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  1. Giddiup

    Todd Hoffman.. Pure Gold

    Good but not as good as the ‘disturbed’ version..sorry cant post the link from work iPad!
  2. Yeah how good is it having someone show you the ropes. Goldfields can cover large areas and I reckon i’d still be wondering around the hills picking up scrap metal and getting heat stroke if an old timer hadn’t pointed me in the right direction. I have been fortunate to have been put onto a few areas where detectors haven’t visited in about 12years. So I know good was there and the new technology provides the needed advantage. Then there are the invaluable tips on the flora, fauna and geology etc While we are naturally guarding of some information it is a good feeling to share it with the right people.
  3. Giddiup

    Can A Drone Be A Prospecting Tool?

    I wasn't a believer till i took footage of a lease area and realised the detail it provides. Real time real clear satellite image basically. I wouldn't sit back and send it over a hill before i walked it, but i'd use it to better understand an area i had found gold in with the hope of it leading to more:)
  4. Giddiup

    The New Coils For The 2300

    wonder if coils options will increase the cost of an sdc...it will increase their 'value'
  5. Giddiup

    Bogene's Settings

    Hey JW, i used only the external speaker on the z for well over 18months and picked up plenty small stuff…only put the earbuds in and lowered the chatter (volume) as a play around to see what i'd missed on a few virgin patches…………..i have been surprised…BUT i have also 'slowed' down my swing heaps so gotta factor that in…switched to Bogenes the other day out of interest because i hadn't tried it in this area of tiny gold and it only picked up 85 odd% of the dozen bits:) Now to run the 19 over those shallow gold patches to see if/whats deeper down..
  6. Giddiup

    The Reg Wilson Gold Album

    An inspiring thread guys. Theres mention of the odd junk target but how much junk did you pick up then or was it all big ass nuggets!!!:) Everyones still finding plenty of trash, i am curious to know if you found your fair share or if the machines only picked up the bigger targets…Folk say if you find a plenty of trash then at least you know the area hasn't been flogged….i'm not so sure now:)
  7. Giddiup

    Bogene's Settings

    yes bogenes on the 7000 is great on small stuff however only to a point i reckon. and i used to play around with it if the loud speaker noise was irritating me. Anything under 0.10gm and i can't pick them up without a bit of threshold to disturb. Can't say these are the bits i chase but end up diggin a few in multi nugget holes when you just can't walk away from that little sound! On lots of days out having high smoothing on was also the loudest clearest response with bogenes...go figure?! Don't use bogenes much anymore.....i've picked up lots from previously worked areas by switching from the speaker to head phones/ear buds and lowering the volumes....
  8. I have seen a bit of Aussie NQ activity on here so am reaching out! What rock type is this?! and does it mean much?!!! A new first for me this last few days with 'gold in rock'…hard rock - "t-shirt around the pick handle" type of rock! It didn't look like your standard conglomerate…but after breaking up bits there was quartz throughout….great sounds with the 7000…i'm sure i must've flung the best sounding piece of gold off into the wee of the never never with the damn pick cause another booming sound was there one swing then not the next! Picked up a couple of little speckies from the rock and just tonight dollied a few offcutts with very fine gold present, yay! The pics aren't great but show the rock on the side of a river. Have added a pic of the gold pieces i picked up last two days from the patches i'm keen to run the 19inch over (from a previous post)…i keep saying they have dried up but with persistence they pay!!! Happy days out of reception. Giddiup
  9. apart from a bit of fiddling to break down the 7000 compared to the 5000 i'd go internal day in day out. Say you need the detector in a couple of parts to fit in a pack or for riding a moto i'm always more careful with the the 7000 cable insert point...maybe that's cause it cost twice as much too!
  10. i like your dedication Brian! I don't think i could hike enough water in to cover digging such a hole in 40degree heat but i won't rule out an attempt! I have heard many people say 90% of gold is shallow..i just can't get my head around there not being deep pieces where there are so many at the 5inch depth...
  11. thanks guys, phoenix i can't help but think you are right because i've no indication of deep gold so far, however the more stable/less hot rock sounds might keep my attention more focused (and the machine in normal ground type) for longer with good results! As norvic suggested, i reckon i'll just go for it....only way to know for sure aye!
  12. Hi guys, looking for some advice. I have been lucky to have a 3km river section in north queensland mostly to myself for the last 6months...it takes an 90mins to walk in one way...so the few ounces have been well earned! A couple of small patches off to the side of the creek, the rest has been bits from the shallow creek bed. All pieces with my gpz 14 inch combo. I run it in normal high yield until the constant hot rocks slow me down too much and then its high yield difficult. Average depth would be 4-5 inches. deepest 9-10inches. Most common size has been 0.4 - 1.5 grams (with a few under 5gms) and i have dug NO deep holes for gold - very little trash in this area and deepest hole was for an old pick head. Question is, with the gold getting harder to find, would you recommend i try a 19inch coil over the same ground even though up till now there has been NO deep targets??? I heard you can run the 19 in normal a little easier than with the 14inch but i imagine hot rocks will still sound off and i cannot tell the different yet with a couple hundred hours on the machine! Thoughts appreciated. (ps a gpx with evo 14x9 has been over the patches too). stru
  13. Giddiup

    Monster Mash

    mmm well i got 2gms for 2 part days up there....maybe i would have reached 233gms with two more!!! nice work guys.
  14. Giddiup

    Monster Mash

    Ha, your first post in this thread could almost go unedited into your next book Dave! Bugger you didn't get to christen your own detector! Looking forward to updates. stru
  15. Giddiup

    Aussie Critters Seen In The Goldfields

    Hi Jen58, i didn't think to dig around the inside...next time!..i had never seen a nest/play area quite like this...eventually i figured it was a bower bird nest but not before dingo dens and weird reptile hang outs past through my mind!