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  1. AUgetter, Look up Gerry's Detectors, Boise Id. Gerry provides training at Rye Patch Nv as well as other locations. When I purchased a detector from him years ago I received three days of training at Rye Patch Nv. at no cost. Yes you would benefit greatly from lessons by a highly experienced teacher. Gerry and his guys are highly experienced people! Happy hunting, Jeff
  2. As you highly experienced operators know, the hearing capabilities of different detector operators can vary greatly, I only detected a slight woo weee sound and had to listen several times....... It seems like there should have been much stronger target responses considering the size and depth of the targets. 😉 Cheers, Jeff
  3. Clark, Glad it worked out to your satisfaction, done is done.... Ever onward through the fog! Happy Huntin, Jeff
  4. Steve, Like so many I am very grateful for your site and your knowledge and integrity. You put your heart and soul into this and your passion is obvious. From the peanut gallery I say Kudos and thank you. Keep on doing what you do best. Jeff
  5. Yep, Bag balm, like mineit said. Apply balm, install socks and hand socks as necessary and retire to a peaceful slumber. Wake up refreshed and ready to beep a biggie! Jeff
  6. Norm, Wishing you a speedy recovery to your former gold getting abilities! Jeff
  7. Great beautiful gifts Norm! Steve does make pretty do dads. Happy New to you and Heather!
  8. Great job getting that lad involved with a wonderful activity!!
  9. Johnno, Interesting idea, create a sacrificial bit to protect the valuable bit...... Kinda like hard facing the wear surfaces on a digging machine. Stay well and Happy Hunting! Jeff
  10. Mitchell, Any of those will be great, you may choose. Thanks for asking. Jeff
  11. Allen, Beauty! Perseverance pays off, good job. Jeff
  12. Norm, Thank you for starting this thread, I am moved by all of comments from the guys Fred had shared a camp, a hunt, or an online communication with. People from Australia, Canada, all over the US and others as well. I know you and Fred were close and the adventure in Cibola last fall is a great memory, Heather and Joni were there as well and it made for a great camp. My son is attending UCSD and last year when I was him visiting him I gave Fred a call and said, "I am in San Diego and would like to visit with you." When he gave me his address I realized his home was about
  13. Wow Clark, Between the Cholla, Yucca, Sneaky Snakes, Alien Jerky and now tiny Scorpions you are living a charmed life..... Please continue to exercise vigilance and caution, and if I may, I also suggest carrying a bottle of Habanero Mango Salsa with you at all times.... It is the perfect compliment to scorpion burgers. Jeff
  14. Gerry provides thorough training and his staff are experienced detectorists. He is an effective communicator and makes understanding your detectors settings much easier than trying to learn it on your own. The knowledge of your detector and confidence you will gain during the three day training will give you a real advantage going forward. I took the training in Rye Patch and went to Ganes Creek with Gerry and both were worth the money. Good luck!
  15. Scoot, Don't pay attention to nay sayers, you are doing a lot right! Nice job on research and determination. Well done and wishing you much success going forward> Jeff
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