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  1. You must of had a bunch of midnight brainstorming while trying to sleep over this build! Great job, now keep those nug shots coming. Ausome
  2. Steve: no matter where you go, there you are! However, in this case; Here you are!!!!
  3. I had good fines recovery by putting Daisy Mat in the main riffle section. Use a black marker to show where the riffles set, then a razor knife to cut the mat fingers out so the riffles will touch the mat. Nothing fine will get out, but larger material will work on out. Also, 8" ABS pipe with end caps make good durable flotation. If you need more you can pack it with foam pellets, or foam blocks to help. Good luck, and remember that fines will pay for a lot of expenses, esp, at todays spot price. Ausome (Norcal N. Yuba)
  4. It seems to me that ML possibly was waiting until that covid $$ was deposited, before opening up the US flood gates. So I got mine and its burning a hole in pocket. Lets go ML!!!!!! Ausome
  5. AhHa: 2nd place is equal to 1st last place. US sales ain't exactly mashed-potato's Minelab!!! Get real!! Ausome
  6. This masked business is really getting old!!!! Ausome
  7. I try to never get too excited over the other guys gold, much more thrilling to have it my own hands. Thats the real issue, getting it I'm my hands! just remember, they aren't making it any more!! Ausome BTW Gerry; my new EQ 800 isn't very good at melting snow!
  8. Phrunt; Actually some slight surface rust is desired, it creates a rough surface to slow down the flour gold. A pretty gold pan is somewhat like people, it doesn't work as well as one thats aged a bit!!! Ausome
  9. Ben died several years ago, knew him when he would summer around Brandy City and Eureka diggings near Indian Valley in Sierra Co. Calif. For the Winter he would head south to Yuma area to dry wash, and get some free lodging courtesy of the Yuma Police Dept.. Ausome
  10. went to Dvllefrom Sierra City today river down 5' from a few hours ago...dvlle had recorded 12"+for 20 hrs. High water line on my claims below Goodyears was within one foot of 97 level where my equipment is stored. NYUBA ripped! Ausome Allen
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