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  1. Hey Jeff. First, nice work. You always give food for thought. Test 5. did you by chance ID the target out of the hole? I have no experience on the others, but I seem to see more upwards push to the ID of copper when the ground is damp. I would think that 1c would have been low 20s out of the ground?
  2. phrunt...i have learned to never have a drink in hand or in mouth when reading any post by you...smh
  3. F350, i think you are right to stay with your Nox. use the Deus on sites you already know so you learn it well on known ground. I hate the thought of missing an item or two that maybe the Deus might do better on than the Nox, but if you arent hearing the Deus tones as well as the Nox yet...probably way more you will walk over with the Deus. My opinion. Good luck to you on your search, man.
  4. It was only 3 or 4 inches. Found it in a small area of poor ground with almost no grass. Found it in the same hole as a wheat, a center fire cartridge and a plastic head with top hat. Within 3 three foot diameter also an 1870 Indian and a barber dime. The name of the town is Schwenksville. I get the feeling from the neighbor that the area I am.searching was used for 18th and 18th century industry, and the ground may have been graded when that ended and the house was built. I've been looking for more historical records. I havent dug much stuff very deep...too many targets. Cal, can you elaborate on work tags?
  5. i wish it was that simple. I found a list of all 774 banks inactive in PA since inception..nothing matches. but nice thought.
  6. Dug this earlier this week. My guesses are thinks like locker ID token, safe box token, but cant find anything that looks close yet...any ideas? 1cent for sizing.
  7. lol, no worries! information transfer is always good...and it is a relevant topic, to boot.
  8. yeah...i hate clay, which dominates lots of my area as well. this soil is pretty mineralized, but not like a black peat or anything.
  9. schoolofhardNox, i agree on the green tone. I was just looking back at pictures, and the last really nice green IHC I dug was 1865, too. Must have been a good year for copper content at the Philly mint.
  10. Got a permission yesterday from a friend, so I went right away since the ground is going to freeze shortly. The property has one of the newest houses for about 2 blocks. Most of the others are mid and late 1700s. This place is about 1850. A bunch of wheaties, a cool marble, and a whatsit. Then this thing pops out. Was only maybe 6 inches down, not much deeper than the wheats. Only my second 2 Cent dug, but wowsa! Pretty astounding high grade when it went into the ground, for sure. EMI was pretty bad as it is in town on a corner surrounded with power lines. I could only run sensitivity at 19 or 20, and 2/3 of the time I ran in disc mode to keep from going crazy. Last item of the day was a huge aluminum store token from a place about 10 to 15 miles away from the dig site, just to give me a heart attack, seeing that large silver looking disc. I will get it cleaned up later if possible, but it is pretty crusty, so we will see. When I get it completely cleaned up I will post another picture, but couldn't wait. Happy huntin..
  11. Thanks Tom. I finally found a microscope that works well with my PC. I am still playing around with lighting. RIght now i use a combination of LED and regular bulbs. High luster coins are still problematic...but not the case on this one
  12. Got out to the park again for the morning with Ozzie. There was pretty solid frost in the grass to the point where I had about an inch of "snow" on my coil a couple times. Bunch of coins, mostly modern. Tried to stay near some of the older trees in an area I haven't hunted before, and pulled this nice Barber. Happy Hunting.
  13. nice work, sir. i mowed a spot in the middle of a field with push mower once. I pronounce you addicted as well 🙂
  14. schoolofhardNox, i really don't want to...then I would have to agonize over selling/not selling/selling/not selling/selling/not selling it !
  15. Ozzie took me out to a new site he has visited previously. It was a working farm from somewhere in 1700s, but is abandoned now. Things are grown up so badly around most of the property that even though the house is only 30 feet from the road, i bet 99% of folks have no idea its there. There was so much undergrowth, hunting close to the house was impossible, so we split up and worked on areas of what would have been fields and some yard. Pretty typical mess for around us....buried large metal who-knows-what probably up to and including farm equipment. The sun was out, but it was brisk, alternating some blowing rain squalls...jacket on, jacket off, jacket on, jacket off. Got a couple spoon parts, partial harmonica reed, lead blobs for awhile. Another really loud lead blob sounding tone, but a hair cleaner, and out pops the most likely civil war era rosette for on a bit. 30 feet further, and the nicest Indian I have gotten in a long time. love those greenies. To end the day, found the '40 merc and '43 war nickel under a nice big sycamore. A big shoutout to Calabash for the videos you make...i watched a couple of them a bunch and worked this summer on FE and FE2 settings, making sure I kept the values low enough to mask as little as possible. When digging the IndianHead, i had plenty of iron tones with it, but decided to dig because the non-ferrous was mid, and not high so was fairly certain it wasnt just falsing. first target out was a rusty blob, then scanned again for the high tone, which was still registering, got the coin out, and re-scanned and was still getting another iron object in the hole. all you folks, have fun digging!
  16. back to the mill again...working another small steep bank about 50 yards from the last time. This was at the base of the bank, but still about 8 inches down. I had just dug an almost surface matchbox car about a foot from it. I am thinking 1855, 56, or 57, but cant seem to make it out. First half cent at this site.
  17. F350, I have started some rather extreme attempts to remove metal and get below the pitting to see what can be seen on some of my really bad large cents. I'll let you know if any of them work.
  18. that large cent is a nice pull. too bad copper comes out of the ground so poorly
  19. It is a large cent, but I will try to pick at it once it soaks a bit. I think F350 is right on the type though
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