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  1. That pick has too small of a head to do any good with magnets, in my opinion. I have a pick with a large scoop for the dirt. I have 2x high power neodymium or whatever and the hell that alien magnetic substance is. Gets your fingers in the way of two of them and your finger will be the middle of an oreo cookie. As everyone said, already, the magnets will move on the head. A little JB weld will keep them there much longer. But they will need maintenance every once in a while. To answer your specific question on location, I do not put mine near the tip or you are very likely to chip or lose them. I put mine 2" back, or so. I also put one on the handle. Sometimes this is an easier iron checker, if it seems like shallow iron.
  2. I haven't seen the show, but I see some similarities here... - I *do* still freak out when I get large nuggets, often screaming out to nobody but the local bobcat and mtn lion, which are no doubt wondering why I am in their territory in the middle of the night, with a machine that squeals like a rabbit being attacked. - In order for me to do my night hunts, I am known to drink a couple red bull type drinks and thirst busters, to keep me amped up for the night. I just hope my body can handle the octane in short durations. Maybe if I had news crews following me around, I would seem like an excited clown, too!! LOL. But I PROMISE YOU, you would not see me jumping around in circles because I find an ancient bullet! I find lots and lots.. and lots of bullets.
  3. yes... worst movie ever. Don't waste you're time. Better off putting it to searching for gold yourself.
  4. And Mick - that is some gorgeous gold you found there. Nice work!!
  5. Thankfully, the adapter for my 10" Xcoil has held up. Then again, I over design and reinforce everything, extra. The key is to use that strain relief clamp on the connector. If you do not use this correctly, you will be pulling on the wires and the glue. My only issues which I have noted in other links is: 1) rare ground (in AZ) that renders balance impossible 2) the problematic coil cable that comes unraveled if you run your shaft fully extended in the heat (as I do). The coil is not wound nearly as tight as the Minelab coil. You will have to pull it through the shaft with a string. These are really my only complaints. I still use this coil actively, and it will get smaller deeper gold than my 14x13. So it remains a useful tool in my toolbox. Andyy
  6. Nice haul, Jason. Researching those new areas can feel like a big risk, but the payoff is golden. 👍 Andy
  7. LOL. now that's funny. I don't think the GPX-6000 will get you too much more in my neck of the woods. I already get sizes less than half a grain. (it takes a while to get in the scoop) But you never know. I am waiting for a bigger jump in technology before I trade in my GPZ.
  8. I can get your point. My first couple years learning to detect, definitely did not pay my dues. But I did find gold and have access to gold areas (and what the ground looks like), and yes, I met some great friends. But for the first 3+ years, I would say I was mostly learning on my own. And it was rough going out sometimes 6 or 7 trips with nothing. I guess if it were easy, everyone would do it. If anything, I would look at the club claims as a learning ground. And I have found ounces of gold even on the AZ club claims. Not all in one place, but spread out. I think I started detecting like 7 years ago. Today, the newer prospectors may have slightly better machines but it is much much harder to learn. There's just fewer "opportunities". But it can be had. Good luck to you.
  9. yep... all of those little pickers I have that are not too impressive, may now have paid for my gas. Oh wait ... that went up, too!! 🤔
  10. So true, Gerry. And I think if you can hunt with others you can trust, you will both benefit... both from the gold, and more importantly, the knowledge. I would never be the gold hunter I am today, without trusting in others. Inadvertently, we have shared in our learnings. Yes, I found lots of gold before I ever teamed up, but I have since found much more than I would have on my own, due to me sharing my knowledge and visa versa. But, it can be a fine balance in finding a hunting partner. You must ... choose wisely. 🙂
  11. Thanks for the comments, all. Prospecting with friends is still my best all around therapy. The gold is a bonus 🙂
  12. First off, I have been off the forums for a while. It's not that I have not been out prospecting, but to be honest, things have just been a little down the last couple years... and well, maybe I got a little in the habit of not talking to people. I'm sure everyone knows the feeling. Anyways, I did a trip with a couple buddies to an area we have been expanding upon for years. (in the desert of Arizona) We do ok here and there. Usually, I have quite the luck, but this time my buddy was rocking it. He managed to stumble upon a patch and true to his word, after he collected a few, he called out to me so that I could come home with a little gold as well. It sounds weird, but when we travel off to a place, we try to make sure everyone goes home with gold. This usually means, get 2 or 3 pcs, you call your buddies over. So I got there and went to work. After a couple hidden cans, I found my first square specimen (sort of strange piece) and then we took turns until I had found my second piece. Well at this point, we were content. My buddy that found the patch kept looking and so I moved on, thankful that I would not go home with the skunk. At this point it was time to get away from the patch and find new areas. I tried washes nearby and then ended up circling to the other side of the hill with the patch. I see a little flat area and head right up to it. It only seemed like seconds when I got a booming signal. Once in the scoop, it wasn't long before I felt the weight fall into my hand. It ended up being a nice chunky 11 grammer. This day just got better. Another smaller patch. Of course my buddies always rag on me for finding the chunkers and skipping over the smaller nuggets. I guess I can live with that. Honestly, it was just a good time hanging out. Some before and after pics are shown below. Best of luck to everyone in the New Year!!
  13. Gerry, that is some beautiful gold. I couldn't imagine the miles walked and the holes dug to find those babies. Like you, I do not agree with the dig it all attitude. When you are new to detecting, I would say, yes, dig it all … because you are learning the detector and you are establishing your "best" method of detecting the different situations. Thank you for sharing! Andy
  14. Dang Lunk, very nice work. I nugget shoot here in Arizona and would like to see how well you do with that on your known patches, as well. Very good luck to you!
  15. Nice work, Rob. Glad you are still out there kill'n it. 👍
  16. Interesting about depth on small gold. I have been able to get non measurable sub grainers with the GPZ. (when you learn how to listen) My difficulty for a while was learning how to get it out of the scoop. You really need to use a different technique to do this correctly. I think the weakness, for sure, is not being able to get into the tight areas. Other than that, I don't really need smaller gold. I think this was the main lure of the 10" xcoil for me. I really loved getting in to those small rocky areas. So I think the 6000 will definitely get a lot of the small pieces that the GPZ is just too big for. Sensitivity-wise, this is why I got rid of my 5000. My unit, specifically, was bad at getting anything less than .2g. It was frustrating. So kudos to Minelab on fixing this. And, yes, I know there are plenty of people who could get smaller gold with thier 5000k units. For some reason, my unit, nor by buddies unit, never could ... even with the gold touching the coil.
  17. Well dang, Jason. I guess I left a few behind. Good to hear from you. I'm with you on it not really being too worth it for the little stuff. But every once in a while, it is good to break a troublesome skunk. The only problem I have with my Xcoil is the un-winding. I still have to pull my coil wire through the shaft with a shoe lace. But I can get it to work, if I need it. So I am used to it now. Anyways, I am glad you are getting out there and still hunting gold! Take care. Andyy
  18. Nice gold, Rob. But your buddy scares me with that pick. LOL. I'm always afraid I will put my pick through it. That's a nice Christmas present for sure.
  19. If money is not an issue, I would choose the SDC. If money is an issue and all you are hunting is a few inches to bedrock, the GM1000 will do. I have the GPZ and throw the GM1000 on my back for the bedrock areas. Just my opinion. Side note, I hunt desert washes and such.
  20. Well let's see. Minelab was supposed to produce 3 coils for the gpz. They obviously can't count. So, no I wouldn't put a lick of salt in their numbers and charts. I love and hate Minelab equally for the games they play with their products.
  21. Damn, that thing is HUGE!! I hope you don't have any silver fillings or you're going to be spinning in circles trying to pinpoint a target. Forget wearing a metal belt, sunglasses or anything. Heck, you better just go naked. And weight-wise … that thing should come with wheels or a hot air balloon attached. But yeah … still looks kinda cool 😝
  22. Just catching up on posts. And then I see you made it to the Q! HA!! I could tell you were going to be heading out there soon. I'm glad you pegged some of those you missed with other machines. It is funny how spoiled we can get with the GPZ. It really finds a lot of gold with crystal clear sounds. !!BAM!! not doubt … garbage or gold. !!BAM!! garbage or gold. And then every once in a while only with the tiniest of gold tid bit patches, do you really have to listen. ….gold or ground noise … And then you get grain and sub grainers. But I have to admit, I spend most of my time as a spoiled little prospector, listening for the !!BAM!! noisy signals. Gotta love the machine no matter the coil.
  23. All I know is that all those little dinks that I have found, and get laughed at for going after in the first place ...... are GROWING in my gold box. 🙂
  24. I got mine in the mail, today, and about fell over in surprise. I'm always curious to see if I pick up a point or two from books such as these.
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