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  1. Swegin makes a good point. I am not a big movie guy but some of them that David worked on and shared insights about have made me want to see them again. His explanation of the many challenges which arise and must be solved during film production is worth the read. Clever problem solving at it's finest. The movie business is not for the faint of heart...... A fun read which provides a greater understanding of how the magic is made.... Thanks for an entertaining read David!
  2. Thank you Steve for another wonderfully informative thread, top job!
  3. Mike, "IMO I think the owners of the forums should precipitate as well which I see a lack of " You are referring to forum owners generally I suspect. The amount of very educational posts found on this forum certainly belie that statement, the posts I am referring to are from Steve H. This forum is a gem, and the general quality and tone of most contributions is worthy of the time spent reading them. Much valuable information available here at no charge!
  4. Rob's Detectors Forum is still up and running. He is a great guy to deal with as well.
  5. Gerry, I learned a lot in your training at RP years ago, you and your guys do a great job! I am now forced to admit I was either not paying attention during that lesson or have forgotten it, this was a great reminder of an important technique which should be a go to procedure for experienced and new hunters alike. Thanks for what you do!
  6. Very nice technique, thank you for posting. I might not have chased some ghosts had I thought of that ! pardiceau
  7. Ken, As you know getting assistance with putting on events is often a challenge so have a great trip and just look at it like, less competition = better odds for you....... Stay safe amigo. Jeff
  8. Congratulations David, I suspect the book will do well as most folks are curious about the movie business, the actors and how the whole thing works. It will give the reader an interesting behind the scenes view of the moving parts which I know little about but always wanted to have insight into. With decades of experience and observations to draw from it will be a fascinating read I reckon. Jeff Ordered!
  9. Good job Reese! Tell those cows to moove out. Or, maybe they are marking location for you and you best stay on their good side.......😉
  10. ried, Maureen G Johnson wrote a couple of booklets describing placer gold occurrences in Arizona and Nevada and possibly other states. She is a highly respected source of information. She did a lot of research and the information is well organized by county and the mining districts within each county. Locations are described by PLSS reference, also Topographic map reference and much other useful information. Good hunting, Jeff
  11. lauchon03, Well done sir! Thanks for sharing your adventure. Buena caza!
  12. Nice work Reese, I hope you are on the gold!!!
  13. Good Job Reese! Thanks for sharing your adventures.
  14. I have a buddy, Army Veteran who is living in Corpus. Anybody around there who might be interested in showing him beach detecting on the local beaches? Any insights are appreciated, Thank you, Jeff
  15. aerospace guy Good report on the El Pasos, the area has no shortage of lead and other junk. The wind can move you around there, I was almost knocked down by a gust one time. Thanks for posting. Jeff
  16. Bill is a first class guy, knows his machines and is a good man to be poking around in the desert with. Smokes a mean butt roast as well. Jeff
  17. Luis, Thank you for sharing the information, I hope you catch lots of Oro and share your finds and adventures with us! Jeff
  18. Your punctuation sucks..................(LOL)........... run on sentence...........
  19. GM, I thoroughly enjoyed your narrative and hope you continue with your creative endeavors as you are a gifted writer. I wish you the very best going forward with your work on the claims in the Sierra Nevada, with your skills and modern equipment things should go well for you and your crew. Thanks again for sharing this story with all of us around the virtual campfire, a quote borrowed from the late great geologist and nugget shooter Mr. Jim Straight. Jeff
  20. Good on ya Doc, I am sure it is a well written yarn and will bring joy to readers. You do have a way with words... Jeff
  21. BMc, Thanks for sharing the rest of the story, I am sure the family will be talking about that for the rest of their lives. You represented this community with class. I nominate you to be the official spokesperson for the World Benevolent Miners Association, (WBMA). Very nice chunk as well! Cheers, Jeff
  22. Well done Mac, that is a beautiful coin! Use due caution to avoid being run over by a speed goat.......
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