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  1. We all a bunch Detecting Addicted folks who go into withdrawal if we don’t get our fix!
  2. Thanks for the info Steve!
  3. Yes I have and he said Wally will get back to me.
  4. If this is out of line Steve, please just remove it. While I enjoy the knowledge and information provided on the Dankowski Forum I may be down over there as I continually am having log in issues. Anyone else experiencing this? I use Apple devices...iMac, iPad & iPhone. Having issue on both desktop and iOS devises.
  5. For me, the sad part in all this, it is the End User, those who swing the detectors that are the real losers!
  6. Very True! My "radar" will go off, but I would need to be sure before calling out somebody of faking a find. I just stay away from FB detecting pages and You Tube to lessen the problem!
  7. Those are all good links for weeding out spammers! We use them all over at FMDF.
  8. I am on enough detecting forums to "smell" win a post seems off. It can be really frustrating and time consuming to have to monitor some of these yahoos!
  9. This sounds like a reasonable way to handle this problem! Just wondering Steve, do you have to run this forum all by yourself or do you have some Admins and/or Moderators to help? It can be a big job!
  10. Steve, thanks for putting your members first and involving us in your decision process!! PS:There is a special place in Hell for Spammers!!
  11. Welcome page The link above will take you to a message from the owner of FMDF
  12. Below is an update on the restoration work for FMDF: Good news is they attached the old harddrive to the new server so I can copy files. Which I'm doing now and it is a lot faster vs me coping files from my backup. I might have a temporary page in place informing members of what happen, maybe today. The server guys are pointing the domain name to the new server. At this rate we might be up and running this weekend/early next week! Vlad
  13. Below is the latest FMDF's owner got from the server company he uses..... So the engineers are going to build a new server which has better specs: Once thats built, they are going to attempt to connect/mount the drive form the old server so they can migrate the data to the new server. I will update you as they update me. It could take awhile for us to be back up and running, but we will!
  14. I have Steve’s permission to post this. For those of you who have been trying to get on the Friendly site today you probably noticed it is not responding. The owner of The Friendly is working on a fix.
  15. Finds of a lifetime Van!! thanks to Midalake for first sharing this with the forums!!
  16. You and Tom always have the best "roadtrips"!! Really enjoy reading about all your adventures. If you get a chance there are a bunch of guys on another "Friendly" metal detecting forum that would would love to see what you all found!
  17. If it's not posted as to No Detecting, go for it! Good luck!
  18. I found a $50 bill years ago on the beach. Wasn't sure it was real so I ran it by may bank, and yep the real deal! (and yes, I kept it!) 🤪
  19. He will be greatly missed from many detecting forums! Always willing to help a fellow detectorist. RIP Brother!
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