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  1. it is heavy...a cast item, i think with a most gone plating, that shows a bit on the back. I also think it is not military, and more along the lines of patriotic.
  2. Found this in a vacant lot where the coins have been mostly 1910 to 1965 or so. Any ideas? Seems like a pin, or what looks like 2 broken pin anchors. Feels like cast; it's heavy. Merc for size
  3. yes sir, Strick, but I am almost 2 hrs from the beach...not going to be going there much. I do want to find some swimming holes once I get the nox back from repairs though.
  4. Most years, my family heads to Ocean City, NJ for a week in the summer. Due to father/husband duties, i usually get 2 or 3 mornings from about 5 to 7 am to try to morph from a dirt hunter to a beach hunter. I have had great success at finding modern coins and lead fishing weights, and the occasional junk jewelry item, but never had any luck in getting real gold. I have never gone into the water much, as most of my detectors haven't been waterproof. I took the equinox this year, and was determined to hunt in the shallows in front of the break line. First hurdle appeared before i even went out. I did a reset so that I could sync the wireless phones to it. I never use them for dirt, but i didnt want to damage my good headphones.....sigh...the button on the Equinox to pair them doesnt work. I almost always have had the little wireless box paired to it with my good headphones for dirt hunting. The button has always given me trouble from date of purchase, but usually 2 or 3 times, and it would work. I tried for an hour. no dice. So i hooked up the wireless phones with the 1/8th inch cable. I guess i will contact Minelab and see if they can repair the button now that I am home. Second hurdle...the screws for the handle for my scoop went missing, so it would just be harder to use...oh well. I only got out twice this trip. First time out, it was only 3 hours to high tide. I went as close to the breaks as i could, and it is a real challenge to me to swing the coil in that swirling water. I stuck to good signals only. I hunted for about 2.5 hours, and managed a stainless anxiety ring, and two sterling earrings, so not too bad. Second trip, I took my son along to help handle the scoop, and we got out right at low tide at 6am. Targets were extremely sparse, and the first was a junk mood ring. The second was really jumpy, but kept going high, and pulled the little portion of silver links..i think it is part of an earring. the third was the little silver heart earring. I was thinking we needed to push a little further out into the rougher water, so we really had to fight the waves a bit. It was only about 50 feet at this depth, and what a sweet signal. I found out that i really stink using a scoop right there. Took me at least 10 tries to get it in the scoop. I told Eli to just carry it up to the wet sand slope and we would figure out what it was up there. Really nice 22k men's wedding band. It's been a week now and i still smile. I now feel way better about all you folks who dig gold on the beach all the time, and am not quite so jealous 🙂 We searched for just a couple more minutes, but nothing else showed up, so we ended on a pretty high note. If anyone recognizes the makers mark that would be awesome, but I will start looking through marks soon. Happy hunting, All
  5. Valens, it is my Nox 800, 11inch coil.. I run it almost always in F1, sens 23. I used to run it almost exclusively in multi tones, but more and more in town have switched to single freq 20 due to emi from power lines.
  6. Thanks F350, I unfortunately changed phones this week, and lost most photos of the past couple months. sometime this weekend I will take some more on the computer instead and post.
  7. I got out with Ozzie for an early morning hunt July 4th. I saw a great-horned owl on my way to the park, and figured that was a good omen. Proceeded to dig nothing except modern trash, modern coins, and fishing lead of all types. We were in a section of the park that has a disc-golf course on it. it is a pretty famous course, so there are a LOT of golfers on the weekends. It adds one more element to paying attention to your surroundings. Most golfers are very reluctant to throw a disc unless they know you see them, so it leads to plenty of pauses....every once in a while, you do see a really skilled throw, so not a terrible deal. I got to the point where I knew I had to quit for the day...just wanted to hit a smallish area around an old tree that Ozzie has gotten some Barbers out of in a prior hunt. Old trees are my favorite spots...less chance of people re-grading areas, throwing more soil on top, etc. Got a really nice high signal, but hard to pinpoint. turned out to be a nice grade Mercury dime, vertical but only 6 inches deep. Went about 20 feet further, got a lower signal, more broken but not many grunts. Got the wonderful lowest pinpoint tone range, and figured large deep copper. At full pinpointer depth plus a little, out comes Ms. Draped Bust Liberty. Still working on the date, but can see the 179?. Isnt a 6 so has to be 7, 8, or 9. I wish i had sandy soil, but large cents are still way cool, even when they come out toasty. Heading back there again soon.
  8. Hey Jeff. First, nice work. You always give food for thought. Test 5. did you by chance ID the target out of the hole? I have no experience on the others, but I seem to see more upwards push to the ID of copper when the ground is damp. I would think that 1c would have been low 20s out of the ground?
  9. phrunt...i have learned to never have a drink in hand or in mouth when reading any post by you...smh
  10. F350, i think you are right to stay with your Nox. use the Deus on sites you already know so you learn it well on known ground. I hate the thought of missing an item or two that maybe the Deus might do better on than the Nox, but if you arent hearing the Deus tones as well as the Nox yet...probably way more you will walk over with the Deus. My opinion. Good luck to you on your search, man.
  11. It was only 3 or 4 inches. Found it in a small area of poor ground with almost no grass. Found it in the same hole as a wheat, a center fire cartridge and a plastic head with top hat. Within 3 three foot diameter also an 1870 Indian and a barber dime. The name of the town is Schwenksville. I get the feeling from the neighbor that the area I am.searching was used for 18th and 18th century industry, and the ground may have been graded when that ended and the house was built. I've been looking for more historical records. I havent dug much stuff very deep...too many targets. Cal, can you elaborate on work tags?
  12. i wish it was that simple. I found a list of all 774 banks inactive in PA since inception..nothing matches. but nice thought.
  13. Dug this earlier this week. My guesses are thinks like locker ID token, safe box token, but cant find anything that looks close yet...any ideas? 1cent for sizing.
  14. lol, no worries! information transfer is always good...and it is a relevant topic, to boot.
  15. yeah...i hate clay, which dominates lots of my area as well. this soil is pretty mineralized, but not like a black peat or anything.
  16. schoolofhardNox, i agree on the green tone. I was just looking back at pictures, and the last really nice green IHC I dug was 1865, too. Must have been a good year for copper content at the Philly mint.
  17. Got a permission yesterday from a friend, so I went right away since the ground is going to freeze shortly. The property has one of the newest houses for about 2 blocks. Most of the others are mid and late 1700s. This place is about 1850. A bunch of wheaties, a cool marble, and a whatsit. Then this thing pops out. Was only maybe 6 inches down, not much deeper than the wheats. Only my second 2 Cent dug, but wowsa! Pretty astounding high grade when it went into the ground, for sure. EMI was pretty bad as it is in town on a corner surrounded with power lines. I could only run sensitivity at 19 or 20, and 2/3 of the time I ran in disc mode to keep from going crazy. Last item of the day was a huge aluminum store token from a place about 10 to 15 miles away from the dig site, just to give me a heart attack, seeing that large silver looking disc. I will get it cleaned up later if possible, but it is pretty crusty, so we will see. When I get it completely cleaned up I will post another picture, but couldn't wait. Happy huntin..
  18. Thanks Tom. I finally found a microscope that works well with my PC. I am still playing around with lighting. RIght now i use a combination of LED and regular bulbs. High luster coins are still problematic...but not the case on this one
  19. Got out to the park again for the morning with Ozzie. There was pretty solid frost in the grass to the point where I had about an inch of "snow" on my coil a couple times. Bunch of coins, mostly modern. Tried to stay near some of the older trees in an area I haven't hunted before, and pulled this nice Barber. Happy Hunting.
  20. nice work, sir. i mowed a spot in the middle of a field with push mower once. I pronounce you addicted as well 🙂
  21. schoolofhardNox, i really don't want to...then I would have to agonize over selling/not selling/selling/not selling/selling/not selling it !
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