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  1. Woody

    Zed Backlight Led Upgrade

    For the general changes in detecting settings I can do that without looking, but as you say using the GPS function with such a badly lit screen leaves me looking for the nearest shady tree or using my spare hand to cover the screen from external light. The other options you speak of would be awesome too :-)
  2. I personally find the Zed's LED backlight to be somewhat lacking and was wondering if any of the electronics guru's or even minelab had considered an upgrade? I wouldn't mind shorter battery life and having to change to battery number two at lunchtime if I could see the screen better. What are others thoughts on this and has anyone heard of anything? Steve
  3. I have had this "Warble" signal many times. Not all the signals I have had like that have been solid nuggets, in fact a lot were good sized specimens(squash ball size) at depth(500mm+). The Warble usually gets me excited :-) I agree with you Chris his swing exaggerates the effect.
  4. "Reality is those big deep nuggets just out of reach are far rarer than people think" So true Steve It is just a matter of time before someone swinging a 19" walks over a thumper and things will settle in the realm of hypothetical comparisons. But as per normal there will be those who will still disbelieve no matter the evidence and those who believe without any convincing at all. For me the proof is in the pudding and that will have to wait until cooler days.
  5. Couldn't agree more, I think I could swing it Ok for a day or maybe two. But for me the coil is too difficult to maintain coil control for everyday detecting in my area, there is just too many things to snag on and to go around. I would be more likely to target specific areas of a patch, such as further down a wash as it slowly drops into deeper ground or a rock bar trap downstream from a patch. But this coil will mean different things to different people depending on the ground type and their ability to swing it.
  6. This talks about sweep length, but doesn't take into account sweep speed. Now I haven't done a direct comparison on sweep speed in a technical way, but I believe you would lose all of that advantage and maybe a bit more on the loss of sweep speed. Of course sweep speed is not solely dictated by coil size, other factors come into play, like ground depth and type or the likelihood of gold at depth, but all of that comes down to the detectors response and the operators ability to hear.
  7. In my opinion the target volume setting has a significant effect on the GPZ abilities in saturable ground when used with lower sensitivity settings and threshold. Just my observations on the ground I swing on.
  8. Woody

    Initial Run With GPZ 19 Coil

    If it's worth anything BB, my experience was pretty much the same thing. False signals in Gen/Diff with a general unsteadiness when coil control was not precise(like when you have swung it for a few hours). I did find three small pieces less than a gram, but would have found those with the 14 if I had swung it over it. I did do a little testing with a 43g piece buried in the ground to be detected prior to starting to swing it. The responses varied greatly in different gold modes and ground types. Personally I can't see myself using this coil for regular searching. Steve
  9. Woody

    More Mushrooms More Gold

    My Father always said "Gold is like mushrooms". But I never thought it would be so literal Good story mate
  10. Woody

    My Experiences With GPZ 19

    Thank you for the time taken to post JP. I collect my 19" on the 14th and will head out to some patches as soon as there is a few cooler days strung together. I was hoping you might(when you get time) go into more detail on your first point. "The deeper the gold the larger the range of controlled coil sweep required to assist a suspect target signal to be recognizable from ground signal" That's some nice pieces of gold you found congrats!
  11. Woody

    Huge Problem With Wireless Module For GPZ 7000

    Well I am glad to hear your doing OK with it. Mine was so bad I rang Minelab technicians from in the field. It was then that I found out the transmitter was in the handpiece area and that it work on the same principals as Bluetooth or WiFi and that they had their hands tied on signal strength and frequencies etc by laws in Australia. I was told that the frequency did not transmit very well through the human body. I was recommended to use the WM12 on my right shoulder and have not had problems since. It maybe because of my swing or height or something I haven't thought of yet. Regards Steve
  12. Woody

    Huge Problem With Wireless Module For GPZ 7000

    When I first started using the GPZ I had the WM12 mounted on my left shoulder and swung the detector with my right arm. On the far right part of my swing the WM12 would have an intermittent loss of signal which was very annoying to say the least. Although with two modules you would always be able to hear something, I fear the loss of signal in the left module would still prove frustrating.
  13. They are two different technologies. The Z coil has three windings.
  14. One of the uses I have had for extra deep on Z is in a large deep hole( past 1m) where the detector seems to get overwhelmed(saturated) in General or High Yield when taking the detector into the hole. It will be interesting to see if the new coil behaves differently in these circumstances.