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  1. While detecting a while with the Aquastar prototype. I did do good with the 8 inch coil with the 10 micro second pulse delay but the 11.5 inch coil had to run at a slower delay in ocean water more then 3 feet deep. I then got Eric Foster to build me a 10 inch coil for my Aquastar. The 10 inch coil became my main coil because it would operate at 10 micro second pulse delay in ocean water over 3 feet deep. Later on Eric only sold Aquastars with the 10 inch coil.
  2. This machine is based on the Aquastar. While I did find a lot of gold and platinum with my Aquastar. But it required a electronic tech to keep it running and lucky for me, I was an IBM electronic tech. On paper the AQ solves many mechanical and electronic problems that the Aquastar had. So for me, it is a must buy detector.
  3. LE.JAG, in this video after you have pin pointed the object. I see your foot raising up and then you have the object in your hand.
  4. LE,JAG, I noticed that some how you pickup the object found with your rubber boot. How do you do that?
  5. Steve, thanks for posting the video of Jimmy Sierra and Digger Bob. In which they introduced the TDI SL. Seeing them both brought back many good memories of the times that I shared with both of them. Mahalo, Terry
  6. Platinum can be marked many different ways. PLAT, 800, 850, 900, 950 and 1000. My best year, I got 18 platinum rings and a platinum cross loaded with diamonds with the platinum chain. But we are not finding platinum rings like we used too here in Honolulu, Hawaii. So many people now wearing titanium and tungsten carbide rings. I miss the old days where you could dig up 10 rings and 9 would be either gold or platinum. Now you are lucky if 1 ring out of 10 rings is gold or platinum.
  7. From just based on my experience from using the Aquastar for a number of years. I can tell just by looking of the pictures that Rick posted of his AQ. And what LE.JAG has said too. That many of the Aquastar's cable problems and mechanical problems are solved by the AQ's design. Plus the AQ is lighter too. I would consider $3,000.00 to $3,500.00 to be a reasonable price. Knowing that it will pay for it self in a very reasonable time based on what the Aquastar found for me. And with the spot price gold being $1,555.20 now. That means after you have found 3 ounces of pure gold after doing the math. It is paid for.
  8. I am doing well! The Equinox does work good here in the wet sand and the ocean.
  9. Steve, you are so right. Right now I have readjusted my setting due to the latest update. And I can now get a little more depth detecting in the ocean water here in Hawaii.
  10. LE.JAG, will both coils be available to buy when the AQua starts shipping later this year? In my case, I do want both sizes. I have an area that is very rocky that has produce my biggest diamond rings. And the 8 inch coil would be best coil for this area.
  11. I have a bad hearing problem and I have tried 5 different brand waterproof headphones made for the Equinox. Tony's headphones are the best by far. If you buy another headphones that are not made by Tony you are just wasting time and money. Set the Equinox in the 5 tones mode and adjust the tone to 13 for the most volume.
  12. You have to remember that Eric Foster was the person that invented the PI technology. Ones something is invented, other people will find ways to make it better. Having use the Aquastar for a number of years. I can not wait to have a Manta to use.
  13. Different people can have different types of hearing lost. I have tried almost every waterproof headphones available for the Equinox. Tony Eisenhower's head phones are the best for my use. They have more volume then the other headphones. I just ordered a 2nd set so I have a set of Tony Eisenhower's head phones on both of my Equinoxes.
  14. Steve, can you tell us now the total weight your complete shaft and lower rod? And compare that weight to the stock complete shaft and lower rod? Mahalo, Terry
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