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  1. I dont see any ads because I have a ad blocker
  2. I personally like the black look better- I sold my whites 24 k but the guy only wanted the stock coil setup so if anyone is interested in a 6 inch concentric with cover and a 4x6 coil with cover both lighty used-Ill let them both go for $300 shipped in the lower 48 PM me here if interested-Thx PS- will also trade for a nuggetfinder 17 elliptical evo mono coil or a 15 rnd evo mono coil
  3. Just remember the older tech deeper beepers will and most of the time get the Lions share of most patches only leaving little bits for the new tech deeper beepers
  4. Extra maybe this isnt helping matters out either- https://www.dnaindia.com/science/report-massive-solar-storm-heading-towards-earth-at-16-million-kmph-may-impact-cell-phone-gps-signals-2900067
  5. Usually switching to a smaller mono coil or DD coil on the older units does away with alot of the EMI Opps wait the 11 inch mono is the smallest coil and might be for some time sorry 6000 users
  6. -if I didnt already have a 5000 I would probably buy the 6000-From what Ive seen from everyone posting their finds-other than I like the 6000 package as far as weight and none tethered to any cables it doesnt seem to be any better depth wise or anymore sensitive than my 5000-if it is its minute -the 6000 doesnt seem to be really cleaning up on the old patches either-a couple of nuggets here and a couple of nuggets there-not worth the $6000 bones to me-when I got the 2300 same thing a couple here and there and sometimes none and man was it noisy-I'll just wait for some more new and improved coiltek or nuggetfinder coils to hit the market-
  7. Ive had a PI PP' and it cross talked badly with the my MD;s-I also had a garret PP and it cross talked even when it was off
  8. Wow who would of thought I have one also its the best pinpointer Ive ever had
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