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  1. She is competent, humble, and does a great job with videography and narration. Thanks for sharing her channel Jennifer.
  2. Good hunting Steve! Glad you are getting back to God's country.
  3. Steve, Another very on point post, clutter cutter you are indeed! Gerry McMullen is a great teacher and his crew are also good instructors. Fun people to boot. I read your lengthy post last night about your curse/gift and was very moved by your candor and humility, I am sure you will make a significant impact upon those folks you come into contact with. You seem to have tapped into the soul of this community and I am a better person for it. Thank you. Jeff
  4. AUgetter, Look up Gerry's Detectors, Boise Id. Gerry provides training at Rye Patch Nv as well as other locations. When I purchased a detector from him years ago I received three days of training at Rye Patch Nv. at no cost. Yes you would benefit greatly from lessons by a highly experienced teacher. Gerry and his guys are highly experienced people! Happy hunting, Jeff
  5. As you highly experienced operators know, the hearing capabilities of different detector operators can vary greatly, I only detected a slight woo weee sound and had to listen several times....... It seems like there should have been much stronger target responses considering the size and depth of the targets. 😉 Cheers, Jeff
  6. Clark, Glad it worked out to your satisfaction, done is done.... Ever onward through the fog! Happy Huntin, Jeff
  7. Steve, Like so many I am very grateful for your site and your knowledge and integrity. You put your heart and soul into this and your passion is obvious. From the peanut gallery I say Kudos and thank you. Keep on doing what you do best. Jeff
  8. Yep, Bag balm, like mineit said. Apply balm, install socks and hand socks as necessary and retire to a peaceful slumber. Wake up refreshed and ready to beep a biggie! Jeff
  9. Norm, Wishing you a speedy recovery to your former gold getting abilities! Jeff
  10. Great beautiful gifts Norm! Steve does make pretty do dads. Happy New to you and Heather!
  11. Great job getting that lad involved with a wonderful activity!!
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