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  1. What did you use to get to the pickers? Chisel and hammer?
  2. Hi friends! So I’ve had my equinox 800 for about a year now but have yet to try prospecting with it. I live in Maine and find some pickers while dredging but wondering if the equinox would pick up gold hidden in bedrock cracks and crevices?
  3. Headed out tomorrow to a beach a couple of hours drive away with my Nox800. My question is- Should I wait for low tide and hunt the water beyond that, or just go and hunt the sand above the water line while the tide goes out?
  4. Hey friends. I remember seeing a post somewhere awhile back about changing the tones on the Nox to sound more like the Etrac or CTX 3030. Anyone know anything about this?
  5. Yes been looking at that option, although I'd like something made purposefully for the Nox.
  6. I believe you are right. I inquired, and after an initial response, 48 hours later they have responded no further. A member my save me by buying and sending to me. Thanks so much! Regardless of what our governments do, people of the world generally want to get along and help each other out!
  7. Would someone in one of the contries they ship to be willing to purchase an adapter only for me and ship to me in the US? I will pay shipping plus an extra $20 for your time.
  8. Did you find out? I inquired, they responded, but when I gave my shipping info to USA they have not responded.
  9. Hi. I already have an Equinox 800 and a golden mask rod. I have been pondering a good way to connect the two. Can I purchase only the printed adapter?
  10. New to metal detecting and a little apprehensive about putting a hole in the grass at a park or other locations..... What is everyone's thoughts here?
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