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  1. Well heck I think you should make a video and show all the experts how to manage the settings since everyone is doing it wrong- I'm no expert either I've had good results and mine is always in Fine Gold but my gain is alot higher than 8 along with some other tweeks I like going behind other people just to see whats left and guess what no one gets it all with old or new deeper beepers including myself-lots of other things play a role as well as the operator New tech-its only as good as the operator heck I was still using a bungy free modded Sd2000 when most everyone else was using the Gp
  2. I wouldnt put to much attenion on the chart info-I had a sdc 2300 and put it over some of my old beat up patches that I hunted to death with my 5000 and a few other beepers over the years hoping to find a bunch of nuggets missed guess what none at some and only a bit here and there-I have a 3-4 grain nugget on a poker chip I use for testing-the sdc hit at about 2-3 inches while my 5000 hit it at about 5-6 inches-I no longer have the sdc-IMO alot of sales hype-I hope the 6000 lives up to its chart hype-Time will tell
  3. I never use a bungee with my 5000-Im already tethered up enough with the power cord-I dont use a sadie-but I dont use anything bigger than a 17 coil either
  4. Good job on the gold buttttttt to close to what use to be a border for me-if you know what I mean-Stay safe
  5. Although I like the nice package the 6000 comes in Im stickimg with my 5k reason being is I like being in control of most if not all the settings and like having a big choice of coils and other things for it.The 6k might be like the 7k with minelab not offering any coil options-only time will tell just my thoughts
  6. I had the pleasure of meeting JP as well many years ago here in AZ when he was at a AZO outing at Rich Hill-what a down to earth guy
  7. Maybe the bucket blade scraped them off a vein or a big nugget Did you recheck your hole
  8. I have a TRX also mine will pick up small flakes of gold and Im sure it would scream over a gold ear ring backing 👍 There either is something wrong with yours or your not doing something right or maybe counterfit Mike C...
  9. When I first started there wasnt all these forums around so my training mostly came from anything I could read and Lots of Trial Error and experimenting-I came from the School of hard knocks-Ive hunted with some very sucessfull people even a few poster childs for different MD companies and picked up a few pointers here and there-never paid for any lessons-You never stop learning with great forums like this one around-Thanks Steve H 👍-Mike C...
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