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  1. Phrunt; Actually some slight surface rust is desired, it creates a rough surface to slow down the flour gold. A pretty gold pan is somewhat like people, it doesn't work as well as one thats aged a bit!!! Ausome
  2. Ben died several years ago, knew him when he would summer around Brandy City and Eureka diggings near Indian Valley in Sierra Co. Calif. For the Winter he would head south to Yuma area to dry wash, and get some free lodging courtesy of the Yuma Police Dept.. Ausome
  3. went to Dvllefrom Sierra City today river down 5' from a few hours ago...dvlle had recorded 12"+for 20 hrs. High water line on my claims below Goodyears was within one foot of 97 level where my equipment is stored. NYUBA ripped! Ausome Allen
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