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    Mudlarking and gold
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    Modded Lobo ST 5.75 coil/F75DST snake coil/Deus/Modded SSabre2 with4"coil/ Modded Goldscan5c from Pulsepower with Custom coil,Goldbug pro 5"NELcoil ,Nox800 ,xterra 705

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  1. The GPZ with this coil is as i mentioned before really cool well done on the Gold RR
  2. Interesting,i bought an air tank for Pre charged air rifle so i basically got an air tank.........3 hours under water jeez you must be fit! RR
  3. Hello just my 2 cents: -Beanies -Neck gaiters -Good gloves who dont fall apart after 3 sessions................................ RR
  4. Really ????????????i think it has more than enough!CTX maybe a tad deeper after that you will need to get a PI RR
  5. Yes the evolution is well designed,for sand and mud when you dig in mud it doesn't say stuck because of so many holes it has ,but i could me its weakness on hard soil or mix soil beach(pebbles,stones,sand ,mud). RR
  6. Yesterday 2.5 hours session,i am playing the advocatus diaboli,showing that if there isn't much well..............there isn't much and whatever machine you use nothing will comes out. But i like that beach because i found a medieval coin there with the 18" Detech mono coil and it has some strange targets.....not very popular nowadays but it is all sand and mudflap so easy to dig. Machine was behaving very well, dug a couple of Drink cans almost desintegrated i am still to find a precious ring with the MDT but i am pervering as i got a strong feeling that machine has a potential.I was
  7. Despite the bad weather i headed to the storm just to test my newly purchase waterproof jacket.Wind ,rain ,sand flying like out of a sand blaster...... i had it all. But i was warm and dry ,Machine was acting a bit funny because i think of the too many ground mineralisation changes(as mentioned in a another post) i tried different setting but it was tough ,managed few targets nonetheless but a pretty poor ratio for 3hours of detecting ........beach is hunted daily so i am not faulting the machine. The pin was dug knowing it was iron 100% just for the fun Enjoy RR
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