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  1. Jason, Do you have a sdc2300? It would be nice to compare signals on some of the undug targets. At least in my areas, the sdc cleans up on smalls behind the 7000, so I'm curious how the detectors compare when running similar sized coils.
  2. This is a good one to reference on historic placer deposits in Nevada : Placer Gold Deposits of Nevada by Maureen G. Johnson
  3. Those are neat! I remember finding the dog tag, but not knowing what it was I tossed it. Guess the key to identifying these is the small triangular spikes.
  4. The black abs plastic ones are definitely worth it. It will also help to add more rigidity to the coil so you wont develop false signaling from flex and end up with a noisy bump sensitive coil.
  5. I doubt the idea that Minelab would ever release a factory 8" . They would be putting the hurt on their SDC market. More money to be made in selling detectors. Its also a real pity Nugget finder is not making a small coil option. A 12 inch coil just seems redundant, too close to factory size. Unless its got some trick wingdings and sensitivity, I dont see much point in that.
  6. Sounds like that will be a great detector for guys just getting into nugget prospecting. But it does not sound like it will be something productive for going over old patches, if they are just using similar tech as the current issues. Wait and see I guess...
  7. Clean up all the surfaces, and try using the Gorilla brand epoxy to fill in all the voids. Not the glue, but the 2 part epoxy they sell. It doesn't get as brittle as some epoxys and bonds well. I use it on all the picks I make with good success.
  8. It appears that way Flak, Even when RP was popular, they never posted signs regarding mineral rights. I believe someone in wspa contacted them some years back, and they had no issues with detecting at the time and were pleased someone actually asked. Also Hycroft gave us the ok on their holdings over by Sawtooth. Its always nice to have a good clear conscience when finding gold.
  9. Walt, people generally hunt the odd land sections at the majuba placers, as the mineral rights are held by a big mining company- Newmont I believe. The even land sections are mostly claimed- old claims. I once paid the guy at the pizza joint to hunt his land there. But Im not sure what the latest status is.
  10. Funny stuff, I hadn't seen a hint of an sdc for sale on any forums for awhile, and was hoping for a quick sale. Then the day I posted my add, three more suddenly show up for sale! Darn this is a conspiracy! haha But I do have a few buyers in line, so all is well.
  11. You dont need to be on or near bedrock necessarily. Some of the best detecting patches out there are not on bedrock. Its just in the mix and float.
  12. And how about the smoke clouds billowing out of California to add to the craziness: https://cdn.star.nesdis.noaa.gov/GOES17/ABI/SECTOR/psw/GEOCOLOR/20202501616_GOES17-ABI-psw-GEOCOLOR-2400x2400.jpg
  13. Does anyone actually want a larger coil? We already have that 19" behemoth. Do they not hear the peasants screaming smaller smaller? Minelab must have their hands tied, as they dont seem to want that small coil option out there to compete with sdc2300 sales.
  14. Jasons comment above makes a lot of sense. The stock size is probably all minelab allowed them, for whatever reasons, if they wanted to use their chipped cord. What a disappointment 😞
  15. Wow, totally redundant size. Why not a small coil, NF? They would sell heaps of them. Thanks for the update anyway, Phrunt!
  16. What Jason said. Get yourself the smallest coil you can like the NFinder 8x6 coil. But the sdc will still walk circles around the 5000 on that "low conductive" type gold.
  17. If all the gold is small in your area (sub gram) that method works, but if you have larger gold, you will want to start digging the reverse signals-Woo-wee So basically dig woo wees and hopefully one of those has you hollering a big Woowee !
  18. Ya that 2000 is tasting pretty sweet in the mouth, and then sour in the stomach. Not sure if I like it?
  19. If he is still taking jobs, El Dorado Steve can get that done for you.
  20. Yup looks like the hard physical is already selling well over the $2000 mark
  21. My dad and I took this pic the other night. We also caught a bonus meteor while we were shooting the pic (top center)
  22. Yep they do it. I know of a large hydraulic mine in my area partially held by an enviro group. If the mine is prominent, well known, and would look good on their books, its a possibility.
  23. I feel your pain, but the way the claim system is setup, they dont need to do a thing to their claim but pay the annual maintenance fee (no onsite work required) or file a small miners waiver which requires some minuscule work done on site. Its a bummer as it locks up good land that could be mined by people that want to mine rather than dreamers hoping to flip the property one day. Or I think many just like idea they own a mine, and its just paperwork sitting in their portfolio of investments.
  24. Any prices for the parts yet? If expensive or hard to purchase, at least the battery swap can be made fairly cheap. ebay has 18650 in two C cell length adapters for $7.50. I've used them for quit awhile and they work fine, Just needed a bit of sanding as they were tight to fit. Samsung batteries for another $15, and charger for $20, will have you all setup.
  25. Looks like a placered malachite and azurite "nugget" to me.
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