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  1. I should have commented above. I think that is very reasonable. The reason I posted this thread is because we have seen few folks who indeed have had accidents and damaged their detectors. Plus seems there are a few ding dongs who were trying to say the Equinox was like a butane lighter. Throw away basically if something went wrong with it. Kudos to Minelab here.
  2. http://www.dankowskidetectors.com/discussions/read.php?2,162208
  3. Here’s a video comparing both stock and small coil. Eqx 800 model used. 50 tones is also compared to 5 tones with each coil. A clad dime positioned near 2 nails standing vertical. One of full sized length nail the other a shorter portion nail in the vertical. Sorry for the wind.
  4. Alright Dan, I’ll give it a shot here to what is happening. First and foremost if one wants to look for deep nickes 5khz single freq is not where the action will be. Better to use park 2, field 2 or prospecting modes if one has 800 model. As far as what you were witnessing. Single freq ops using 5khz is not as resonant on lower conduciors hence Nox won’t hit as strong and or will have tendency to give ID in error. You were seeing up averaging of signal. Remember tones wise, disc wise or notch wise Nox tone and ID is based off of how the detector feels about the target. Hence you had the junk disc or notched out yet it gave tone and ID ( in error). An Eqx user could witness what you dId using other freqs available on Eqx using single freq ops. ID of targets solo buried multi frequency will give more accurate tone and ID to boot. My experiences show the use of 5 kHz single freq can have benefits looking for higher conductors in modern( lower conductive trash). Expect what you find higher conductive wise located with use of 5 kHz that was missed with mulit freq to to lean more on the shallower side depth wise. As a target masked (higher conductive) gets deeper below lower conductive junk mulit freq will have equal or even better advantage in seeing the higher conductor. And naturally using 5khz one has to be mindful of the good ole bottlecaps, as they will read high like a higher conducive coin where transitioning to multifreq will generally show a lot lower ID exposing.
  5. https://www.minelab.com/usa/go-minelabbing/treasure-talk/equinox-tech-tip-best-settings-for-silver-hoard-hunting
  6. https://www.minelab.com/usa/go-minelabbing/news?article=352835 05 Mar 2019 Minelab Returns to Detectival 2019 as Title Sponsor Minelab, the world leader in metal detecting technology, will be the title sponsor at Detectival 2019 from Sep. 13-16 in Oxfordshire, UK. Detectival is an annual event created to bring the world of metal detecting together on over 1000 acres of land with 600 acres of undetected, searchable land. This marks Minelab’s third year attending the event and second year as a title sponsor. “Minelab is thrilled to return to Detectival in 2019 as title sponsor. Our participation for the last two years has provided a great opportunity for us to meet both new and longtime Minelab users from across Europe,” says Ben Harvey, Vice-President, General Manager for Americas, Europe and Russia. “The entire Detectival team works tirelessly to produce the best experience possible and we are really excited about what we can deliver this year.” Detectival has grown from a gathering of UK detectorists to include groups around the globe, manufacturers and traders. The event features entertainers, caterers and a large amount of land to detect. More information about Detectival 2019 can be found at Detectival.com.
  7. Nothing wrong with this thread. Info here could help someone. There have been quite a few “ false alarms” noted by folks. And most times it turns out to be a very good learning experience.
  8. The info supplied here may or may not be accurate. https://md-hunter.com/wireless-nokta-scuba-pointer-new-2018-2-in-1/
  9. https://www.minelab.com/usa/go-minelabbing/news?article=352372
  10. This link here likely BS. But could it be done? And this would solve your problem. https://md-hunter.com/new-xp-deus-6-photo-deus-vr-what-manufacturer-is-silent-about/#more-14449
  11. Very good Dilek. I actually called the telephone number above at my expense. Spoke with gent named Van. Very courteous gent. He said they are ready to start rock and roll starting tomorrow. I asked him which models they will service. Van’s response was they are setup right now parts wise to service Racer models and newer. He said though if a person has older released unit than a Racer, they might be able to help, but may have to order parts, etc to make happen. Anyways call them if you need help. Thought I would share. Cheers.
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