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  1. I see the Minelab GPX 4500 is being discontinued. If the price goes down is it worth it to pick one up or has what replaced it that much better? Perhaps a premium will now be asked for the remaining new GPX 4500's? Is now the time to buy??
  2. Hobo...thanks for the tip...looks like a good area and its only 48 miles from where we will be. My wife and I have also been looking for some land and maybe a small house outside of Denver. May be a good place to look when were there as well.
  3. Will be out in Littleton....Boulder area for 3 - 4 weeks. Would like to do some nugget shooting (maybe panning) while Im out there in Sept. Any areas anyone would suggest, in say a 50-100 miles of either place? Will have my Gold Bug Pro and pans. Never have done any nugget shooting been detecting for 50 plus years. Dan
  4. Don't forget copper pennies! 1982 was the change over year....some 82's are copper and some are zinc. The copper in 1982 and earlier is now worth a 1.5 cents (check out coinflation.com). I have a high speed sorter that separates the copper and the zinc pennies. At this time it isn't legal to melt pennies but somethings happening to them. Nowadays I am finding about 16% copper pennies when I do a large scale sort with my machine.
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