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  1. I'm with you all the way on this Steve you are both great helps to all who detect . behind you and J P all the way George
  2. what going on with nugget finder and the new coil for the GPZ
  3. Dave does anyone in the USA import your pick?
  4. Rod you can get maps at BLM office in the north end of Winnemucca. Good luck
  5. Thanks to all for the information. Ran about 4 hours on Saturday and it dropped 1 bar. Got 2 little bits 1 grain and 7/10 of a grain it will find small gold.
  6. Have not seen anyone mention how many hours they get on the the rechargeable battery will they last all day?
  7. nice finds Peg good luck on the benches let us know how that goes. You seem to have mastered the GM we are going out in the morning to try ours for the first time. George & Linda
  8. Sounds like a good idea! So far it has been crazy with running back and forth to Idaho but no detecting gets done.
  9. Nice gold Peg you've got that Zed figured out. Last trip out Linda found a 3.5 gramer I found the skunk. Keep up the good work!
  10. Thanks for the reply's.As I think about it most of the time I have shared it's with a family member or someone new to detecting . JW. nice gold I enjoy hunting with My Mrs.also one day we found 29 little bits digging in a wash together great fun!
  11. I had to get a new cover for my Bug 2 its an older one. I ordered one from Rob and he called me to see witch one I had he was on top of this change
  12. When detecting with 3 or 4 people and 1 finds a patch should it be shared or is it the the finders alone?
  13. I hunt with the 17x13 Evo and found a 3.1 grainer at about 3 in. last weekend. Have also got a 5 gramer at 15 in. I like it and hunt with it all the time
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