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  1. Thanks Rick , will speed up the sampling process greatly to get on the best gold . Steve : I did weigh the churn on a spring fishing scale , was around 18lbs with the stand half that , feels lighter jack .
  2. Hi Steve , I like the analogy with dry panning , very few ever get the hang of that . Will have to get back with the exact weight but it's easy to pick up with one hand ' think the stand is heavier as it's made from one inch square tube . Cheers Jack .
  3. Thanks for posting the link Chis , I can try to explain the advantages , first off ' efficiency & ease of use ! it's a light weight 10 second set up unit , designed for easy processing of material once you have found the best spot after doing the usual sampling ' being hand cranked allows the human to choose just the right amount of turns for the gold size being sort as the internal raking system will help drop the bigger gold faster then the tiny stuff . I've tested it for fine gold & it does not lose any when turned a few extra turns per cycle , if there's any gold in the mate
  4. Below is a link to my new unit that's taken ages to perfect, will change the way dry prospecting is done for ever . Link :- http://golddetecting.4umer.net/t19885-introducing-the-gold-churn jack .
  5. The big question is what you think is the better gold detector ' ATX or SDC ? Sorry to put you in this position but your qualified to answer
  6. Steve you are the detector guru , any gold unit question asked ' you have answered so well ! Smile
  7. Excellent article Steve , cuts through the confusion regarding differences between these detectors . Thank You Jack .
  8. Thank you Steve , looks like a good site , will be sending them an email for sure
  9. Thanks Ken , Can you give me a link to Jobe as I'd like to email them .
  10. I've been working on a simple hand operated unit that can concentrate down dry material quickly, no need to classify just feed in the rocks as well . Have made a prototype that works at last after previous fail designs , this one is very portable for one man operation . My question is who do I offer the design to as I'm not going to go through any long patent BS . Would Garret be interested as an example ? Regards Jack
  11. Keep safe Chris , having been to those sort of improvised lands be very carful ! Good Luck Jack .
  12. Classic Minelab video , the only part worth watching was the guy dry panning with a basic plastic dish , the rest looks like acting , check it out again boys Jack .
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