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  1. Aureous, I am not qualified to judge your engineering here, but wholeheartedly agree with your premise. It comes down to operator choice. Whether in coils or in settings, the ability to choose makes a difference to my mind. The ability to set your own parameters would make the necessity of more than one version of AQ almost unnecessary would it not? If the idea is to create a manual machine, almost the opposite of the SDC 2300, then the ability to choose would seem a strength. The fella that designed the thing seems to know what he is doing, and Fisher knows how to make good detectors, if they stand out of their own way and let it be what it can be we might have something there. Dying to know how well the iron mask works in real life. A PI that does not force the digging of iron is just about all I would possibly want for how I am hunting at the moment. Till some other scatterbrain idea occurs to me. Thankfully I cannot remember most of them long enough to try them. Delusion and senility are a blissful combination.
  2. Just finished a second day hunting with the new Mirage PI. Short days, I seldom go for more than 2-3 hours, but enough to start learning a new to me machine. Something I notice and wonder about. The 9.5" mono coil appears more sensitive to iron near the edge of the coil, while nonferrous seems to hit harder near the center of the coil. Could that be a thing or am I deluded? If it is a real thing, is it a reliable way to make dig decisions? I could swear I read something somewhere about this, but am no longer sure because I am deluded in general anyway. Anyone got thoughts?
  3. Thanks to everyone for chiming in. The decision has come down to a choice between the TRX and the F-Pulse. The choice between these is harder than I thought for some reason, but here are the broad strokes. The TRX appears more sensitive to small and more sensitive off the end than the sides but less capable in bad ground. The F-Pulse less sensitive to small, but better in bad ground. The problem with that set is that I hunt small primarily as a first priority, but have been hunting more in bad ground with a pI. Since the pinpointer is only for use in turf to hunt recent drops, I am wondering if the small thing is less an issue or even if the difference between the two should be determined by these criteria at all. Hard to know relevance without side by side comparison and I really do not want to buy two of them and horse around over small difference that makes no serious difference in the real world. The season is just beginning here, still hunting sand because the turf is not quite ready yet though most of the snow is gone now. Still time to chew it over, and still have the Garrett to use in the meantime.
  4. The sense of it escapes me. Why a company would make a detector so much less than it could be? Garret is obviously not the only one doing it at the present time either. It seems especially common with the PI detectors for some reason. Perhaps they are just the ones I notice. Excessive thinking leads to confusion. Was out with the Mirage for the first time today. Finally frost down enough to dig some places. Works as advertised but will take some learning. Nice and light and swings easy and very sensitive. Simple and light. No need to lug heavy clubs for what I do. Off topic, sorry. We now return you to regular programming.
  5. One wonders why a company that could do better, does not. The SDC 2300 suffers from a really unfortunate package in addition to one hard wired coil. It cannot be that these companies do not know better, they must simply refuse to do better for reasons that are hard to see. I like the look of your version, and it seems to put the weight where it belongs.
  6. Hang in there Trailryder. Someone is bound to come along with suggestions for you. There are people here from all over, perhaps someone from your area as well, now that they know where you are. It really does not take much to start. A simple inexpensive detector, some simple tools. a little reading, putz a little and see if the bug bites you. I used to recommend a Tesoro Compadre to begin, but Tesoro seems MIA these days. Look on the Craigslist for your area under metal detector. Something might fall in your lap. Whatever you choose, a simple machine is best to start, and some patience while you learn.
  7. I prefer my local dealer for new detectors. Any trouble with them, any questions, he takes care of it. He is someone I know and have known for years and have complete faith in. I have gotten a couple new detectors from an online dealer, one of them had trouble and it was all down to me. Problems eventually solved by the manufacturer but took weeks, weeks of irritation that my local dealer would have taken care of, and I would not have been paying postage and waiting for response from service people I do not know. Never again with that. Look at prices online, most dealers will match them. I buy oddball things and used detectors from eBay and other online places, but not new things with a warranty. I have had good luck with eBay and local party sales, but will no longer buy new machines an from online dealer. If you have a local dealer, start with a visit. Costs nothing to talk, and you might find a friend.
  8. Thank you for this translation. It will be most interesting to see how this all shakes out, eventually.
  9. I could not understand what he was saying about the AQ. Was there anything new there that I am missing? This is a fun machine to follow. The only new machine I have seen in a while that looks quite this interesting. Of course as said before, it really comes down to how the iron mask actually works. Or does not work. It would be fun to know what the Iron Mask knob actually controls. One thing I wonder about is why there is no control for pulse width. They seem to have gone so far in the direction of making a manual machine that a reasonably knowledgeable PI person could set to hunt darn near any way they want, yet left off this one thing. A thing that the brains involved in this creation would certainly have known how to add a knob for, but did not. I hate talking about new detectors. Next thing you know there will be an involuntary wallet reaction with accidental credit card slippage.
  10. True enough. This timeframe is what has generally been accepted as the norm to now. Possibly even longer for the ones we did not know about. The world is changing though, tremendous leaps on technology virtually daily seem the norm now.. Patience is not my long suit.
  11. This would have been a lot harder comparison to choose from if the TDI in every of it's versions had not been progressively weakened over time. People are taking the brand new batteries out and replacing with aftermarket versions now for heaven sake, and why on earth they would they remove the conductivity switch just to put a now even less capable version in a waterproof box and then hard wire the coil to prevent any real coil selection is beyond me. It remains to be seen what Fisher will ultimately do, and it is absolutely taking too long. It is waterproof and looks pretty good so far, but if they fart around too long we will have ourselves talked out of it before it arrives or someone like Makro will have a better model out by the time they do get it together. Right now, I am looking for some corporate vison from an American company and not seeing much. My two cents, and worth every penny.
  12. But what if looked at another way? What if the idea was not so much to use VLF when you can and PI when you must, but the reverse? When I was starting out I knew a couple old water hunters that used PI exclusively and did not believe VLF would amount to anything. When I used PI, even the very same PI Garrett is still selling all these years later, I could swear I found more gold even though I dug more and covered less ground. If the thing really is good at identifying iron, and if it can be set to miss small foil even at low pulse delay, then would it not beat nearly anything even on a freshwater beach? Somehow I expected it to have user control of pulse width too. Will it be prone to target masking if used to mask iron? I owned a CTX with a couple coils, books, etc. Replaced it with a Compadre and never looked back. It absolutely is easy to wonder with almost no information at all.
  13. I have not found much platinum that I know of. My wife and daughter scoop up the better things pretty quick though. To me, it does not matter at all if the stones are real or what the carat count is or what. It matters if it is a nice, well designed piece. To my old eyes cubic zirconia sparkles as nice as real diamonds. More, it is the thrill of the hunt. Your ring is kind of cool there Kac. Not that much of what we find has substantial value when time and expenses are considered, but cool stuff is always fun to find.
  14. That is an unusual and beautiful ring Kac. If it was white gold, one would expect a karat marking somewhere, but darned if I know beyond that.
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