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  1. Tnsharpshooter

    Deus 6 Pics Fake??

  2. Tnsharpshooter

    Continues To Impress Me

    Looks good to me. Congrats and thanks for sharing. If I were finding those at the beach, I wouldn’t care much for any dirt hunting.
  3. Absolutely spectacular find. https://metaldetectingforum.com/showthread.php?t=267469
  4. Did this video this morning. A US Nickel used -non war nickel. A slightly bent old square nail. Etrac was noice canceled just prior to video with channel 9 coming in window.
  5. Tnsharpshooter

    New Member From Northern Virginia

    Welcome Joe. You live in a productive CW relic region it seems. Look forward to your future commentary and finds.
  6. Tnsharpshooter

    Parts For Explorer Xs

    I have a unit. Pretty good shape. Stock Coil It has the headphone jack thingy (stand) that converts the small headphone jack to the bigger standard headphone jack. So bigger jack headphones can be used. No rechargeable battery only Aa battery holder. Backlight works. You want it, $200 shipped to your door.
  7. https://www.minelab.com/usa/go-minelabbing/news?article=342622
  8. Tnsharpshooter

    Greetings Fellow Detectorists

    Welcome to the forum.
  9. I will be ordering both the elliptical 4x7 and 5x9 in the morning. Already talked to dealer.
  10. I mention Emi in video. One problem, Deus LF coil user really can’t distinguish Emi from actual chirpiness really. I have never ran 11”LF coil anywhere really where it was quite with sens at 90 plus. Even in super rural re one sites. One does get use to the chirpiness. Maybe this chirpiness adds to actual learning curve with Deus here. I will do another video soon in a real remote area. Where nearest possible Emi source is 500 plus yards away, as long as airspace isn’t being used.
  11. Put this together this morning for folks. Btw hot program used on Deus version 5.2,TX power remained at level 2. Equinox using Park 2sensitivity 24.
  12. Tnsharpshooter

    White’s Australian Dealer?

    Welcome to the forum.
  13. Don’t know if your comments were directed towards me or not. Anyway, all I did above is point out how the Equinox behaves when using Ground Tracking in my area. I agree it wouldn’t be very wise to assume Minelab doesn’t know what they are doing as far as Equinox. Seems one person who has more mineralized ground has responded elsewhere on another forum that tracking time is reduced. Sorry for my delayed response here.
  14. Tnsharpshooter

    Recommendation To Minelab

    I have experienced the following and have read where others have too. The multi frequency is where it seems where most of the performance is with Equinox. However there are times where using single freq can help like checking bottlecaps say with 5 or 10 kHz. The problems comes in here where a user of Nox can accidentally leave their detector in singles freq ops hence they may lose out on the grand performances of multi freq unknowingly, hence miss some finds. So it would have been nice if Minelab would have incorporated an alarm ( that user can select) if they choose that would tell them they are not in multi freq. Mabe even consider allowing time delay adjustable to some degree before it sounds in the event a user does go to single freqs ops. This may of may not be achievable as far a small Equinox by way of updates, but future models using both multi and single freq ops, IMO it would be a nice feature to include. David
  15. Tnsharpshooter

    Couple Vids I Did Experimenting With Ground Balance

    I started school in ‘67 at Franklin elementary school.