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    Mudlarking and gold
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    Modded Lobo ST 5.75 coil/F75DST snake coil/Deus/Modded SSabre2 with4"coil/ Modded Goldscan5c from Pulsepower with Custom coil,Goldbug pro 5"NELcoil ,CTX3030,xterra 705

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  1. Rivers rat

    Tesoro Metal Detector Models 2018

    Still got 3 love them to bits!! RR
  2. The 5.75 DD compare to her size IS DEEP.......but Lobo need to be retuned either for DD or concentric if you want to have the most of it....funny you say the 5X10 isn't deep because when i tried a retuned lobo it was with this coil it was fitted.......and oooo boy it was deep for a Tesoro. The target was a fragment of a bell. My 2nd lobo tuned ONLY on concentric is on his way from France and i am trying to source a 5.75 concentric .......i can't make video to show you execpt if you have WASSAP OR VIBER. RR
  3. Well done that s a good session......... RR
  4. Rivers rat

    Must Have Been Karma

    Niceyyyyy RR
  5. Rivers rat

    Lucky Strike

    Hi Tom I am searching the bank of the river Thames not in the river as it is too dangerous ,current ,holes, and the rest. The lobo is only protected with the brown Tesoro cover and is under my arm (better balanced) mounted on a full carbon stem like most of my detectors. My mate tuned it with mineralised potteries from Roman villa not cancelling the pottery but it is recognisable, only superfined tune for DD coils and I have to reduce sensitivity .A tiny antic coins will be detected meaning the lobo is more sensitive but you dig more stuff. The coil I am looking for is the Tesoro 5.75 Concentric long or short cable . I am based in the UK RR
  6. Rivers rat

    Goldbug Pro 2 Lite

    I just mounted the 13" coil weight is 1380gr RR
  7. Rivers rat

    Goldbug Pro 2 Lite

    Ok thanks will have a look Have a great week end RR
  8. Rivers rat

    Goldbug Pro 2 Lite

    On iron infested ground I managed lot sof gold and artefact at 65 of sensitivity in fast mode. I only dislike the overload SIGNAL except from that it is a keeper.Mine is taped and have a few neoprene protection to keep it away from the mud I have been told they are a pain to fix when they go bad.................... RR
  9. Rivers rat

    Goldbug Pro 2 Lite

    Forgot to mentioned the F75 DST is once equipped of the 3X6 concentric faster and better than the Bug with the 5DD NEL or Fisher....on the River Thames I am thinking about a different way to power it .............I bought 9V Lipo battery but I realised last night the 18500 3.7v battery fit perfectly in the carbon tube.As the handle is design for it I could run a cable inside the tube.....Also could remove the speaker and cut a bit of th e9v battery compartment.I guess Quest or Detenix must have worked on something similar. The weight of a 9 Volt battery is 70 gr a 3.7v 18500 is 37 gr but I am not sure of the consumtion..............will 2 X18500 enough to power it? If it is the case 74gr is added but removing the speaker and chop a bit of plastic inside the control box I could still be a winner not mentioning getting rid of the mini Jack socket.Or have a new control boc bax 3d printer and I may be able to fit one of those new LIPO flat battery . RR
  10. Rivers rat

    Goldbug Pro 2 Lite

    Ultimate is light and has good depth,i got few NELs but no MARS .Ultimate work well on most of the machine and weight is 530 gr i paid 99 pounds direct from Bulgaria could find 1 2nd hand.I made this machine for beach coin shooting and experiment her salt water capabilities. I am not expecting the depth of my CTX but i won't have to wear a harness. RR
  11. Hello to all I wanted to work on that project for a while,Fisher has always been synonym for me of Treasure discovery since I started the hobby 26 years ago,reading French magazine Tresor de l Histoire with pictures of Fisher detectors all over the place ...................O0000 boy how many hours I spend staring at the 1266xb.............I really like my F75DST et had a few Goldbug pro and G2 so I decided to start a bid of DIY .I am im Europe so parts aren't as available as on your side of the pond,i contacted couple of dealers and managed to get the parts for the handle,Arm cup is XP as it is 100 gr lighter than the fisher one,all carbon bits bought from Italy and Chian,the Clamp is from Sweden and designed for pole for window cleaning,coil will be an 13" Ultimate it is on her way from Bulgaria anyway here we go : Ladies and Gentlemen (DRUM ROLLS): the GOLDBUG PRO 2 lite:
  12. Rivers rat

    Flood Gold

    Love the gear!!!! RR
  13. Rivers rat

    What’s Next In Metal Detectors For 2018?

    Hi I am a bit worried that Tesoro don't think themselves....................when the Goldbug pro came out I thought this machine could have have been the Tesoro who relaunched the brand(even the color were Tesorish) but no...................I don't work there but there is marketing stuff I don't understand at all,maybe they are filthy rich and don't need the money.It reminds me a bit Kodak the camera manufacturer ........... RR
  14. Rivers rat

    What’s Next In Metal Detectors For 2018?

    I will put my money on Fisher XP and then Minelab also bare in mind every new release of new machine create an flow of 2nd hand machine here in the UK there are dozen of large XP coil for sale..................not including Deus since the Equinox is out. And what I realise but I may be wrong is chaps seems to put their machines for sale at a higher price than lets say 2/3 years ago,to of course be able to fund the new top of the range. But as always if you keep the machine in the closet you find anything. RR