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  1. Now thats showing those high country boys how to detect!
  2. The Black Al one looks Sweet but the guys not making them anymore. http://golddetecting.4umer.net/t20794-black-al-gpz-7000-covers
  3. Wow, nice whopper! How did you stumble upon it? Countless hours of research and swinging a beeper, or just a lucky day?
  4. Not a bad idea guys, but I dont see it being trustworthy in canyon situations that have spotty gps signals to begin with. I know many times I am in and out of signal on the Garmin, and even with a satalite lock on, the signal is sometimes distorted and marked waypoints can show up way off. Also I would figure its still going to be a long wait for a rescue team to show up, so one would still have to fend for himself the best he could.
  5. seriouse question: What is a fellow to do when alone and snakbitten deep down in a Motherload canyon, a good 2-4 hours hike back up verticle inclines that nearly cause a heart attack on a good day, minus a snakebite. So far my though is, just keep repeating it's a dry bite, and attempt hiking out slowly. I might also try bleeding off the bite site with suction syringes, but as Paul said, this may not be benificial. Other option I can think, just set up camp and try to sleep it off for a couple days and let the venom run its course?
  6. Dont sell yourself short on those nuggs showing any crystalline structure. Id say no less than $50 a gram. But I'm no one to talk myself . Seems my life moto is sell low, buy high, and make the difference up in volume- dumb joke
  7. PC 11 white epoxy worked good for me, is non conductive, and readily available- unlike above said secret formula
  8. The Motherload country does get pretty freaky at times. Always something guarding the gold!
  9. Koss for me. They fit loose enough that you can still hear your surroundings or your budy yelling at you. Warranty is also good, as Ive sent half a dozen pairs in, and they always send out a new set.
  10. Ive tried an assortment of converse, bates, 5:11 tactical type boots, and they all seem to wear out after a few months. Not sure what to buy next...
  11. I think what Klunker is saying, is the 7k would be a mighty fine unit if it were half the weight and half the cost
  12. Wow thats a good price Steve. Ive done ok selling crystalline bits but have yet to find anyone to pay much over spot on placered nuggets. Any tips on finding buyers or how you market them. Thanks!
  13. Get this backorder. It has an awesome article detailing the wreck, and even a list of likely passengers who may have owned the amazing specie. There is also a good read on the eagles nest mine in this issue. http://www.minrec.org/detail.asp?id=232
  14. Hi guys! Nice forum Steve! I just want to add to what I mentioned to Chris. I think that they still use HF on certain specimen types, but the prefered method is now mechanical vibrating tools with carbide tips, to break the brittle quartz free. Similar to how fosslis are prepared. If the acid etching is used, they carefully prepare it with something like wax to cover parts they dont want altered. That keeps the remaining quartz natural looking, and not the dreaded white chalk look.
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