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  1. I feel your pain, but the way the claim system is setup, they dont need to do a thing to their claim but pay the annual maintenance fee (no onsite work required) or file a small miners waiver which requires some minuscule work done on site.   Its a bummer as it locks up good land that could be mined by people that want to mine rather than dreamers hoping to flip the property one day. Or I think many just like idea they own a mine, and its just paperwork sitting in their portfolio of investments.

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  2. Any prices for the parts yet?

    If expensive or  hard to purchase, at least the battery swap can be made fairly cheap.  ebay has 18650  in two C cell length adapters for $7.50. I've used them for quit awhile and they work fine, Just needed a bit of sanding as they were tight to fit.  Samsung batteries for another $15, and charger for $20, will have you all setup.

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  3. I would check that dudes Loc notice at the county, sounds kinda shady. Nothing worse than claim flippers getting in the way of real miners. I had a bad experience with his type before and the word charlatan comes to mind.

    Maybe he is legit on this claim, but be very wary with anything they claim or say. Check his paperwork and confirm everything. LR2000, county recorder, you know the ropes...

    Thats a bummer I feel your pain!

  4. In the CA motherload belt there is a virtual continuous gold deposit some 200 plus miles long. Some creeks and hills have more gold than others, but basically there is some amount if you stay within or near the belt. Then there are some real hot spots the old timers worked hard which  became famous.  X's were marked on maps, reports written,  and rumors still float about to this day how rich the area was.  Well I aint never done very good in those so called hot spots. Its usually been some no name side job nearby that has no record or reports, and produces the goods.

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  5. JP, I have been running almost  those same settings on a patch here in CA Motherload, but I max  sensitivity to 19. At the lower settings I just dont seem to hear the deep targets.  Do you ever run your sensitivity up higher in Hy/Difficult? Just wondering why you prefer the lower setting. Thanks!

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  6. Hi Mitchel, You just need to live closer to the gold.  Eventually you would  get on a fresh patch. No need to struggle listening for whispers then.  Thats the secret of most these consistent guys. They live on it, or near it, and get out every week hiking the hills.  You are a great detector operator and more experienced than most.

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