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  1. I use mine partially underwater, but have yet to go fully submerged past the control box. So far no problems with water in the coil but Im curious too, if anyone goes fully underwater with theirs.
  2. All the guys I know that bought new trucks with their gold were swinging minelabs :)
  3. That sucks Paul! Sorry to hear that, I think I'm gonna keep my 7 with me in bed, when I sleep. :))
  4. I think the biggest bang you can get from the 7 is running in Normal ground setting verses Difficult, if the soil allows. The other settings seem to have minimal effect compared to that option, and you can run almost anything and still find gold.
  5. I was thinking the same thing, Not a bad voiice, haha
  6. Great story Matt! Well done Junior! He will enjoy using the sdc at some of your other spots for sure. My only complaint with the 2300 is you do dig a lot of shot.
  7. Thanks for clarifying Scott. Looks like this event is half of what flowed in '97, unless its risen since yesterday.
  8. I will tell you this, a high volume limit will blow your ears out if you hunt in trashy California with headphones. I run mine at 6 or 7 to keep the decibels down
  9. They work pretty good Chris, nice and quiet too. you just cant run much hose since they dont have pressure like a gas pump. I also got my bilge pump on amazon for $50ish Nice looking rocker there, Hardpack
  10. I rarely see much deer in those surrounding forests anymore, due to them being hunted out by people, forest fires, or maybe cats. But there are bazillions of them living around the lower elevations in town, where they are not hunted. Make sense the cats are frequenting town more often to get their food.
  11. If you are looking for max depth on quite type ground, just run in Normal ground setting, instead of Difficult. The rest of the factory default settings work amazingly well, maybe bump the sensitivity up some, if you like. Be prepared to dig deep holes!
  12. If one of these CA court cases ever put dredges legally back in the water, I'd imagine it would be a short lived victory. You can bet the other side will be appealing, or some new angle of attack craftily thought up.
  13. Go to the gold digger pizza place by the rye patch dam and talk with the owner, he owns the even claim sections at the placers and can provide some information for you.
  14. These seams that produce detectable pocket gold are normally small, like Chris said. You will never see them from sat imagery. Although you may see adjacent trenches or low pressure hydraulic work.
  15. The only thing I like about the factory skids, is they run quieter. But they sure are not made to last.
  16. Well, physical gold is already selling for $1440, so a decent batch of nuggets should fetch at least that!
  17. Ya J, I found that stated here: So the way they are describing it, for example, you can't put two 20 acre 1320" claims end to end, unless you have more than 2 signers, since that would be fitting into the boundaries of two 40 acre squares. But I dont know, maybe I'm misunderstanding that. http://www.blm.gov/or/programs/minerals/files/guide-locating-claims.pdf
  18. Thanks Jason and Paul!!! That's good to know you can calculate and approximate the quarters yourself. Ive seen something similar to Jason's description, of a 1/2 mile long claim, taken up with 5 acre lots, by one claimant. But I'm now wondering on the legality of filing that way myself, since wouldn't you be going through two 40 acre squares to achieve that? In all instances, a claim must also meet the following requirements: A location by 1 or 2 persons must fit within the boundaries of a square 40 acre parcel
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