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  1. People from different regions and cultures react to criticism differently. Tell an Italian their food sucks and see what you get! I quit my social media platforms because they seem to always seem to gravitate downwardly. No more FB instagram for me. Companies that don't fit my views I don't use. Especially in this current lockdown, told what to do time. People are edgy right now and need to chill. Have a great Thanksgiving to those that partake and treat people like you like to be treated. I've learned from people I disagree with just by listening to their point of view. Hey you might be wrong at times! Be happy every day!
  2. Can I get a display model and use it as a weathervane? Would look cool on my roof.
  3. Be great if their new machine rolled out better than their live show!
  4. Look at what people are asking for Tesoro's. Like they are some magical devices. Get a Simplex for less. And if you like beep and dig don't look down.
  5. I would like a cigar lighter and a bourbon dispenser for when I take a break from thinking about digging.
  6. Mount the led on a a pair of glasses! Seems to me vibration is less sensitive to faint signals.
  7. How about using a shrouded bright led so it can be seen in bright light?
  8. I think it's prudent NOT to buy any detector advertised as "new" from a company that is out of business. It just doesn't make sense to do that. Tesoro's are for sale right now with a lifetime warranty LOL! Whites is dead and buried and frankly outclassed by a 300.00 machine with a warranty. Might as well buy a "long range gold finder" at this point. If you think you're getting a deal.
  9. Been using Saran wrap for years. Crystal clear, stretches and seals nicely.
  10. We love you here in the USA! Hopefully this will all be over soon, so be safe and detect later.
  11. I was more concerned about Steve than the forum. I didn't know he was away. I'm happy it's up and running again and thanks Steve for everything you do for us.
  12. Try using a metal screen like a Faraday cage.
  13. J. Finnis Pin invented the first Pin pointer while training his dog to hunt birds in the heavy brush. The dog was trained to "point" whenever it detected a bird in the bush. Thus the "Pin Pointer" description was coined. The dog was at a later date trained to detect buried metals in holes at shallow depths and some could discriminate between ferrous and non ferrous metals for a chip of dried liver treat. Mainly used as a mine detector for the military. After Finnis passed away several companies developed sophisticated electronics to duplicate what the dog could do cheaper, smaller and with greater accuracy. After the war this device caught on with hobby metal detectorists and continues to be used and refined for more depth and accuracy at a lower price point. Note tail direction tells the operator the direction of target. This example indicated straight down in hole.
  14. My thinking is that no more big box machines. Just use their multi frequency tech and put it in their machines. No real interest in heavy single frequency machines anymore. Good for Whites owners if they honor the warranty on machines already sold within the warranty period. And maintain some parts for other machines.
  15. Hate to say they this, David but NJ is NOT metal detector friendly at all. I hope you have lots of friends and get permissions, or get used to the sand at the shore. You can get a permit for a state park but you can't really legally recover anything. Every town I have been in says no because of destruction of public property and you get dirty looks from the parents in the wood chipped tot lots. And I was taking the trash and making sure the ground was as nice or better after I left. It's okay to trash a park with litter and destruction to playground equipment though. Nobody seems to care about that.
  16. Auto Zone or any auto parts store. will have plastic panel hardware. It may not look the same but will work fine. Look in the HELP isle.
  17. Maybe the plastic is too hard and being work hardened further by usage. Try a heat gun on the assembled lower rod and coil ears to relieve the stress at the connection point.
  18. Harder scratches softer. Can push harder soil against the target and scratch it also like sandpaper. Prob won't hold up well in the long run. Excellent execution of the tool! I just dig further away and under a target if I don't want to hurt but still manage to damage some targets. Just have fun everyday!
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