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  1. TerryinHawaii

    New Whites TDI Beach Hunter

    Tboykin, you are right that PI coils need to be hard wired directly to the circuit board to reduce the total resistance. So that you get greater depth. Gold does not float in the ocean.
  2. The Minelab dealer in Honolulu, Hawaii has several Equinox 800 for sale if any one is interested.
  3. TerryinHawaii

    Equinox Waterproof Headphones From Hungary

    I was told by DetectorPro that their GG Amphibs for the EQ become available toward the end of July.
  4. Being another person with bad hearing, I am so glad that you can do this for your self. Now go find a deep big gold ring!
  5. TerryinHawaii

    Equinox Waterproof Headphones From Hungary

    I ordered them yesterday. I had the person selling the Hungarian headphones do a DBs test and he said they were 85 DBs. I measured 70 DBs on the Minelab Equinox waterproof headphones. I have a very bad hearing problem so I need all the help I can get. Because if you do not hear the target, you tend to not dig it.
  6. TerryinHawaii

    Waterproof Headphones Ukraine

    Just be aware that the Minelab brand headphones does not have a lot of volume. And that is a problem for people with bad hearing. So you might want to try them before buying.
  7. TerryinHawaii

    Scoop For Small Jewelry Detecting In Water

    ColonelDan, Thank you posting this. I now know that I need to check out 1/8 inch stainless steel mesh. I consider 1/4 inch to be to big.
  8. TerryinHawaii

    Scoop For Small Jewelry Detecting In Water

    Today I did install 1/4 inch stainless mesh in my "Stealth" 720i Tube series sand scoop. This did help reduce effects of the 1/4 inch round holes. But I know I will find targets with my Equinox that will still pass thru. I am now looking at the XTREME Scoops Surf-Master X3 which looks to be a better design then the X2 model in catching the real small targets.
  9. TerryinHawaii

    Scoop For Small Jewelry Detecting In Water

    I have the "Stealth" 720i Tube series with the 1/4 inch holes. Great well made scoop but since I am now using the Equinox 800. I now need a sand scoop with smaller holes. The Xtreme Scoop X2 looks very good to me. You sure can spend a lot of time looking for the tiny targets that the Equinox will let you know are there. Terry
  10. TerryinHawaii

    Waterproof Headphones Ukraine

    Jackpine, please provide a link to the waterproof headphones from Hungary. Thank you.
  11. TerryinHawaii

    Beach Hunt #6

    Glad to be of help.
  12. TerryinHawaii

    Beach Hunt #6

    Your ring marked 585 is 14K. The ring marked 14 FG is an old gold 14K ring that need to be cleaned. The class ring maybe 14K because most old class rings that are 10K will have green coating due to the copper leaching out.
  13. TerryinHawaii

    Last Nox Beach Finds For April

    You possible have something wrong with your Equinox. Do a power on reset to see if that helps you. Remember the Equinox 800 is really a computer programed to be different detectors.
  14. TerryinHawaii

    Last Nox Beach Finds For April

    Yesterday I dug a 18K gold ring, 3.5 grams, size 7 at 12 plus inches using Beach 1 here in Hawaii in damp sand. The same ring air test close to 16 inches. For me, the Equinox is giving me almost PI depth with target ID.
  15. TerryinHawaii

    Gold Monster On The Beach

    I do use my GM here in Hawaii on the beach to find gold. I did buy the GM just for hunting for gold jewelry here on the dry sand. Having in the past lived in California and I did hunt for gold nuggets. I knew that I would be digging a lot tin foil, tiny pieces of different metals. But if you do put in the time and dig enough targets. You will find gold jewelry. Granted some of it will be very tiny pieces broke off a larger gold item. No fine gold chains yet but that just means to me that I have been over one yet.