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  1. With no discrimination, I certainly am not interested. Sticking with the GPX 5000 for now.
  2. Awesome advice, thank you! I have the 5x10 DD and an 8” round DD Coiltek and the Platypus coil (among others) but those have the smallest footprint.
  3. I’ve been hunting a good site using the Deus and Equinox which has nails and small iron mixed in with good targets, some good targets being deep, but near or in the iron. My question is, will a GPX with Iron Discrimination turned up and the smallest DD coil pull out the deeper, non-ferrous items amongst heavy iron? Has anyone had any experience with this? I think for shallow targets the Equinox or Deus works better for shallow targets in this “machine gun iron”, but would like to see what others may have insight on for using the GPX. I’m assuming the fast setting and special soil timing may ne
  4. Cool find despite being fake... makes it more original of a find, ironically. ?
  5. Thanks for the post- I enjoyed reading that.
  6. Nice! I know a couple of archaeologists that also detect... seems many have a respect for the hobby still. That's a great story.
  7. Yep, looks like overall button. Cool to find any button, in my opinion.
  8. Hello all, new to the forum, at least actively. I live NE of Huntsville, AL and formerly lived in E. TN. I mainly dig relics, but have enjoyed coin hunting as well.
  9. Nice! I have used both coils and they have their places. I just pulled out a lot of finds with the 6in coil in very heavy iron in a place I have hit numerous times. I have learned to turn the gain down in addition to increasing the Iron Bias to keep falsing down some.
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