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  1. My link to the manual that I had failed. So I download from XP the manual again. This version is easier to read. I agree that there should be a date or version number.
  2. Check out the latest updated Deus 2 manual! https://www.xpmetaldetectors.com/uploads/files/document/gb-rc-deusii.pdf
  3. If they had made both coils mounting the same. There would be no problem.
  4. CJC, I was the person that asked Eric Foster to make the 10 inch coil for the Aquastar. Because the big coil for the Aquastar would see too much minerals in the ocean water. When the big coil was in ocean water 3 feet or deeper. This would cause the front end electronic circuits to shut down. I hand carried the Aquastar big coil from Hawaii to Eric Foster in England. He then tested the coil and told me that the amount of minerals in deeper ocean water would cause the Aquastar's front end electronic circuits to shut down. My favorite beach here has the largest shopping center which has 348 stores with in 1/2 mile, 4 or 5 TV stations with in 1 1/2 miles. And the Honolulu main airport within 2 1/2 miles. So needles to say there is a lot of electronic interference. I was running a bare wire from my hand grip to the bolt on the coil to help ground the Aquastar and me to earth ground when in the ocean water. When I told Eric Foster what I was doing. He then made me a 10 inch coil with the stainless bead. The stainless bead was connected the Aquastar circuit ground.
  5. Here in Hawaii, we can only hunt at a sensitivity of 16 in the ocean water while in the beach one mode. We can hunt on wet sand with a sensitivity of 23.
  6. What Deborah is experiencing with her AQ is exactly what I am seeing here in Hawaii. Alexandre, please go to Florida and meet up with Deborah. So she can show you in the real world what is happening. Otherwise Deborah and I need a full refund on our AQ units.
  7. Joe, A much cleaner design. Fisher should hire you to review the design department designs.
  8. Hi, I have one for sale. $100.00 which includes shipping. I came down with bad vertigo by the time I received it from a foreign country.
  9. While detecting a while with the Aquastar prototype. I did do good with the 8 inch coil with the 10 micro second pulse delay but the 11.5 inch coil had to run at a slower delay in ocean water more then 3 feet deep. I then got Eric Foster to build me a 10 inch coil for my Aquastar. The 10 inch coil became my main coil because it would operate at 10 micro second pulse delay in ocean water over 3 feet deep. Later on Eric only sold Aquastars with the 10 inch coil.
  10. This machine is based on the Aquastar. While I did find a lot of gold and platinum with my Aquastar. But it required a electronic tech to keep it running and lucky for me, I was an IBM electronic tech. On paper the AQ solves many mechanical and electronic problems that the Aquastar had. So for me, it is a must buy detector.
  11. LE.JAG, in this video after you have pin pointed the object. I see your foot raising up and then you have the object in your hand.
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