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  1. I was about to pull the trigger on a Nokta Impact, but I'm glad I waited. For a great all-rounder that's also hot on gold, this seems to be the answer - since I cannot justify the purchase of multiple detectors. What do you think?
  2. Thx for the replies. Any other all-rounder that you think might have a good performance at finding gold nuggets? Ricardo
  3. Hello. I'm still considering acquiring my first metal detector. My main target would be gold nuggets in an area where gold has been mined before for millennia and there are plenty quartzite veins in granite rocks and a good number of small winter creeks. However I would like to also use my detector on nearby beaches and finding coins and relics is also a possibility around here, because of a rich historical background. So I guess I would need a solid all-rounder with could operate on a frequency high enough to make it hot for gold nuggets. It should be priced around the 1000-1250 mark and I cannot justify a second, specialized metal detector. I recently looked at the Nokta Impact and got interested. Do you think it would fit the bill? What configuration would be more effective? Or are there other alternatives that you might recommend - like the minelab X-terra 705 (my previous favorite choice)? Thx Ricardo
  4. From the seller's website: Based on what you said, I guess the 10x5'' 18,75kHz Elliptical Coil (the best suited for gold nuggets) that comes with it isn't water-proof. I wonder if I can ask the seller to replace it and I pay the difference?
  5. I have a holiday house in the mountains. Nearby there are two abandoned gold mines that were explored since the days of the Romans; my father worked on those mines until they closed in the mid 1950's. When gold prices escalated in recent years the area picked the interest of a canadian mining company (Colt Resources) that has been conducting drillings to check for economic viability of a full scale mining project. There are also several places along some rivers where gold prospection has been done in the classic way. So I have some confidence that there is potential. I didn't know Minelab had submersible coils. Are they the standard, or must they be purchased separatedly? As a general purpose machine, is the Minelab 705 a better performer than the GR?
  6. Hello everyone. I'm a newbie looking to purchase my first detector. My budget is up to 1.000 €. I'm in Portugal, Europe. I'm looking to primarily look for gold nuggets as I live in areas where gold has been mined before (granite with quartz veins abound around here. The soil is highly mineralized and several streams cut through these granite rocks). But as I also live near the beach and also possible historical sites, I would like to try my luck with some coin / jewelry / relic hunting. I would say 70% gold hunt and 30% coin/relic/jewelry hunt. Will a more specialized gold hunting machine be able to also find coins? I don't quite seem to find that answer. Preferably I would like a machine where I could switch frequencies without having to change the coils. But I guess that throws me into a much higher price tag? I narrowed it down to the Makro Gold Race and the Minelab X-Terra 705 Dual. I'm slightly more inclined to the Makro because its coils can be submersible. Any other suggestions within the set of functions I'm looking at? Having two machines is no option for me, not only because my time is limited, and also because my wife might divorce me ;)) (unless I get rich doing it, that is...) Thanks for your tips.
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