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  1. My only weight and coin from new south wales australia. A 50 metre section of a small dry creek worked in 1855 gave up about 2 ounces in nuggets and the weight and chinese coin and a couple percussion caps. I could almost see the old prospector weighing his gold in the dry creek bed in 1855. Judging by what they left for me i bet it was a good weigh day and jovial night around the campfire.
  2. Vol is 7 or 8. GB auto, going to manual via user if getting gold and happy with detector stability. The main spots i detect have complex vertical dipping bedrock that changes beds every 50 metres with lots of iron rich volcanics and shales. I try detect along strikes to lessen my ground variation.
  3. Im using mostly difficult, thres 27, sens 12-15, smooth off, ss300 phones straight from wm. ( steelphase put a hum in the phones so i not use for now). I use 19 coil when ground depth/gold finds prompt me. Above seem to work well on very slow swing speed, happy for you to suggest better options for deeper targets on worked ground old patches i have tried different settings but not enough over undug targets to work out what is superior. RDD
  4. Yep they do, mainly smaller nuggets 1-3 grams at a foot or so (a swap to high yield resulted in no or weak signal). I have got a couple good slugs between 2 to 3 ounces at depths over 2 feet on patches. They only were heard by swinging very slowly. Top images down a couple feet or close to. Bottom 2-4 gram crystals were on a spot i flogged, but i picked up more by swinging ultra slow in extra deep last week. Hence my question to jp.
  5. Thankyou JP for sharing your knowledge and the large amount of time you have put into videos, clear explanations. With a zed with 14 & 19 i have been chasing bigger deeper nuggies in extra deep. I have recently slowed my swing speed down to incredibly Very very slow when gold is around and i seem to be able to get signals i miss with a slow swing speed. Not sure if i am imagining it How slow is too slow for optimal signal response for deeper targets??? Is there a general guide for faster to slower swing speed relative to settings/ gold depth? cheers RDD
  6. Well done Tuna. Hook in there and kill it. Got to be some decent slugs there somewhere deep. Busting to get over there after i do my winter prep chores, wood gathering for Deb. cheers Steve
  7. I detect for gold alot and have paid off my detectors since the 2100 many times over. My best was the 4500...paid off 40 something times over. Its my backup detector after the Zed which is catching up to the 4500 in times paid off. While spending time wandering deserts other income opportunities come along, meteorites, gems, ornamental stone deposits. Detectors also lead to taking out leases and paid detecting from mining companies. But whether your obsessed like me and many others on this forum or just a hobbyist its great just to get out in the bush/desert with friends or family.
  8. Been detecting heaps ever since the 2100. Reading about rumours of new ML gold detectors have wasted about a year of my life and given me brain damage. (Not as bad as following QED threads though). I will buy any new high priced ML high end gold detector because i will pay it off in the field. I just want ML to fix their ongoing design faults and actually talk to testers before they finalise the hardware rather then just getting the testers to check software. Next model and coils must be lighter weight. ML, After all these years please increase shaft length for tall people. Please give use a robust charger and use wiring for charger leads that is thick and not the lowest spec useable.(all our cigi lead wires shorted out after minimal use on Zed). For the price you charge for your gold detectors, a padded control box cover should be supplied so your loyal customers can protect their large investment. This would really show your commitment to quality and customers. cheers RDD
  9. High end dedicated gold and relic detector in one, with multiple coils and software and weighing less then the zed....thats what i want. But the price would be scary.
  10. Steve the doubt minelab cause to users and dealer sales by dribbling a release over 6 or maybe nine months is good for no-one. I believe they should at least say whether it is a premium relic or gold model or budget...whatever...so they dont cause anguish and a hold on purchases over the whole spectrum of users and models
  11. Info coming in few months...release in november for christmas maybe? maybe just once Minelab will provide a detector with a longer shaft that a tall person can use comfortably and give you a control box cover to protect your big $$ investment! ...and plastic that doesn’t break and charger wires that are not thin as hair. Its the design package that lacks not the platform. im a lover not a minelab hater, i have had most gold models since the 2000, its just that they never listen
  12. Great topic, yes its hard to put some of the concepts of sound and hearing into words. After years of detecting I believe my brain has become wired to listen for targets, (even the targets that are represented by a slight miss in the threshold noise). You know the zone you get into where you are oblivious to all around and only hear the detector melody in your ear. After coaching/walking with many people newish to detecting and seeing what signals don't register with them as they detect I can see how we/I, always need to seek to improve my listening skills, especially for the faint small... and deep subtle big slug targets. I think maintaining the ideal swing speed is still my greatest weapon... and cutting out wind noise as much as possible. I love headphones. RDD
  13. Thanks for the comments and praise members. An update, while I am keeping some of the nice pendant pieces I have sent a 570 gram parcel to the refiner. The gold from this trip had many different shades and I had a suspicion that some of the nugget runs contained a lot of silver. The (reliable and accurate )results came back at 86.32% gold and 11.93% silver. Happy hunting, RDD
  14. Thanks phrunt, yeah I think the americans would laugh at our big monuments. The big Potato at Robertson is my favourite. It just looks like a big T##d. By the way, I am waiting for you or kiwi to find the biggest recorded nugget in New Zealand. The "Honourable Roddy Nugget" is the biggest and was only 99 ounces. I am sure you guys can beat that. I await the write upon and images on this forum.
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