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  1. No kidding Alexandre was suppose to make me a 7" i may have mentioned it before......i sent him the shell in 1978 RR
  2. Never divide correct????????i got a deal with Madam i have to hoover any sanded part of the house................including the car Hope you are well RR
  3. Nel cors are heavy and "too big",the 4" is like a scalpel perfect in the first 2/3 inches RR
  4. I tell you one thing i requested many times to manufacturer which i was lucky enough to be able to approach,small coils.........the response is always the same:Niche market(For the Thames)but then the number of Permit holder increases every year (maybe +3000) and to satisfy their need for 30 years the only answer was the 4" concentric coil from Tesoro mounted on any Tesoros . Now that the brand is defunct ...........good luck......years ago when Alexandre started to talked about the Impulse advantage in Iron i asked him as well and managed to get a 7" shell ship to him......so i am waiting.......hopeful,willing and able. RR
  5. Well done the gold ring looks old i had a similar one Cartier! Bravo RR
  6. Yes sticky and stinky wife wasn't happy when i came back.............the brass pipe was deep in the black sand RR
  7. Please find enclose the setting i used today i added a bit of threshold,sens to the max and GB manually 6 or 7 on that beach this was set up by a french detectorist (Carus) and as been share by my friend "Magus" who will join this forum soon,they both found a lot of gold with it including a 20gr chain bracelet in 18carat. I have done 2 session so a total of 5 hours with it I DONT PRETEND IT IS THE BEST SETTING IN THE WORLD! Try it and let me know your thoughts RR
  8. No i tried to upload it but no luck.......will try again in 10 RR
  9. Hello i am going back to work next week so it is time to move back to London,so i did 2 sessions yesterday and today trying a new setting on the nox.and even went into the mudflap😱😱😱 This setting is much quieter and easy on my ears and brain. So here we are the 50cal is probably from an US Bomber made in Saint Louis (Missouri)maybe just maybe RR
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