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  1. True enough. This timeframe is what has generally been accepted as the norm to now. Possibly even longer for the ones we did not know about. The world is changing though, tremendous leaps on technology virtually daily seem the norm now.. Patience is not my long suit.
  2. This would have been a lot harder comparison to choose from if the TDI in every of it's versions had not been progressively weakened over time. People are taking the brand new batteries out and replacing with aftermarket versions now for heaven sake, and why on earth they would they remove the conductivity switch just to put a now even less capable version in a waterproof box and then hard wire the coil to prevent any real coil selection is beyond me. It remains to be seen what Fisher will ultimately do, and it is absolutely taking too long. It is waterproof and looks pretty good so far, but if they fart around too long we will have ourselves talked out of it before it arrives or someone like Makro will have a better model out by the time they do get it together. Right now, I am looking for some corporate vison from an American company and not seeing much. My two cents, and worth every penny.
  3. But what if looked at another way? What if the idea was not so much to use VLF when you can and PI when you must, but the reverse? When I was starting out I knew a couple old water hunters that used PI exclusively and did not believe VLF would amount to anything. When I used PI, even the very same PI Garrett is still selling all these years later, I could swear I found more gold even though I dug more and covered less ground. If the thing really is good at identifying iron, and if it can be set to miss small foil even at low pulse delay, then would it not beat nearly anything even on a freshwater beach? Somehow I expected it to have user control of pulse width too. Will it be prone to target masking if used to mask iron? I owned a CTX with a couple coils, books, etc. Replaced it with a Compadre and never looked back. It absolutely is easy to wonder with almost no information at all.
  4. These videos were interesting while they were still up. At least a peek at the much discussed project. Looking at it, I did not see anything I wanted bad enough to pay big money even though I like the general concept. Anyone else have an opinion on this?
  5. Interesting while they were up. Why would be another question, but a brief glance into the what.
  6. I have not found much platinum that I know of. My wife and daughter scoop up the better things pretty quick though. To me, it does not matter at all if the stones are real or what the carat count is or what. It matters if it is a nice, well designed piece. To my old eyes cubic zirconia sparkles as nice as real diamonds. More, it is the thrill of the hunt. Your ring is kind of cool there Kac. Not that much of what we find has substantial value when time and expenses are considered, but cool stuff is always fun to find.
  7. That is an unusual and beautiful ring Kac. If it was white gold, one would expect a karat marking somewhere, but darned if I know beyond that.
  8. Aureous, A great change-up strategy is paying off for you. Thanks so much for sharing. S
  9. Not so crazy at all. The Gold Racer ought to work too, it does for me. Even the Gold Bug 2 will work fine if you set it up as Dankowski recommends, but is much less versatile than the Makro. My first Gold Racer was trouble sorting out, but Makro stood behind it and eventually sent me a new one overnight from Turkey when repair center did not work. Since then, not a speck of trouble with it. Good rugged machine that does the job. If you do not need waterproof, it is all you need and is probably cheaper. Light, easy to swing, and very versatile. I admit drooling over the Gold Kruzer just because it is new and I do not have one, but honestly cannot think why I would need one. Will have to think harder. I do not know what user reports say about the Gold Kruzer, but the Gold Racer is well thought of. I use one every day in season and recommend it.
  10. On heavy hit ground that seems pretty darn good. Digging hard at a little less than 1 good target in 10. In heavy hit ground. Almost like having new ground by simply changing something, in this case the detector, in your approach. Thanks for keeping track of your trash count to know. Do you know how many grams you got in total there so far in your 15 hours? That looks awfully good for that amount of time. Even more interesting. Targets in heavy hit ground being found at 3". Thinking of what that says. The very top of a soil profile to most, yet still having good targets and gold-like trash even though well detected over a period of time. What do you think accounts for this? Or perhaps it might be better to wonder what should have prevented recovery of these targets before when they were only 3" deep. Not even sure anymore how to phrase what I am trying to say, but there are those who say only a small fraction of the gold in the ground (even surface targets) has been found, and that those which remain are masked by something.
  11. Thanks Steve, I have been paying less attention to the new Impulse. The debate has been going on a while, and looks to continue a while more. Like you, I am content with what I have and am sort of watching it with one eye while looking for little clues for what I will do with what I have. You are a powerful resource, thanks for being out there. S
  12. Noah, Thanks for bringing this up. It is easy to see how you reached your conclusion, but there was a further lesson for me or rather a concept I am working on for this season. In those videos, the narrator brings up again and again how many of those finds should have been found by the many VLF machines run over them. That those targets, and that many, are still there in a well hunted site leads to another possible conclusion. PI is finding something that VLF does not. I say possible because there is no way for us to know the whole story, but possible nonetheless. No way I am buying an ATX, but the idea stands. Masking. That is my sense of it. Masking by what is another story, but as a central umbrella theme. Why would silver like that not be hit by any half decent VLF? Not just there, but lots of places probably. Those boys worked for it though. That is a lot of digging, more than most would do, but it shows the concept. This is what I am going to work on this year, strategies for masking. It leaves me to wonder how many good targets that should have been in range I have walked over with absolutely no idea. Sometimes we know we are losing depth or our detector will not run stable, but there are times too when we have no idea at all. If ignorance is bliss I should be the happiest guy in town. S
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