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  1. You can also experience 'coil overload' when toggling between timings too fast.
  2. LukeJ

    Gpx 5000 Question

    Try Sensitive Extra if your ground will allow it.
  3. LukeJ

    Gpx 5000 Question

    It has a lot to do with the shape of the gold. You could have a .1g nugget that is fairly round and solid, that your 5000 might struggle to hear. That same .1g nugget flattened out would instead give a nice distinct signal. There are many variables, shape being one that is very important. The nugget being solid versus crystalline is another factor. If the gold is 'spongy' the detector will have a harder time hearing it. The level of gain you are able to run in your particular soil is another factor. Which timing are you running? Another factor. With a small coil, you should be able to get .1g 'nugs' at a couple inches in moderate conditions.
  4. LukeJ

    Getting A GPX 4500?

    Was this what you're talking about? Retails for $33. Personally, I think Minelab makes enough money. Sure it costs them $2, but maybe they could only charge $20? Or, maybe they do, but then the dealer has to get a 'slice of the pie' as well? When it's all said and done, if you're finding gold, the price of the cover isn't that big of a deal. Good Luck in your hunts. Luke
  5. LukeJ


    Very Nice Lunk !! Is that the biggest piece you've found with the Zed? Congrats !!
  6. LukeJ

    4500 Vs 5000

    They are pretty much the same. One will cost you a little more.... The 5000 has the Fine gold timing and is slightly 'quieter' with respect to electronic noise. That's the main difference. I have a 5000 and rarely use the Fine Gold timing. The ground I hunt doesn't require it. My friend has a 4500 and does as well or better than I do. I use Sensitive Extra a lot and the 4500 has that timing too. Good Luck with your decision. Luke
  7. LukeJ

    Equinox, Micro Nuggets

    Sometimes I like to do just that..... Haven't done it with the 800 yet, but one of these days I'm sure it will happen. Thanks for the info on settings. Congrats on the dinks.
  8. My pack is charged with a 'Smart Charger'. Which requires, a smart charger and a little more knowledge of what you need to do. The Reidman packs are charged with the charger he supplies, which is more similar to the charger supplied with the TDI Pro for it's Li-ion packs. The main difference is that I didn't put a protection circuit board in my pack since I had the smart charger and I am knowledgeable. Reidman put the protection board in his packs to allow the use to a more commonly available charger and to save him the headache of trying to educate people or hear complaints when they nuke their battery. The batteries function the same as far as voltage and amperage, the charging method is the main difference. Luke
  9. My intent was not to start an argument. I was just stating what I viewed on EBAY right before I posted the message. Maybe he changed the way he does it now and didn't update the photo?
  10. Yeah, but the 'sliding door' still bulges up. When I made mine, I cut out the door so it could still slide in and clear the Li-ion cells. It provided clearance and support. There is more than one way to skin a cat.
  11. Did the battery pack just slide in, or was it rather 'snug'? The reason I ask, is that there may be a possibility of an electrical short caused by a battery that is pushing up on the circuit board. Seems unlikely still, but that's the best thing I can think of. When I was playing with my SPP, I built a battery pack with Li-ion batteries using a modified AA housing. It fit, but was snug and pushed up on the housing slightly and the circuit board is right above the battery port. I didn't have any problems like you describe, but you probably did the right thing not using the Li-ions in those conditions.
  12. Nice going Mitchel. I was hoping to be 2nd, maybe 3rd could still happen. I did find a live 22lr round in my backyard about an hour ago. Be careful if you decide to dig a "9" Keep at it, there's bound to be more gold for the Equinox as time goes along. Luke
  13. So they didn't change any of the internal electronics? Perhaps boosting it to the power level of the TDI-PRO would have been a good idea. Everything they are offering, was pretty much already available. Sure, I guess the straight shaft is something, and the paint job will make the box cooler to the touch. I'm a little underwhelmed. Sorry. At least they could have upgraded to Li-ion batteries. I did it to my SPP. All they'd have to do is modify the existing battery holder like I did. I just don't understand the baby steps. When I noticed this topic I momentarily got excited. Then I read through it twice to make sure I wasn't missing anything. But I guess I'm still missing something. The day when White's rises to the occasion. Sorry for the negativity. Luke
  14. LukeJ

    Little Speci

    That's a very nice find in my book. 2 grams is not small in my 'neighborhood'. Congratulations !!