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  1. Mitchell, Any of those will be great, you may choose. Thanks for asking. Jeff
  2. Allen, Beauty! Perseverance pays off, good job. Jeff
  3. Norm, Thank you for starting this thread, I am moved by all of comments from the guys Fred had shared a camp, a hunt, or an online communication with. People from Australia, Canada, all over the US and others as well. I know you and Fred were close and the adventure in Cibola last fall is a great memory, Heather and Joni were there as well and it made for a great camp. My son is attending UCSD and last year when I was him visiting him I gave Fred a call and said, "I am in San Diego and would like to visit with you." When he gave me his address I realized his home was about
  4. Wow Clark, Between the Cholla, Yucca, Sneaky Snakes, Alien Jerky and now tiny Scorpions you are living a charmed life..... Please continue to exercise vigilance and caution, and if I may, I also suggest carrying a bottle of Habanero Mango Salsa with you at all times.... It is the perfect compliment to scorpion burgers. Jeff
  5. Gerry provides thorough training and his staff are experienced detectorists. He is an effective communicator and makes understanding your detectors settings much easier than trying to learn it on your own. The knowledge of your detector and confidence you will gain during the three day training will give you a real advantage going forward. I took the training in Rye Patch and went to Ganes Creek with Gerry and both were worth the money. Good luck!
  6. Scoot, Don't pay attention to nay sayers, you are doing a lot right! Nice job on research and determination. Well done and wishing you much success going forward> Jeff
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