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  1. He will be greatly missed from many detecting forums! Always willing to help a fellow detectorist. RIP Brother!
  2. Black Point in front of the Sheraton at Kanapalli Beach on Maui. It gets lots of snorkelers who lose jewelry! There was a local guy who hits it pretty regularly though.
  3. The MXT was my first "real" detector way back when! Also still have PI Pro Surf Master, but gotta get the headphones replaced because they snapped to due improper storage on my part!
  4. Still a classic after all these years!
  5. I have seen this type of behavior on other detecting forums as well. Just don't get why people can't be up front and honest?!?
  6. Yes! Steve drop us a post when you get a chance!!
  7. Yippeee!! Things are getting back to normal in many ways!
  8. Glad you/we are back Steve!!! See how much you were missed!!
  9. Ring-a-Ding-Ding!! 🤩 SoCal got the cuts this time for sure! Hardly any north of the Santa Barbara line that I have heard of!?!?
  10. Just heard from another source that they are having Server Problems.
  11. I am hesitant to ask about another detecting forum, so I hope it is OK, but is anyone else having trouble getting TNet to load??
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