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    Mudlarking and gold
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    Modded Lobo ST 5.75 coil/F75DST snake coil/Deus/Modded SSabre2 with4"coil/ Modded Goldscan5c from Pulsepower with Custom coil,Goldbug pro 5"NELcoil ,Nox800 ,xterra 705

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  1. Dude thanks for the pics and sharing your adventure!!!!!!!!!!!!a couple of motorbikes to go there would have been cool too!!!! I vote for your post as :Post OF THE YEAR 2020 RR
  2. i got one on my GB PRO and just bought one for my sovereign but havent try it yet.......... RR
  3. There are a few on Ebay UK..........a bit far but they sold well here on their days RR
  4. Really good i started to like the nox more and more ,it is going to be hard to beat ......... RR
  5. The best???The french maker LE CHAMEAU Marine neoprene or not low or hight i had a pair of non neoprene in my youth when i was working as a fisher monger result 100 hours a week moving tons of fish boxes in the salt of the salt room ,driving etc last me a year ......i throw them when i move to UK.Bought one pair in UK 7 years ago still got them.2 pairs came out on sale 6 months ago bought them both without hesitations should last me till 97 years old.......they are pricey but they also got a good look and because they are pros,i wear them on the coast and i look more locals than the locals....
  6. The ring is a beauty for sure !! Well done RR
  7. One of my mate on the coast found a 83.5 9ct gold ring he said the signal was like a can of coke but.........at todays value it s around 1500 british pounds RR
  8. I work in an expensive restaurant no silverware.......stainless only RR
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