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  1. You guys helped me select the Hodan pick on the forum a short time ago. I bought a 16 inch and a 21 inch before they were all gone, so thanks! I just finished an article in the mining journal on accessories and was wondering who makes your pouches and if you had a lightweight knife for digging coins in parks. The knifes I've held so far are way too heavy. Thanks in advance for your suggestions. Grass Valley Buck Master
  2. Thanks to all who responded! Steve I really appreciate the pictures. It helps me get a good idea of what i need to look for. I already have the Estwing but will probably get the 24 inch Hodan. I'm also intrigued by the 16 inch as I do a lot of packing. Thanks again!
  3. I'm new to the forum but would like to know what you all are using for a metal detecting prospecting pick. I prefer a lightweight pick with a wood handle and I curious if you all like the ones with a magnet. Finally, if you have a model name, a price, and where you purchased it, I would be grateful... Thanks
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