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  1. Steve, Thats great! I'm glad to see manufacturing people like Carl on here... big benefit. Ive never read anything you've said about it....and I think I've said pretty much what I wanted....I will add that my guess about the RF Carl is talking about surpressing is not the stuff coming down the transmission line as that's all there is....but leakage of electronics and/transmission line leakage .... due to various anomalies (slight mismatches etc.) .... I don't feel the need to mention the details of my experience with the world of electromagnetic theory and practice but it does span
  2. Sorry....but transformers on power poles do not radiate electromagnetic energy by design .... that is the big difference .... there is a little leakage however Thanks for the info about how the coil is impedance matched to the output of the detector....that's pretty common in other sorts of electronics.... Cheers
  3. If they transmit/induce an electrical field into the either buy design ... that is the very definition of an antenna ...not To mention the fact that they are tuned to the output of the detectors transmitter... a local field is propagation .... it's just not going very far .... Cheers...Tye
  4. The detector coils are most certainly either a set of transmit receive anntenas or a single antenna doing double duty .... the detector signal is transmitted into the ground and the disturbance to that electrical field is received by the Antenna (coil)... with out an antenna nothing would be transmitted....or received by the detector.... Also, impedance matching is important to enable the flow of electrical energy but that is only part of the picture...the coil must also be electrical tuned to the operating frequency to reach full transmission power.. Transmit and receive antennas a
  5. I was hoping for a light weight PI nugget hunter.... GPX 5000 will stay in the family now...
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