist person. Last thing manufacturer ask for is password. And if correct password is not know by person inquiring no help is provided. Yet detector profile is documented as an inquiry was made with data manufacturer was able to get from person. As far as equipment transfers. System would have to be set up where original owner could by using their password open profile and allow new owner to change profile password and other info. Then new owner has access to detector via manufactures site. Old owner is through with unit. And can’t access anymore. Be nice if manufacturers would start this up. They already have databases for tracking warranty. With some modifications this could be achieved. Hope some manufacturers see this and consider doing. As a side note but definitely related. Xp should also password protect their coils and wireless headphones. And handle them same way as detectors as I state above. Detectors cost as much as iPads, cell phones etc. and they have password protection capability.
  4. Yep, The the thieves likely thought is was a cell phone. Like to see higher dollar units pass word protected. Then the actual stolen unit just might surface via phone call for inquiring oh I forgot my password. Then the owner could be alerted someone has inquired about their unit password wise. With today’s tech this should be a no brainer. And the word just might get on the street stealing detectors not best business for thieves to be in. Wish you luck finding your remote.
  5. Some folks may have forgotten. How much did F75 with boost cost in USA Feb 1, 2017? How much did Nokta Impact cost? When did Eqx models release? F75 price was lowered in Feb 2017 to $799. With 2 coils. No headphones and no wireless. What I am saying EQX model(s) pricing was lower than some or equal to VLF single freq detectors. And EQx was it turns out to have definite advantages. So the word obsolete could also be applied to what some of these other single freq detectors cost along with how these detectors were set up accessory wise as far as priced packages.
  6. Only other thing I have to say on this matter. Using social media to help launch a product. When smartly done I think can pay huge dividends. So, I actually liked the naming contest as this indeed got people involved. Maybe even customers who may be deemed not potential customers. Folks can change their minds though. I wonder if the detecting public would have been solicited for ideas when it came to debuting Legend detector, what folks would have said? I may have indeed went this route. Why? It keeps folks both interested, curious, etc. and shows a manufacturer having more sincere interest. I can think of few things that could have been shown or done with Legend detector. I don’t think it’s too early to show videos of Legend in action. There is a thirst out there. Weather in USA colder right now and getting colder. Folks spend more of their spare time looking on internet. I will even go ahead here and give some ideas. Show Legend being used by taller person, like 6’4” tall. Show legend display in the dark or darker conditions. Give demo on noise cancel feature, with say one of your other VLF models in closer proximity to Legend. Show some USA coin ID, even on top of the ground. Let’s see multiple bottlecaps swept. And note tonal behavior and ID. Sweep some smaller stainless steel objects and let folks see. Just navigating the menu. Ground balancing the detector. Show varied tone options. Does the unit display software version anywhere ? Just showing nuts and bolts will go a long ways.
  7. My objective viewpoint on the launch of Legend. I loved the Simplex launch video. There were other detectors present in it. But they weren’t talked about. That video made a potential customer curious. And I think that was a good thing. Legend launch video. I didn’t like. That beach part was definitely less than stellar. There’s on old saying around here. The cream always comes to the top. Singling out other manufacturers products with comments imo should be off limits. Talking in general terms referring to the competition is alright to do. I can remember when simultaneous multi freq was being talked down not too long ago by certain folk. Oh yeah I have a real good memory. Legend detector will be exposed for what it can do well, mediocre, and not so well in due time. Social media will see to that. Process happens pretty fast as long as folks have access to units. Btw, some folks do do videos comparing detectors as this is a by product of satisfying their curiosity of answering the question, “Am I using the best tool for the job I do normally” ? And some may view such videos depending on how the detector models does as bashing, if they report some negatives on unit. Simultaneous Multi freq does seem have advantages over single frequency or selectable single frequency detectors. Ask most very experienced detectorist and they will admit as such. Mr Dankowski on his forum posted about this subject just not too long ago. The forum owner here has through his comments seen advantages too it seems. Now the word ‘obsolete’, this seems triggered a reaction from you Dilek. Question is was Minelab’s use of the word untrue. The word obsolete when describing a product or system doesn’t mean the product or system is useless, unusable, worthless, it only means there is a better product or system to do something. Guess if Minelab was so far off base then why have Garrett, and then Xp, and now you fine folks at Nokta Makro released and or debuted multi frequency detector models. You see when you cross the line and single out one or more other manufacturers models folks expect the person or manufacturer who crossed the line to keep going. Keep going and tell and or show the benefits of having your product over competitiors’ products. And waterproofing is only one facet. There is more folks want to know about. Sorta plays here like a court proceeding where one lawyer opens up with a line of questioning, then the lawyer from other side pursues this line of questioning and all of a sudden the other side who started objects. I think it is fair to say. A lot of folks at the different detector companies work hard. The industry is very competitive now for sure. And yes they likely are proud of their products and accomplishments. In closing. Mr Herschbach has a nice forum here. He doesn’t tolerate jackass behavior. His forum is growing too. Last thought. Wonder how hard it is to move an elephant?
  8. I am in total agreement with you Steve here. I have already commented on this on another forum. Besides, naming the tech the way Minelab did could be helpful with communications within the company. I sure don’t know all things Minelab are working on.
  9. There are 2 sugar maples trees real close to area where I found coins with Deus Hf coil. This area I had hunted a load of times testing and using many models detectors previously. This area I figured due to where house sit would be path moreso where folks would have walked versus walking to the road and then down or up the road. Even had a gent in this same area (for a while) just couple days before I did what I did with Deus and Hf coil. I had been around these 2 trees a bunch. Zero coins found previously. Did find couple shotgun backs. No copper or silver at all. Site has a lot of iron. CTX, Etrac stock and smaller coils in there, Deus and 9” and 11” LF coils in there loads and loads. Deeptech warrior with stock coil in there. Nokta relic with stock and small coil in there. Remember first outing here with Deus and elliptical Hf coil was just to listen to the detector. Didn’t hunt much. Then second hunt in just a few minutes bam. Third trip in just a few minutes bam. It’s no secret in heavier iron Deus and Hf coils will see nonferrous other detectors can't See. Alert on. Could the round 9” Hf coil have located? Don’t know. I can say I bought 9” Hf coil and busted this area again around 6 times and found no other copper or silver whatever. EQX with stock and small coils has been in there too. No copper or silver whatever found. That half dime, nontelling how many times I had swept right over the top of. And I was non the wiser. Not deep. About 4-5” deep. Half dime in pic below found in first site. The real small bit was found across road near old fort site. About 7-8” deep. This was found if I remember correctly on my 4th outing with elliptical Hf coil. This area too I had searched. No landmarks like first site I hunted with elliptical coil. Smallest bit I have ever seen in person or found. Obviously this bit not from Spanish dollar. Some other denomination Spanish coin. Found other bits in this general area with other detectors. Too many nice smaller finds made for it not to mean nothing or beginners luck. I posted about a lot of my excursions in this area on Dankowski site over the last 8 plus years.
  10. All I can do is share my experiences. After spending lots of time in this one old site, using Deus and LF coils, both 9” and 11”. Etrac, CTX and others. Hunted 4 times in this site with elliptical Hf coil. Found one Spanish bit, one half dime. All no deeper than 5”. Loads of iron in site small and larger. Was it just a coincidence? You folks can answer. Same operator using detector/coil setup. And operator had little time on coil used. Yet these finds were located. This site had not had 9” Hf coil with Deus over it previously though. BTW, these targets, signals not knock your socks off. But enough data to make me dig. Can a person listening using elliptical be lured to dig some iron? Yes. Also dug a real small thin Spanish bit in another site. This find was deeper like 7” deep. This bit may have actually fell through the sifter used back in the 90s when this site was excavated and sifted by archaeologists. My thoughts anyways.
  11. Makes one wonder. Don’t forget about the ORX. Deus 1 may go bye bye. ORX, could it be updated to do all Deus does. Then Deus 2 is priced tad more than Deus 1 is/was. I guess one could asked, who would buy a Deus 1 after Deus 2 releases? Euro detecting one isn’t giving up much for target location using ORX versus Deus 1. It will be interesting. I am presuming Deus 2 will do all Deus 1 will do and then some. I could be wrong.
  12. My thoughts. Xp is well aware of what all current released detectors can do and not do. They also know what the other models are priced. Xp is a major detector manufacturer. And they have been real good at keeping the lid on their new releases and new firmware. Yes Xp has been very innovative, and I don’t expect this to change or end any time soon. An Xp SMF unit that is additionally capable of running Deus freqs and keep its performance in iron would be a worthy detector (as long as the SMF portion works real good). Question is though if XP has gone this route what will happen to ORX and DEus? Guess their price points for these units could be lowered somewhat. The competition should be good for the industry as a whole. That teaser video. Look like the Boss’ name on the back of the chair. Some folks think Xp has been gimmicky. Well, I disagree. I think Xp has at least got some of the other manufacturers to make lighter overall detectors. This definitely is a good thing. And updatable detectors too. Don’t forget that. Xp has infact been industry leaders. And no I am not in the tank with Xp. I have zero affiliation with Xp other than buying and using their equipment.
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