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  1. I called ML in Chicago and they referred me to Kellyco's repair department. According to Kellyco's answering machine it's after hours even though it's 11 am in Florida.
  2. Rick. Thanks. Has anybody here had experience with Kellyco repairing their Minelab GPX series machine?
  3. My Minelab SD2100 needs to be checked out. It will suddenly go into overload three times in a row, just as if you were swinging over your pick, and then go back to running normal. It won't handle EMI's any more no matter what I do. The control box has never been opened up to my knowledge but I'm not the first owner. The problem is constant with the three coils I've tried and with the power cord. It has happened in different areas. I've not shaken the box to see if there is a loose wire inside. I can only say that it's gotten bad enough to be unusable. I'm wondering if it's a problem with the tuning circuit as the tuning screws do nothing when trying to tune out EMI's. Minelab will not work on it so I need suggestions for a repair station I can send it too. This 2100 has found a lot of gold and isn't ready for the dump yet! Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks! Stickwhipper
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