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  1. Right on about the ptarmigan and some mighty fine halibut fishing! When I was there in '70 - '71 the Crab Boats would come every season as well. Adak has all gone to private use now, no more USN or Air Force as far as I know.
  2. Welcome! My initial experience with Alaska was out on Adak in the Aleutians courtesy of the USN. Been back to enjoy your beautiful state from Fairbanks to Ketchikan via some cruises.
  3. WELCOME!! You live in a place I have always been interested in and would love to visit some day!
  4. Thanks for this info Steve! I hadn't tried the forum in a few days and when I just did...Poof, all gone! Hoping if/when somebody picks up the company a forum will be created.
  5. As a moderator on another detecting forum I understand how much work goes into keeping a forum running smoothly! And, you do it by yourself!! 🎖️
  6. Just now seeing this thread Steve. Thanks for sharing the info!
  7. Your site runs smooth and fast for me! Thanks Steve!!
  8. Hey George, good to see you here as well!
  9. Yes Steve, it is going to be very important to see "who" buys them up!
  10. When I got my first e-mail provider I think in the early 1980's I had just reconnected with some old Navy Seabee friends. I used seabeeron@*****.*** When I got into detecting and then forums, SeaBeeRon was a natural fit! Guess what my first name is?!?! 😎
  11. That's the one! I too think it is either 2 coins or some short of fantasy piece of jewelry.
  12. The issue I have with it being real is another picture I have seen of it the obverse of this pendant coin show Queen Elizebeth on an Isle of Man coin? Either way, interesting find!
  13. This is a better picture than on the other forum I saw it on! Good job!! Is it two coins? The Isle of Man coin and a DOS Peso??
  14. Is this the pendant with the Queen on one side and a gold Peso on the other?
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