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  1. I tried mine out in the CA motherload, and couldn't tell any noticable difference either.
  2. Lunk, I dont think you need to log in unless your using the mapping feature. I didn't. Just plug the USB in and go from there.
  3. Hardest part for me was trying to find where I put the usb cable. Otherwise it was drama free, as Fred said. And Im no tech wiz either. Good work Minelab!
  4. The Andesite bombs have always been a problem with past pi detectors, but the issue I have is with certain Motherload "hot" slates/shists with surrounding red soils and clays. These areas were a tough ground balance for me with the GPX series, but even more so now, with the increased sensitivity of the 7000. Im using difficult but it still groans. Otherwise It's a killer detecor on old patches, but there's room for tweaks and improvments imo.
  5. I get the groan similar to the wet Nevada soils, and just an overall noisy ground balance.
  6. Will be interesting to see what they have for us. Certain ground types here in the lower CA motherload are not very GPZ friendly at the moment.
  7. Best coil I ever had on the 5000 was the factroy minelab 11". Shot deep, was sensitive, and ran stable.
  8. Thanks for the update Steve, The soft stock coil cover doesnt add any real strength, and if your a ground scrubber, at least for me, the coil falses sometimes from the deflection caused by bumping and scrubbing on rough terrain. Sounds like these are the ticket.
  9. Ya believe me Rick, I had those thoughts too, haha
  10. I also got a package from them a couple weeks ago. It was a handheld pinpointer. Wow! I was singing praises to minelab thinking it was a complimentary gift for buying my 7000 earlier this year, and also having to wait 2 months on a replacement shaft that broke. Got an email the next day asking to please return it, and sorry they goofed up sending it to me. Oh well no problem, but I'm still waiting on the replacement shaft.
  11. I like the idea of it being thicker to add some strength to the bottom of the coil. The bottom of my coil is a bit touch sensitive, giving false signals if I scrub the ground too hard. Maybe these covers might help prevent the housing deflection that is causing that?
  12. My old 1945 vintage backpack pick. Still pounding ground after 70 years! They dont make forgings like this anymore.
  13. The mid shaft on mine always had a bit of swivel from the get go. Then recently I was extending the shaft, and the cam looking piece on the end of the tube broke off - separated. Lesson here is to be gentle when extending the shaft from the collapsed travel position.
  14. There are also vast stretches of barren ground at rp,and without knowing where some of the productive areas are located, you could get bogged down for days without seeing any gold.
  15. You will need more than a few days to really understand and learn the 7s new subtle language, but it will come. Keep it up.
  16. Now thats showing those high country boys how to detect!
  17. The Black Al one looks Sweet but the guys not making them anymore. http://golddetecting.4umer.net/t20794-black-al-gpz-7000-covers
  18. Wow, nice whopper! How did you stumble upon it? Countless hours of research and swinging a beeper, or just a lucky day?
  19. Not a bad idea guys, but I dont see it being trustworthy in canyon situations that have spotty gps signals to begin with. I know many times I am in and out of signal on the Garmin, and even with a satalite lock on, the signal is sometimes distorted and marked waypoints can show up way off. Also I would figure its still going to be a long wait for a rescue team to show up, so one would still have to fend for himself the best he could.
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