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  1. Id agree maybe the original intent was to provide a lineup of additional factory coils, but for some reason unbeknown to us they seem to have aborted that idea ☹️
  2. My guess is a whole new machine is eventually coming out and they don't want to waste money developing coils for something old that they will be phasing out. Lets hope the next top gun detector from Minelab is half the weight and has a small coil option.
  3. Ive been using the open topography site for some areas in California. Unfortunately it only has limited imagery of the Motherload area. Otherwise , very cool as it strips the vegetation away and every prospect can be seen
  4. Nice finds! If you sell your nugget, hype it up good: Rare New Zealand Hopper crystal showing octahedral structure and striations! Ya something like that ?
  5. Hey Mitchel, Hope you get one! Otherwise enjoy being out in Gods country! Wish I could have made it out there too. I went to Oz when I was 18, but all I wanted to do was go to the beach back then.
  6. I think its the main one you see thats claimed and heavily dug up, right side driving up from the old tree pond area.
  7. Thanks KS! Looks like the overalls were marketed for the train workers, but Id imagine others used them too.
  8. Thanks Kac, The head light button is just a two piece type button with the small loop on the back, so definitely its clothing related. The Kicker clip has biting teeth on the back and a wire, so it could be some type of suspender clip
  9. I found these two guys in the Motherload country. Our Kicker is a suspender type clip, maybe for a horse ? and Headlight is a button. Any of the relic experts here dare to date them? Thanks
  10. Man, That's still pristine! Come to California and you will see trash... like a meth lab setup there or some backwoods "gardeners" camped out all summer!
  11. Largo, What type of material did you use, or recommend for that flex piece? I've snapped a couple of the factory gpz flex attachments, and am looking for something stronger.
  12. Ya Flak, the gpz audio seems to be all over the place, especially in Difficult ground setting. Gold seems to give almost a confused grunt signal. In Normal, I tend to hear a high low signal on all small targets ferrous or not. At least that's what my ears hear. I wonder if that was a misprint in the Minelab article?
  13. High Yield at least for me, seems to take out the majority of the nuggets . I went over a patch in General after doing it with high yield, and nothing more was found. Maybe for specific types of gold deposits or ground types it works better? Just wondering what experiences others have in General...
  14. JW, it would be awesome if you could sometime compare signals between your X coil and the Minelab 15 and 19. I know its no fun to swap coils out in the field, but in the name of science, I'm sure all the boys here would be most appreciative. Otherwise, it's still speculation if those are actually missed targets that the Minelab coils could have sniffed out.
  15. My guess is someone at Minelab probably figured they would make more $ selling complete detectors, as in sdc2300s, than by offering a small coil option for the gpZ
  16. It would be great if Coiltek or Nuggetfinder made a waterproof potted coil for us California Motherload prospectors. 5x10ish size for chasing bedrock cracks. A lot of guys use the sdc in the creeks here as they are an absolute gold getter.
  17. I hear you on that Lucky! Its one awkward swinging detector, but we love it anyway!
  18. Thats still an awesome looking coin! If you sent it in for grading, like NGC, my guess they would grade it XF Details Scratched.
  19. It will be interesting to hear reports on how much more sensitive the small coil is over the original round. I would get on the waiting list, but want to hear some more feedback before jumping in.
  20. Kiwi, I think making other coils for the 7000 wouldn't be as profitable as selling you another detector. A guy with a 7000 who wants a smaller coil is forced to buy an SDC or GPX. Too bad the new SDC coils are not advertised as waterproof. I used to use the old joey coiltec in the creek and it worked great for awhile ?
  21. If I remember right, my buddy Mike who hunted with Dick and also lived in the area, talked with Ben sometimes. I think he saw him a few years ago out Imlay way. Mike told me the old guy used to dry wash a lot, and really knew some good areas all over.
  22. Gotta feel pity for the poor people in Africa or some other third world where most these fakes probably end up.
  23. Condor, did you read the book Bajas Hidden Gold, by Herman Hill? Good fun read if you havent.
  24. I always just wave my roll of electrical tape under a gold bug vlf, to see if it is conductive. So far I havent had any signal beeps.
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