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  1. Here are a five, six and seven found just detecting. I found the six ounce one evening and took the next day off work and hiked in and found the seven. Remember a bad day of detecting is better than a good day at work anyday! All three were over two and a half feet deep. The flat five ouncer was found with a GP Extreme and the black minelab 18 inch coil. The other two are GPZ with a stock 14.
  2. Some of you may know what it is like to swing a large PI detector. It can turn into a job and not be fun even though the weight of gold found is good. I have used a GB 2 since it first came out and when I break it out I call that therapy. Recently Gerry's Detectors helped me obtain a Goldmonster to add to my many detectors. Thanks Gerry. I did not know what to expect , I just needed something to have as a loaner. Was not really impressed by the rod as it is a 3 piece screw together type. The big coil looks funny and the ergonomics are sort of out of balance. Well that all went away when i turned it on. The photo shows the result of the first three outings. I am very impressed. I never thought i would put my GB2 in the corner. Fisher needs a wake up call. Sorry I am the most die hard GB2 fan out there but this detector with the 5 inch round coil is amazing. Turn on and go. Rechargeable batteries and great response on the smallest gold. Did not even use headphones. The Bug 2 is better in some ways (hot rocks) but is in need of a total update. Heavier cables , push button, possibly a 71HZ Gold Bug Pro type package. I hear the Equinox is as good for gold. I guess i have some testing to do. I could easily put the heavier GPZ away for awhile and just go back to small coil detecting. If I can figure out the Equinox I could find old coins and small gold with one machine on the same day. This must be Steve's approach. Tired of heavy detectors.
  3. Great topic. Thank you for the information. Glaciation is one thing I have been looking at for years while metal detecting for gold. Not sure but it seems that nuggets I have found in a gold bearing terminal moraine are just like the gravels they leave. Unsorted in size and shape with no reason for their deposition. Gold is scattered except where it may be re concentrated from the melt-water streams from the ice. This leads to using VLF detectors for surface gold and a GPZ or PI for deep gold. One more thing to comment on. I have not given up on the 19 inch GPZ coil. I have made finds the 14 inch coil can't recognize .On average I find nuggets from the surface to 14 inches in depth for the 14 inch coil and surface to 24 inches with the 19 inch coil. I can say the nuggets found = the size of the coil 14 GPZ is 14inches / 19 GPZ is 19 inches , so a 5 inch gain average result. I may find fewer nuggets with the 19 but it has been worth the time spent trying to use it rather than let it sit. Do not give up on that coil. It takes time to learn it. These glaciated areas are great places to roam around with large coils.
  4. Your posts are awesome. Please keep it up. I love seeing what the old timers did. Probably some good coins around those tent sites as well. Good job finding the gold and taking the time to tell us about it.
  5. GB I used the GPZ 7000. I run High Yeild , Normal, Max Sensitivity. Also i use NuggetBuster Headphones. I also use a lower pitch to try and get more of a high tone on Non Ferrous targets.This also seems to let the little nuggets come in and a large deep nuggets come in possibly as ground noise but i investigate all false signals because sometimes if you dig on them they turn out to be nice deep nuggets These are nuggets from Montana. The picture show all we found that weekend. Almost 8 ounces.
  6. Here is a new find this summer with GPZ . 4 1/2 troy oz. I credit my son with this find because I told him it was probably a big piece of tin. I listened to it and was super tired so i really didn't think we were going to dig something like that. He dug and pried at the nugget's hiding spot for a time as I watched and listened. I saw it come out but we were in the shade so it looked like a flat piece of rusty tin. When he dropped it in my hand I knew that was a great nugget. This was one of the best high five father and son moments we have ever had detecting.
  7. My brother and i have been waiting all winter to find a spot to see what the mighty Nox 800 can do. I have to set the stage for this site because i have to keep us both happy. A spot for my brother to detect for coins and relics and a place for me to go after i get bored with coin hunting and can go look for gold. We left it last winter on one of the last days we could get in. Trash pouches full many times over with assortments of relics. This place produced very little in the way of coins but i think they are there. The F75 (fantastic detector) has been over the whole place and some good finds have been made. But the best was made on the first day with the 800. An 1870 s mint seated liberty half ! Well I know this has been gone over and probably should have been found but the fact is the 800 is the finder. We really did not know how to use this detector. I read up on it and we set to Park 2, auto ground balance, connected the awesome wireless headphones and off we went. Still not sure of Iron Bias or much of anything else. We both agree that this detector has depth. I only found an old button and was getting bored like i usually do so off to the gold I went after being inspired by the posts from MR JW . I went looking for little gold with the GPZ. The silver round piece is off an 1893 police whistle. Many good things to come in the way of silver i think.....
  8. That 16 NF with the GPX is the best combo going if you have some open ground that does not require elliptical. I tried the 14 round and dumped it in favor of the 16
  9. I firmly believe the Nuggetfinder 16 round is the best coil anywhere. I tested it against the Commander 18 and found the NF better. I think coils can get too big and lose depth and just get coverage. I bought a couple Coilteks and sold them right away. Take into account my type of soils vs Australian soil. Probably not as mineralized.
  10. You are so right. Coolidge. Every one there had their own out house too.
  11. Thanks to all. I installed the second update right away when it came out. For some reason with the new features turned off I just think it sounds different. Maybe it is just smoother audio. I am not questioning the awesome power at all. Just curious if anyone noticed. I might revert back to the 1st update to test. I am very picky about my sounds. Stuck in the snow for now. Probably overthinking it when I should be detecting.
  12. Oh by the way. No one can turn a detector on in the above photo because it is off limits. Just like to think what could be here and what a cool place !
  13. I have been a long time prospector for gold with a metal detector and have played with coins detecting in the past. This summer my brother sucked me back into coins and we hit some sites that should be great. We were both amazed at the lack of silver. We keep asking what the heck? Did the old coin machines suck up the easy silver or what? Not interested in new money at all, just old finds. Can this be explained as the obvious easy money was hit when detectors first came out and no real advances in technology have really overcome this? I have used the original Minelab explorer xs and the F75 and gold bug Pro. We have found some good coins but silver seems rare.
  14. Does anyone think about going back to the first firmware update for the GPZ? Has anyone felt the audio is different and better results were had with the first update? The upgrade works good but I can't seem to get the audio where it used to be even though I wrote the exact settings down. Just curious if someone out there experienced the same thing. No problems finding gold, just doesn't sound right.
  15. Great Video . No matter what I do here in the USA where I hunt I can't get those results. I always use High yield and normal. I went out after seeing this video and spent 4 hours just trying for a result in Difficult and General. That being said the soil is probably the big difference. Ground in Australia is extreme. I know the ground where you hunt is the difference. I use settings closer to Steve's insanely hot settings. I use max sensitivity and am used to running a very noisy detector. Signal response on the 19 is way different than on the 14 but it is definitely a must have coil. Here are some results of around 15 hours on the 19. Be careful in thinking one setting is the only setting. 13 DWT at 24 inches and 58 DWT at 24 to 30 inches over where the 14 inch coil had been. I also had to buy a shovel and put away the apex to get the big dig holes done. The picture with the new shovel is not so deep but it just shows what I am now using. This post is in no way a dispute to what anyone is saying.
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