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  1. Be patient. Making better detectors is not easy. Then they must be tested. This ain’t easy either. Lots of variables in play. And devils can jump up. Better they jump up in testing phase versus after release. Remember Minelab tweeked fbs over years. Then hatched Multi IQ. This took time. Be interesting to see if Makro- Nokta has a name for their tech in their supposed coming SMF detector. Folks should also remember there are some other options that can be added to a metal detector. These need testing too. Final product has to be right. We all know what will be said if final product don’t cut the mustard. Same folks here who seem impatient on release will do what? Complain, right.
  2. Simplex for your needs best bang for buck.
  3. I would disconnect coil battery. And reconnect. Put back on charger. When coil light starts flashing. Try to pair again. I have zero experience e with ORX. I do have some experience with Hf coils. Be nice if you had another ORX or Deus user close.
  4. Three ways to ground balance deus. Manual Pumping Tracking Depending on where and how you are using Deus. One or more methods may be better choice. Time is also a consideration, especially using tracking GB. Plus depending on setting of ground sensitivity setting and the mineralization level of the ground Deus may not track to ground when sweeping ever. Or can be sporadic. Keep in mind this above all of it applies to later versions software. I believe versions 4.0 and later. Cheers.
  5. Miles from no where? Any aircraft flying overhead? This can disturb Nox.
  6. That’s cool. Try here in USA. I just looked at 6pm local time temp was 124F. Wonder what the Low will be? 100 F or 101F looks like. https://gizmodo.com/the-130-degree-fahrenheit-reading-in-death-valley-ties-1847266914
  7. If Garret would have announced SMF coming from them, lot of what has been said here would be said of Garrett. Lot of things have to be right in SMF detector. GB, tones, noise !!! , the making it updatable probably not hard. Also something to consider. Could a manufacturer make a SMF detector (updatable) and fall short on it’s future ability to be updated. So a platform could be used for say years if done right maybe. Manufacturer could box themselves in if not careful. It will be interesting also to see what lingo they decide on when talking of the detector adjustments. You know maybe what they call Minelab’s iron bias I.e. What about different sized coils? This has to be considered in the engineering of detector. Again could a manufacturer box themselves in just thinking if stock coil useage. Lot of things to be serious thinking about when you go on this what could be a worldly venture. All eyes will be on whatever unit they make. Microscope on unit really. We already know what will happen. Folks will grab Deus, Nox and Apex and start doing comparisons and the net will flood with opinions, etc. Tough market out there. Fewer hiccups the better. And for darn sure don’t ship them out and have to have them ship back. Instant kill shot if that were to happen. Especially months several weeks later after release. I wish them well. The bar has been set !! ,
  8. Chase, You nailed it. If it was so easy we would already have had more manufacturers with SMF models. At least Nokta Makro has a few platforms to use as standard. Poor ole Minelab sure didn’t when they hatched the Explorer. So it would seem easier wouldn’t it for whoever is following instead of leading. Makes sense to me. Naturally I wish every manufacturer the best. Anything that will get me more stuff (worthy) out of the ground I’m in. As long as I don’t have to mortgage my house to buy. BTW, may be worth noting Makro Nokta never has to date made VLF that equals or surpasses Deus As far as hunting in higher iron sites. Coil size for coil size.
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