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  1. https://garrett.com/sites/default/files/pdf/2020-11/3500091_Searcher-Nov_2020-2.pdf
  2. Well, Its a dirty job but someone has got to do it. We can’t judge detector performance (total) on price alone these days. If we did this, Equinox would have been what? And what would the Simplex have been. So detectors need to be compared. And compared in more than one setting. Understandable though not all folks can compare in say varying dirt mineralization levels. Keep doing videos Calabash. Folks should remember (and some here already know) Coil size can affect performance good or bad depending on tests done. So as long as one portrays their test as this is w
  3. Don’t depend 100 percent of the time on the Xy screen info. If you do, you’ll miss some targets. Tonal behavior - the real key with Deus.
  4. How about if Xp updated and had scale of 1-10 for iron volume? This would offer lower iron volume and higher iron volume. Plus all the volume offerings in current update.
  5. Video showing park 2 and field 2 has error. I forgot to change target tone for positions 1 and 2. So need to redo. After redoing test field 2 and park 2 seem identical. These test though ground not in play so much. Think I better just let the squirrel keep running around inside and where he goes he goes. Lol
  6. Next video comparing park 2 and field 2 uploading to YouTube. My test in video shows there is definitely something different between park 2 and field 2. When you watch video note really lack of any nice tone using field 2. Do get 1 in meter though. Stay tuned. BTW, I have witnessed differences (tonally) of same targets undisturbed in the wild comparing park 2 and field 2 (same settings) Usually park 2 gives stronger tone vs field 2. However some times field 2 may give clearer tone yet more mute vs park 2. Both these characteristics come into play when trying to locate a target in th
  7. Video is close to uploading. So are park 2 and field 2 the same performance with identical settings? i have done another video I think says NO !! It too will be uploaded here this afternoon. Stay tuned.
  8. Interesting thread. So are park 1 and field 1 the same (with same settings) dialed in ? Everything the same including disc. I say no. I have a theory field 1 is higher weighted freq wise vs park 1. Hence field 1 is wrapping more due to higher weighted freq. I have done a video that might show his. Just my opinion based on my results gotten. Seems some got a kick out of my stacked quarters video done yesterday. That video actually showed more than met the eye (electronically speaking). So I have done another comparing park 1 and field 1. Based on results gotten in video seems
  9. This dealer’s site still currently reflects military discount. https://bigboyshobbies.net/minelab-gpx-4800-metal-detector
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