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  1. pinpointer999

    New Fisher F-Pulse Pinpointer

    when you say small, you really mean tiny. you are right.
  2. pinpointer999

    New Fisher F-Pulse Pinpointer

    I picked up a Deteknix Wader from an online UK site for 109.00 Can funds last year. It's a PI pinpointer and uses both aa and 9v batteries. Waterproof to 10 ft. I see this as another case of US makers being slow to market. Deteknix even has lithium versions good to 200ft.
  3. pinpointer999

    My White's 5900 Di Pro

    Here is a pic of the 5900 Di Pro Plus mod that Keith Southern sold me last year. The rod makes the machine swing a lot easier. The Minelab arm-cuff is gel padded, but lacks a strap. The rubber grips he installed help a lot to tame thisbeast LOL. I am in awe of this machine. I just got a 6000 Di Pro SL with a hip mountat a steal of a price - 150.00 .... ah, detecting heaven :)
  4. pinpointer999

    My White's 5900 Di Pro

    I find it interesting that the meter is black/grey. I have the same machine and seen others all have the blue background with yellow numbers/letters. That is so great that you found one brand new. I love mine. The four filter design blows away all my other machines except my Fisher CZ 6a. The 5900 ignores iron better though, the CZ6a gets fooled on deep nails.
  5. pinpointer999

    The New Garrett Is Finally Coming!

    Meh.... I'm 3rd season into the hobby and have already realized, when it's all boiled down, I've had much more success with my old second hand classic analog machines than with the hyped up bells and whistles machines I have purchased. I'm sure there are more than a few that will scramble for the latest and newest. As for me, well.... I will just sit back and enjoy the drama LOL
  6. I understand some not needing multi-tone. For me, being a noob, 8 tone on my mx5 was an amazing new option for me that made recognizing good targets amazingly easy. Just saying.....