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  1. I also have an early one in the US and never had any electronic issues. Runs like a champ. Of course the shafts are pretty lousy. Maybe a spring pin could be added like the old gpx shafts had?
  2. I agree with Steve, that was sure a pity X coils couldnt get the chips from Minelab or allow anyone that right. My guess maybe Minelab felt that the gains from the hotter coils on the Z would compete with the release of the 6000, as the small gold performance gap seems pretty minimal between the two detectors when the Z is running the hot rod coils. Just speculation there.
  3. I found having a magnet in the handle end can get annoying, as now both ends of the pick are reactive. Makes for a lot more false signals, especially when retrieving targets as the whole pick needs to be tossed further away. Just my experience
  4. Its a bluetooth thing because the background sound is not there if you go wired. Its noticeably cleaner audio then.
  5. Yep, some sort of humming ocean noise to me. Must be the same thing we are hearing..
  6. My set gives off a background sound something like the ocean, but when the threshold is on its drowned out.
  7. My 6 also needs about half a dozen adjustments per day. Its tolerable for now, but Id imagine as the shaft wears and polishes it will become worse? Unfortunately Minelab does not seem to make shafts that last or are consistent. The worst offender of them all is the sdc 2300 cam locks. All the guys I know have them taped up as they eventually get loose. I also experienced the same twist shaft on my 7000. Had it replaced once and then it went out again. Probably for guys that hunt mild terrain or occasional weekend warriors its ok, but if you use them on a "professional" level or in hard terrain they just dont seem to hold up.
  8. If someone is looking for a disc. Ive used these guys before and they have good prices shipped, at least in my area. https://qualityfarmsupply.com/products/disc-blade-22x5mm-1-1-8sq-axle If you cut a 5 inch head, I believe there is something like 13 or 14 heads in one 24" dia disc. More if you like a smaller cut.
  9. Id recommend an abrasive disc to cut it. The ultra thin ones, and use something like a curved 2 inch flat bar clamped to it for a cutting guide. The cut will come out straight and you can hit it on a belt sander to make it perfect. I dont see how you would cut a large disc on a bandsaw, plus its very hard alloyed steel. 1.375 tube with 1/16 wall thickness works good for the smaller sledge hammer/maul Link brand handles. I have never tore a handle off and use some large 3 foot picks for stripping overburden. As far a heat tempering I wouldnt worry about it. You are not heating the blade much while cutting and you can go slow when you are near the point. All pick heads will wear out no matter what you do, if your in the rocks anyway.
  10. Plow discs are great. You will get a lot of heads from one disc. Get a 24 inch diameter in 3/16 or 5mm, if you want to keep the pick on the lightweight side. This is one I recently cut for a backpack size pick
  11. Dont forget you can always plug in the cord on the 6000. No latency issues there and less emf beaming through the noggin.
  12. I hear you on those loooong audio hits. Too bad there isnt a limiter adjustment to clip off the top end of the signal, as it really kills the hearing with headphones on. Years ago I made a headphone adapter with a push-button switch that cut one of the audio leads. It helped save the ears when working trashy areas and you could still hear a slight bit of signal come through.
  13. I experience something similar Jason, In my case I notice there is a lot of dead zone on the coil when swinging a tiny target over it. The target in scoop or hand, has to be passed right over a "hot zone" on the coil, or its easily missed/ ignored by the detector.
  14. It could be that the ancient natural soil compaction is very good at transmitting the magnetic signal, acting as an amplifier of weak signals. Once the soil is all fluffed up in a pile, that ground conduit no longer exists and our signal is now diminished.
  15. Look forward to seeing what they have! Hopefully a small bedrock stabber coil will be in the mix.
  16. I used to hit the fruit with a torch while still on the plant. Burns off the spines and easy pickins then.
  17. No kidding, the controllers sure keep a tight rope on the gold and silver prices!
  18. You would have to have some massive beast nuggets like the Ruby Mine to push anything beyond a couple feet. Even then you have to know what your listening for, as the deeper the signal the more it tends to get drawn out and can be confused as mineralized ground noise. RUBY GOLD
  19. If its hard slate, I would say you have pockets of magnetic pyrite in there. I have seen that in Motherload slates. Very deceiving as it sounds so good on the Minelab PI
  20. You might haves some higher emi in your neck of the woods? Some areas Ive been purr along and speaker use is not really a problem. Other places, and Im hitting the tune button constantly or even going DD coil if it gets too bad. Also found like Jason described, threshold gets smoother over time, so not a detector to turn on and off once you get detecting. I used to do that with other minelabs to save battery power, but this one seems to need a stabilization period to get dialed in.
  21. I use the Link made sledge/maul handles when I make my own picks. Ace hardware should carry them. Fitting them is pretty easy and takes me maybe 10 min. If you have a chop saw and table mounted belt sander, you're good. Cut the end off where they slotted it for a wedge so you just have a straight handle shaft... Then sand to fit. Rotate the handle carefully while your sanding and keep checking until your close. Pound it in the tube with some gorilla glue 2 part epoxy or similar, and pin it with a shovel rivet. This one or a similar one might work for you.
  22. Phrunt, Here in the NorCal gold country, most the guys I know that hunt creeks successfully use SDC2300s. Great detector for water hunts, small coil for crevicing, super stable ground balance, and no worries if you drop it.
  23. At least they are square nails. Round nails on the other hand, I take as an insult. To me, they are one of the most vile horrid things one can detect in the gold fields.
  24. I was hiking to a patch in Norcal when a "yellow dog" ran across the trail a short ways in front of me. I thought that's weird, a lost dog out here in the forest, but then my dog theory quickly changed as a big cat returned to the trail for a better look at me, I suppose. I remember he was big and his tail was twitching about.. We stared eyes for about 10 seconds and then I raised my pick, let out a yell, and off he went, stealthy as a cat. I never heard him run. Nothing like a bear crashing through the woods. I can imagine if one were to attach, you probably wouldnt hear it coming, especially with headphones on. Also had a small scorpion bite when I was brushing away dead oak leaves with my hand. Felt like a bee sting and pain was gone in 15 min.
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