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  1. JP, I have been running almost  those same settings on a patch here in CA Motherload, but I max  sensitivity to 19. At the lower settings I just dont seem to hear the deep targets.  Do you ever run your sensitivity up higher in Hy/Difficult? Just wondering why you prefer the lower setting. Thanks!

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  2. Hi Mitchel, You just need to live closer to the gold.  Eventually you would  get on a fresh patch. No need to struggle listening for whispers then.  Thats the secret of most these consistent guys. They live on it, or near it, and get out every week hiking the hills.  You are a great detector operator and more experienced than most.

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  3. I dont find tailing piles necessarily any more trashy than bedrock, in Californias Motherload country from Mariposa to Downieville. 

    If in a super trashy site, I move on looking for something more detector friendly. Old diggings have trashy areas and less trashy areas. Find those with less trash and party on.. 


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  4.  Minelab would rather sell us the SDC2300, than offer a small coil for the 7000. Likely they figure that small coil option for the 7 would hurt their SDC sales. Plus they probably have a 7000 replacement in the works and this whole story will be forgotten  history when that comes out.

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  5. 1 hour ago, flakmagnet said:

    Had a friend raise an interesting theory; why didn't ML come up with x-type coils for the 7000 and instead is letting NuggetFinder come up with them? They thought it pretty much confirmed that it means ML is readying a new version/upgraded GPZ-type machine, lighter weight, better ergonomics, up-to-date electronics etc. 

    There certainly is no reason to think this weightlifters detector will remain the way it is when, as Steve and others have been saying, there are lighter, more compact, real world usable detectors out there now (QED for one).


    Id go with that theory Flak.  This beast of a 7000 was fun for awhile, but I sure look forward to a lightweight edition.

     Our backs cant take this much longer!

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