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  1. I like the scoop better than the occasional crawly stuff in my hand. Scoop is better for small stuff anyways.
  2. Sorry Steve, if this is the wrong place for this please move it accordingly. I wonder what others opinions are regarding crypto and block chain...will it bring more truth and freedom or trap us?
  3. You dig that at about 4'? It's looks kind of big...could be a spittoon...
  4. My guess is field mode is being used to benefit from the multi IQ's ground handling and target I'd accurracy.
  5. I've been considering the equinox 800 and I'm wondering if there is a big (noticeable) difference in the ground noise specifically hot rocks that you hear versus a single frequency unit? Presently using gbpro and Monster for prospecting when I'm not using my gp3000. I recently did some beach detecting for the first time using the gbpro and I enjoyed that experience as well, so a more well rounded machine is appealing on that level too. But right now I'm most interested in what noticeable benefits the equinox brings when running in mult frequency mode. Also curious how much improvement is ga
  6. I have only been out twice this year with lots of projects going on...here are a few gbpro finds from years back.
  7. For the punch plate to function, the material(and water) has to run over the punch plate. Yes it does. Running under it also helps clear the v mat.. I set mine so water goes below and above. I am careful to introduce materials on the punch plate back away from the edge so it doesn't go under. I like being able to break up clods and clay by rubbing it against the punch plate like a cheese grater without fear of dislodging stuff from the v mat.
  8. Hey Lipca, nice work! I use a punch plate on my sluice and think I may see the issue. In the photo it looks like the water inlet into the letrap is above the punch plate...meaning no water flow below the plat except for what drops through the holes...I may not be seeing it correctly but let me know. I let water run into the sluice below my punch plate and set my plate at a slight incline extending past the matting and over the top lip on the first riffle (Keene 51). I use thin stainless punch. Once tried a little thicker anodized punch and it wouldnot flow correct. I will try to post a pi
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