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  1. I like the elliptical coil. Made some nice finds with mine. In areas where Deus and LF (9” and 11”) coils had been used a whole lot. Wore out this place like no tomorrow. And the elliptical coil on this site on second and third outings hit pay dirt. Extremely small cut reale and a half dime.
  2. I had one. If you don’t have big biceps. You better get some. Heavy machine. I mean heavy. Robustly built though.
  3. Be patient. Making better detectors is not easy. Then they must be tested. This ain’t easy either. Lots of variables in play. And devils can jump up. Better they jump up in testing phase versus after release. Remember Minelab tweeked fbs over years. Then hatched Multi IQ. This took time. Be interesting to see if Makro- Nokta has a name for their tech in their supposed coming SMF detector. Folks should also remember there are some other options that can be added to a metal detector. These need testing too. Final product has to be right. We all know what will be said if final product don’t cut the mustard. Same folks here who seem impatient on release will do what? Complain, right.
  4. Simplex for your needs best bang for buck.
  5. I would disconnect coil battery. And reconnect. Put back on charger. When coil light starts flashing. Try to pair again. I have zero experience e with ORX. I do have some experience with Hf coils. Be nice if you had another ORX or Deus user close.
  6. Three ways to ground balance deus. Manual Pumping Tracking Depending on where and how you are using Deus. One or more methods may be better choice. Time is also a consideration, especially using tracking GB. Plus depending on setting of ground sensitivity setting and the mineralization level of the ground Deus may not track to ground when sweeping ever. Or can be sporadic. Keep in mind this above all of it applies to later versions software. I believe versions 4.0 and later. Cheers.
  7. Miles from no where? Any aircraft flying overhead? This can disturb Nox.
  8. That’s cool. Try here in USA. I just looked at 6pm local time temp was 124F. Wonder what the Low will be? 100 F or 101F looks like. https://gizmodo.com/the-130-degree-fahrenheit-reading-in-death-valley-ties-1847266914
  9. If Garret would have announced SMF coming from them, lot of what has been said here would be said of Garrett. Lot of things have to be right in SMF detector. GB, tones, noise !!! , the making it updatable probably not hard. Also something to consider. Could a manufacturer make a SMF detector (updatable) and fall short on it’s future ability to be updated. So a platform could be used for say years if done right maybe. Manufacturer could box themselves in if not careful. It will be interesting also to see what lingo they decide on when talking of the detector adjustments. You know maybe what they call Minelab’s iron bias I.e. What about different sized coils? This has to be considered in the engineering of detector. Again could a manufacturer box themselves in just thinking if stock coil useage. Lot of things to be serious thinking about when you go on this what could be a worldly venture. All eyes will be on whatever unit they make. Microscope on unit really. We already know what will happen. Folks will grab Deus, Nox and Apex and start doing comparisons and the net will flood with opinions, etc. Tough market out there. Fewer hiccups the better. And for darn sure don’t ship them out and have to have them ship back. Instant kill shot if that were to happen. Especially months several weeks later after release. I wish them well. The bar has been set !! ,
  10. Chase, You nailed it. If it was so easy we would already have had more manufacturers with SMF models. At least Nokta Makro has a few platforms to use as standard. Poor ole Minelab sure didn’t when they hatched the Explorer. So it would seem easier wouldn’t it for whoever is following instead of leading. Makes sense to me. Naturally I wish every manufacturer the best. Anything that will get me more stuff (worthy) out of the ground I’m in. As long as I don’t have to mortgage my house to buy. BTW, may be worth noting Makro Nokta never has to date made VLF that equals or surpasses Deus As far as hunting in higher iron sites. Coil size for coil size.
  11. I have quite a bit of experience using Deus, all coils but biggest LF coils and the X35 coil. I did run a x35 coil a few days on loaner and give it back to owner. Note the pic below. The items on right - USA half dime and a tiny Spanish bit. These were found with Deus detector wearing Hf elliptical coil. These were found in an area I had hunted hard for quite a few years. There are landmarks here too so I have good idea where I had been in the past. That half dime was found near a tree. I am not exaggerating when I say I had been around this tree with different models metal detectors for well over 100 times. I used Deus LF 9” coil, Deus LF 11” coil, deeptech warrior with stock coil, Minelab CTX stock and small coil, Etrac with stock and 6x8 self coill, White’s V3i stock coil and a 10x12 self coil, Nokta Relic with small coil, Nokta Impact with small coil and stock coil. So week after week, month after month I was running detectors around this tree. Old home plus town courthouse was near. This area loaded with iron too. I bought elliptical Hf coil for Deus and give it one test run in the site just to see how it sounded and how maybe to set up to actually hunt site. Went home. Over the course of the next few days. I found more worthy in this site plus a patch across the road near where a fort once stood. This area where fort stood was actually dig up for archeology study back in 1989-1994. So I was hunting perimeter of where a local told me they dug. Was it a coincidence I was using Deus and elliptical Coil when I located these items? I don’t think so. I talked about this soon after it happened here on this forum maybe and definitely on Dankowski site. And as far as Hf elliptical coil useage I was deemed extreme green horn status yet my prior years Deus experiences using LF coils surely helped. So yes I know what a Deus can do. The problem in USA is lot of these older places have also modern trash galore in them. The sites I refer to above have little to no modern trash. You operate a Deus with Hf coils using a dig everything nonferrous tone sounding goal and one is skilled with detector you’ll put a good ole hurting on site. Three items on left found with Nox near area talked about above. In the middle is clad USA dime for scale. For gee whiz. The signal gotten on half dime using Deus and Hf elliptical coil, was it a test book signal? Far from it. A growl of audio. Just little some thing told me something was there.
  12. I don’t know where Deus was tested. Seems Xp even slipped up though when they first made Deus. Why? Notice the addition of the higher freqs on x35 coil and the creation of Hf coils. So even Xp being in Europe with the old sites littered with iron saw a deficiency with original Deus. Next, how old does a site have to be to say to separate the men from the boys detector model wise so to speak as far as hunting higher density iron sites? I can say I have witnessed the advantages Deus provided in such environments right down the road from me. Site likely not inhabited where iron was in use until 1780 or so. Xp by engineering Deus for what it is capable of may have killed 2 birds with one stone so to speak. As Deus separates well in iron and does better than most in higher mineralization soil. Even if we just consider the use of their older LF coils. Don’t hear rust talked about much. How long from iron (nail) possessing magnetic properties till is does not? Guess what I am saying what I may call rust might not be exactly text book. I see flakes of rusty iron in ground. Some seem are still attracted to magnet. Some are not. Some of the big look like corroded balls on the ends of nails are quite huge too. Hard for me to tell though is this part that is part of the larger diameter of nail is attracted to magnet. So an older site it’s a mixed bag of iron/rust in the ground. Now Deus and LF 11” coil, how do I rate vs Eqx 800 with stock coil? My use, testing, digs, etc, in higher iron sites suggest EQX has advantage. This area where detectors used not higher mineralized either. You take a shovel to this one site I have, dig spade of dirt you’ll see rust. This in an area of 3 acres. Old town site. You’ll dig nails with spade too. All the goings on with a VLF detector when sweeping an old polluted site, sometimes the stars have to be aligned perfectly for detection. And we as detectorist don’t know exactly what got aligned. Cause we dig and disturb the entire scenario. We think we know sometimes no guarantee though. All we can do is hear detector can’t see under surface of ground with our eyes. Might be safe to say. One can take a Deus into Europe and other countries in older iron laden sites. And make nonferrous finds on and off for decades, centuries to come. The ferrous will change shape, properties, even possible location, hence the stars can again someday maybe get better aligned for a Deus and other VLF detectors to detect and be located. Deus released in 2009. How much nonferrous would have been missed (still in the ground) in Europe or even USA in older sites without the Deus creation and release? Loads probably. Again we wouldn’t know what we don’t know. We can also make this same point when it comes to Minelabs FBS and FBS2 platforms. I would bet the parks in USA would have more silver coins in them if the platforms not made and released. So future released units, lot of finds done dug. Targets getting more sparse overall. Any advancement though however small just might keep more folks on the detecting trail. Cheers.
  13. Guess I have a different opinion. I can say with 99.9% certainty, these on top of the ground test will definitely tell one Deus tendency in the wild. Actually it goes like this. Add dirt Deus may be the same or worse hardly ever better. Eqx different here. These videos were not separation tests at all. Actually both detector detected the dime. What the videos were supposed to show is how when iron is introduced what is does to the detectors behavior sweeping. Deus, the way audio works not like EQX. Deus audio provided gets negatively affected (nuance- pitch wise) when iron enters equation. So to locate nonferrous it works pretty good. But to tell actual target level conductivity not so good. Hover sweeps may give more info on a target’s conductivity. But seems for whatever reason I don’t have to do with EQX. I am not saying I would never have to do with Nox. I may especially in polluted site with nails or junk nonferrous. But even a solo sitting higher conductor could be detected with Deus, user not realize for example say a silver dime is lurking. If the videos, if I thought for one minute they didn’t do me or any one else any good I wouldn’t do. What actually put me on this subject matter as far as ferrous driving audio behavior is an experience I had as of late. So I decided to dig in and see if I could see why I experienced what I did in wild in one of my controlled areas I have spent time detecting previously. Think I found what I was looking for too. Cheers.
  14. Nice finds Kac. Not many big pennies around here.
  15. Don’t forget about Xp. They may have a horse in race too. You never know.
  16. In the 2 videos above. Using full tones on Deus. If I would have raised disc to 6, tone on dime setup would have been higher than disc at zero. Still tone not near as high as sweeping the solo zincoln cent. I probably should have showed. Interestingly though, I could have put horseshoe on on Nox and still got the same tone sweeping dime setup vs the solo zincoln cent. So still a difference even there between the detector models. I may do more test using Deus using unnormalized VDI and see what differences I note.
  17. I’ll have a video tomorrow posted on this forum comparing Xp Deus and Equinox tomorrow if’s it is not raining. Video will show power of multi IQ too. Don’t think some folks realize just how powerful (versatile) the Nox is to different detecting situations. Simple test will show. Eqx audio deserves more credit too imo. The way it works. It has helped me to go back and revisit some of the detectors I haven run in the past. Eye opening actually. And to think I use to sleep with a Deus under my pillow.
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