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  1. High end dedicated gold and relic detector in one, with multiple coils and software and weighing less then the zed....thats what i want. But the price would be scary.
  2. Steve the doubt minelab cause to users and dealer sales by dribbling a release over 6 or maybe nine months is good for no-one. I believe they should at least say whether it is a premium relic or gold model or budget...whatever...so they dont cause anguish and a hold on purchases over the whole spectrum of users and models
  3. Info coming in few months...release in november for christmas maybe? maybe just once Minelab will provide a detector with a longer shaft that a tall person can use comfortably and give you a control box cover to protect your big $$ investment! ...and plastic that doesn’t break and charger wires that are not thin as hair. Its the design package that lacks not the platform. im a lover not a minelab hater, i have had most gold models since the 2000, its just that they never listen
  4. Great topic, yes its hard to put some of the concepts of sound and hearing into words. After years of detecting I believe my brain has become wired to listen for targets, (even the targets that are represented by a slight miss in the threshold noise). You know the zone you get into where you are oblivious to all around and only hear the detector melody in your ear. After coaching/walking with many people newish to detecting and seeing what signals don't register with them as they detect I can see how we/I, always need to seek to improve my listening skills, especially for the faint small... and deep subtle big slug targets. I think maintaining the ideal swing speed is still my greatest weapon... and cutting out wind noise as much as possible. I love headphones. RDD
  5. Thanks for the comments and praise members. An update, while I am keeping some of the nice pendant pieces I have sent a 570 gram parcel to the refiner. The gold from this trip had many different shades and I had a suspicion that some of the nugget runs contained a lot of silver. The (reliable and accurate )results came back at 86.32% gold and 11.93% silver. Happy hunting, RDD
  6. Thanks phrunt, yeah I think the americans would laugh at our big monuments. The big Potato at Robertson is my favourite. It just looks like a big T##d. By the way, I am waiting for you or kiwi to find the biggest recorded nugget in New Zealand. The "Honourable Roddy Nugget" is the biggest and was only 99 ounces. I am sure you guys can beat that. I await the write upon and images on this forum.
  7. Two of us made the 5 day trip from eastern OZ to the Western Australian goldfields for a 8 week detecting trip.(armed with 7000,s and SDC) We targeted remoter spots that are not really on the radar. We invested in a pile of permits and researched lots of available ground spots. Lots of walking and lots of barren gullies and creeks...... but occasionally we found the odd gully or slope not touched by a detector that yielded some nice runs of gold. We went 50/50 with our finds, sharing is the way to get a bigger tally when 2 or 3 of you (of equal ability) spread out searching large areas. All up we shared 45 ounces between two of us. There are many ugly specimens not pictured and we will have a big crush and smelt day soon. Cheers RDD
  8. Nice gear Tuna. Met a bloke in the Pilbara with one. Poor bugger had quartz crush fever. He spent the time detecting, not looking for deep nuggets and patches.... but putting all his swinging time walking to likely quartz shows & tails looking for reefs. "All I want is a little reef to crush" he lamented to me over a coffee. yep quartz crush fever watch out for it
  9. Is there anyone who hasn't had the rubber usb cover break off on their WM unit. Are they handing them out for free.
  10. Hi Norvic, my mate runs Oziexplorer with geology/tenement layers to get us to coordinates and keep us away from Mining leases and on legal/40e ground. Close up viewing of google earth and WA sat imagery and sat burnt area maps from the NOAA satellites are the biggest help. Using sat imagery to find and mark the route of very faint 4wd tracks that get you close to where you want to go is main game in research to get to areas to explore I have found. RDD
  11. Thanks Mitchel, it was arrogant of me to say 23 oz was not good. Its just that I go detecting there a lot and know many spots and do research and rely on my hobby gold income. I do aim for a big tally. Its gold fever I guess. But I am in a good place to detect, where big untouched patches still do exist. And I am sure there are some over there too. cheers RDD
  12. I did the annual 5 and a half day drive from east oz to the Pilbara area in western Australia for 8 weeks prospecting with a friend. Floods earlier in the year scoured the creeks out and that helped, but a lack of natural fires meant many places are covered in thick spinifex giving you only about 10% of the ground to detect on. We managed 23 ounces between us, which was not brilliant considering we know a fair few places from earlier trips. But the trip, scenery, camping and people we met made the annual trip something great and I can't wait for the dry winter WA prospecting season to start each year. Some of the gold...hundreds of nuggets were sub grammers, my best was a 76 gram flatty found at about 26 inches down with the 19 coil. My favourite piece is the squashed leaf gold nugget with little pyramidal gold crystals on its surface. cheers RDD Ps. I hope to visit the US and take in the scenery/people......and detect a couple nuggets from some of your iconic goldfields one day.
  13. Hi John, always like to see how prospectors are preparing for remote trips. I take my troopy off track a lot and weight is always an issue as I go places where you cannot have any trailer attached. With Jacking I use two bottle jacks and a block of wood. My back up is a airbag jack (with a thick piece or tarpaulin to protect it). I have used it a lot in soft ground bogged situations. For the benefit of anyone who is buying a tyre plug kit...they must be very solid steel like the one you have pictured. Spare reaming and plug insert needles are a must in case they bend/break. Steer away from the cheapies with plastic hand grips, on a 4wd tyre the needles can actually break through the plastic and drive trough the palm of your hand as you try press the plugs in. PS. I have seen many friends and prospectors outback with up to 8 plugs in their tyres...no worries. (although not recommended when you get back on the tar...keep speeds low). Best of luck on your adventure. RDD
  14. Educate me please members. In Australia one of my goals is to detect a nuggie in every State. There are seven states in Australia. I have three States to go. How many States in the US is it possible to find nuggets in???. Have many of you managed to find nuggets from more then a few states over there? My first trip to the state of Queensland yielded gold....and my first taste of beautiful paper thin leaf gold. Some of the thin sheets have crystal faces that look like "sergeant stripes " on the gold. (the flat nugget at top right only weighs 3 grams....yeah they are thin....but give good signals. Cheers RDD
  15. Have to agree with tucannon and Gambler. In Australian I can confidently say that the most used detecting boots are the Redbacks. They are comfortable, have no metal and are suitable for all situations except for long mountainous walks. The model above with the soft translucent sole is the one you want...in black or brown. I have used them for years...I waterproof them and occasionally have had to sew up a few stitches on the sides of the odd pair because I boot scrap the targets too much. In OZ they cost about $US75. Must be some good deals with cheap postage to US on ebay I am guessing. cheers RDD
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