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  1. 54 minutes ago, Clay Diggins said:

    You would think California would learn. Remember the Big Cut placer gold mine and how the county and state were screaming "illegal mining"? The state and county claimed he had no right to mine his land. He mined it anyway.


    The mine owner was fined 900,000 dollars (which they never had to pay). The end result of the harassment was a federal judgement for 107 million dollars in favor of the miner.



    Clay, That 100mil win was for for his Consumnes River, Sacramento county operation that got shut down. I remember reading it in our local news.  I think on the Placerville Big Cut operation he was only fined a "small" amount in the end. That guy dont have to mine no more! 

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  2. On 11/12/2022 at 12:03 AM, Cal_Cobra said:

     I remain cautiously optimistic about the sites we have lined up, as in previous experiences we tend to find that for every ten sites we recon, seven have been strip mined or didn't actually exist (have encountered a few of these), two have only a few scant leftovers, and one will might be great.  We shall see.

    Sounds just like nugget hunting! Ive also called it the one out of ten rule. 

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  3. Phrunt,

    I wouldnt worry too much about those little spider cracks unless the flying buttress ends snap off.

    Of course we dont want any cracks,  but I have one of the first 6000 sold in the US and have been hard on the coil, and its still holding up, spider cracks and all. I imagine eventually the ear will snap off but you should get some use out of it. Just carry your spare coil, and enjoy the detector. 

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  4. Has anyone actually had or heard of the ear breaking off on these 6000s? I have the micro cracks on my coil, but just letting it ride for now. The area that cracks is a thin zone between the thicker buttress ends. Not sure why they would design it that way, but obviously it wasn't a good idea.  I've always run the bolt very loose, so its not really an issue with that, but it sure could fast track the cracking by having it snugged tight.

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  5. Sounds good,  looking forward to hearing if your emi clears up.  Like you said it is mainly location specific emi, and I've experience the same here in Nor Cal. Some areas good,  some bad, and no rhyme or reason. Headphones dont clear up the emi on my detector, and I have just learned to deal with it over the past year.  But it sure would be nice to have a smooth threshold tone, as I really enjoy the detector when its running right!

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