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  1. That was the first detector I ever bought. I was not very happy with it.
  2. My GPX4500 will attest to the great info you guys disperse. Salut. Those JP Cd's were invaluable.
  3. here's to karma. OK so karma should be bad for the thief in the future. get it?
  4. Nice weapon. I generally carry when out in the great outdoors. Depending on the perceived dangers in the area should dictate your caliber. That 10mm with the right load is almost 41 magnum power. I carry a S&W Shield 40 in a belt holster on the hip opposite my detector arm. I run a gpx 4500 with some big coils and didn't experience interference but some guys that run the 7000 might let you in on what to expect. Seeing how you have 16 rounds no need to carry extra mags. .
  5. That's to bad the Bill & Linda's page is gone. It documented a lot of interesting prospectors.
  6. Arizona is mostly dry streams unless it's flash flood time. Then you would have to hurry up your dredging. Just kidding.
  7. I sadly noted that when I went to Bill and Linda's page it was gone. I will try and call old Bill and see what's up.
  8. There are definitely two kinds of snakes in Gold Basin. Sorry for your loss. Hopefully your metal detectors are safe.
  9. Not big on two wheels in the desert. When I first got into prospecting back in 2008 I pulled out of the big city with a brand new KLR 650 (400 lb Kawasaki enduro motorcycle) on a front bumper hitch on my F150 while I hauled my 17' Nomad trailer out back. Nowhere in the instructions with any of this did it mention the motorcycle being up front would interfere with the cooling airflow. Well the Baker Grade from San Bernadino to Vegas claimed another victim. What I found was that two wheels are bad in the desert especially when loaded. I almost immediately traded the KLR for a real nice Honda R
  10. Love that big coil. I put one of those on a 4500 and found a bunch too.
  11. Thanks for the story and pics. Gold Basin and me have many memories.
  12. Yeh, here's to the economy turning around. Love seeing gold at $1700 but would really love getting back to work.
  13. Nice finds with a machine that's still got the nack.
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