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  1. Nice Rick!! but wow I feel like a looser now. I was out there last week ,and the ground only gave up a quarter oz for me. But it was windy, snowy, and rainy every day ,so thats my excuse
  2. Ya I hear you on that Klunker, I never seen one less than 12 feet long, myself!!!
  3. Buy these with the larger diameter positive terminal, and the problem is solved. http://www.amazon.com/Tenergy-Premium-Capacity-Rechargeable-Batteries/dp/B004057DP6/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1459788052&sr=1-1&keywords=Tenergy+Premium+C And you can roll a single wrap of electrical tape around your supplied batteries to keep them from bouncing around I agree we shouldn't have to do that.
  4. Try wiggling the headphone wire at the plug to see if you get any audio static or cuts. Ive had probably 10 pairs of Koss headphones go bad, due to that wire breaking. It usually starts out as an intermittent audio cut
  5. yep sounds like you're not keeping your module in line of sight, or your headphone wires are frayed at the plug. I like Chris' idea with the extension cable!
  6. The other secret is perseverance!
  7. Nice shooting Lunk! The 7k definitely puts the hurt on old patches,
  8. These are working good for me... Tenergy Premium C Size 5000mAh
  9. I try to shield the dirt from flying with my foot or hand sometimes, to keep the targets from going into orbit.
  10. Also when hammering into bedrock, Ive lost quite a few targets due to them flying out of the hole and landing up to 10 feet away.
  11. Fun book to read on this subject called: Baja's Hidden Gold
  12. I got it in my eye last month and the irritation fogged and blurred up my vision in one eye. Its slowly getting better but that stuff is no joke. Fortunately I dont usually get it, but this time I was taking some sinus medication that possibly interacted with the immune system. The oak is funny stuff.
  13. Hi Fred, Here is a small article I found on the subject, in the mineralogical record.
  14. But if the claimant didnt pay the maintenance fee or file the waiver by Sept 1, the claim is invalid. Or is it still valid until December 30th, if he filed a small miners the year before?
  15. That's weird, I'm using free apps too like back country navigator and cached Google maps, in some pretty hostile canyon country. I wonder if they used a different GPS in yours?
  16. Is it an older samsung? My old galaxy 2 was horrible. But the version 6 edge im using now has an excellent gps. Onx hunt also gives me grief when trying to cach maps on the mobile for offline use. Usually after the download, it reports that not all the data was able to load and it acts goofy when I'm trying to use those maps in offline mode.
  17. I use a samsung galaxy6 in the California hills, and it seems to get as good or better satellite reception than my garmin handheld. Back country navigator for topo maps and Onx hunt for parcel property ownership info, works good for me. And of course google maps.
  18. You just gotta come down into the CA foothills a little lower. Its year around detecting. Snakes are sleeping, grass is down, bugs are gone! Less drinking water needed for the long hikes. Easier digging in soft soils...
  19. Scott, Mine runs noisy also over wood debris. Madrone roots seem to always give me a nice signal. Its just the nature of the beast we swing and the trade off for the extra sensitivity.
  20. No doubt it would be nice if Minelab created a ground balance dedicated to our American soils.
  21. Hahaha Scott! Just wait till you hit 3 and your all triangulated!
  22. I also dont notice any difference ground balancing with, or without the ferrite ring. Maybe it is catered to certain ground types?
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