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  1. Different people can have different types of hearing lost. I have tried almost every waterproof headphones available for the Equinox. Tony Eisenhower's head phones are the best for my use. They have more volume then the other headphones. I just ordered a 2nd set so I have a set of Tony Eisenhower's head phones on both of my Equinoxes.
  2. Steve, can you tell us now the total weight your complete shaft and lower rod? And compare that weight to the stock complete shaft and lower rod? Mahalo, Terry
  3. Steve, When you get ready to start selling your Equinox Complete Carbon-Fiber Shaft. Please put my name on your list of buyers. Terry
  4. TerryinHawaii

    Digger Bob, Miner John Derloo, Any News??

    Digger Bob e-mailed me yesterday that he did loose every thing in the fire. 20 metal detectors and every thing else related to gold nugget hunting. Yes, he does have full insurance coverage. But there will be many things he will never be able to recover and own again.
  5. TerryinHawaii

    Any News On The 15 Inch Noxy Coils?

    I have used my big 15 inch coil twice now and this coil will remain on my Equinox 800 from now on. Minelab finally has figured out how to make a big lite weight coil. It hits targets harder then the 11 inch coil does. Therefore targets are deeper then I expect them to be. So far in 6 hours of hunting, I have 4 rings but the only good one is a thin silver toe ring. I so miss the days when you could dig 10 rings over a period of a time and 9 would be either gold or platinum.
  6. I wish we could chose the audio output tones for people like me that have a bad hearing problem in the two Gold modes.
  7. TerryinHawaii

    Any News On The 15 Inch Noxy Coils?

    My dealer received my 15x12 inch coil yesterday in Hawaii.
  8. TerryinHawaii

    Any News On The 15 Inch Noxy Coils?

    I live in Hawaii and my local dealer received an e-mail yesterday that Minelab is shipping my 15x12 inch coil today!
  9. TerryinHawaii

    Minelab Equinox Update Released

    On my newest Equinox, I had no problems installing the update. But on my original Equinox, it kept saying that it did not recognize it. I then used a rubber eraser to clean the 4 contacts on the control pod. Problem solved. I did a little air testing and my newest unit is now more stable with possible more depth too.
  10. TerryinHawaii

    New Whites TDI Beach Hunter

    Tboykin, you are right that PI coils need to be hard wired directly to the circuit board to reduce the total resistance. So that you get greater depth. Gold does not float in the ocean.
  11. The Minelab dealer in Honolulu, Hawaii has several Equinox 800 for sale if any one is interested.
  12. TerryinHawaii

    Equinox Waterproof Headphones From Hungary

    I was told by DetectorPro that their GG Amphibs for the EQ become available toward the end of July.
  13. Being another person with bad hearing, I am so glad that you can do this for your self. Now go find a deep big gold ring!
  14. TerryinHawaii

    Equinox Waterproof Headphones From Hungary

    I ordered them yesterday. I had the person selling the Hungarian headphones do a DBs test and he said they were 85 DBs. I measured 70 DBs on the Minelab Equinox waterproof headphones. I have a very bad hearing problem so I need all the help I can get. Because if you do not hear the target, you tend to not dig it.
  15. TerryinHawaii

    Waterproof Headphones Ukraine

    Just be aware that the Minelab brand headphones does not have a lot of volume. And that is a problem for people with bad hearing. So you might want to try them before buying.