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    Modded Lobo ST 5.75 coil/F75DST snake coil/Deus/Modded SSabre2 with4"coil/ Modded Goldscan5c from Pulsepower with Custom coil,Goldbug pro 5"NELcoil ,CTX3030,xterra 705

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  1. Well done Monsieur!!!! RR
  2. Rivers rat

    Goldbug Pro 2 Lite

    Thanks that's a great ideo for the Gold bug Pro Lite Project :) (or GBPLP) 2 18500 can fit in the stem under the arm......I bought 2 9v block with USB cable charging Samsung charger will charge them quick RR
  3. Hello to all this week i received my 5.75 tesoro concentric ,rare as a hens teeth. Anyway last nite i mounted my Lobo number 2 with that coil.Same set up as LOBO 1 full carbon straight shaft,light as a feather . So this morning i hit my test spot on the foreshore ,30 min later i had few signals medium and low but like in those videos of metal detector reactivity on you youtube were the machine act like a machine gun ,anyway i dug the 1st it was 50 cents of Euro(????????) then another one then another on then 1 euros etc etc etc i enlarge the hole and was moving dirt and 1 hour later i reached 41 euros.................dont ask me what they were doing there offering maybe some of them were at 25 cm deep. I may go back tomorrow with another spate and my lobo with DD that may help ,found also 23 p later a ww2 button and some scrap.Needless to say i was more surprised than excited i had to reduce the sensitivity to 10 as it blast deep unwanted stuff otherwise.Tesoro .........any Instagram account or Twitter :) RR
  4. Hello did a good sesh today ,3 hours i could have stay another 2 ......i really have fun when i take the lobo out as i know it sniff the goodies in a way that my other dont..... Anyway here are the goodies.Weather was pleasant after the heat of July it seems we are back with a typical british summer......An Irish guard decoration a silver and a nice lead seal and few coins modern and old RR
  5. My Lobo number 2 arrived yesterday and a Tejon with a 5,75 coil came out on eBay .........made an offer on the coil only but he refused so i bought the whole lot.............i found a lot of jewellery with my old Tejon ,will retest it on the river with a snake coil maybe..... My Lobo 2(L2) has been fine tuned for concentric,but will work with DD too but not as deep as my L1 I can't wait too try as i have been looking fo that coil for months all over the planet and price in new were half of the lot i bought on the eBay . RR
  6. Rivers rat

    Goldbug Pro 2 Lite

    I gave them to my Son s girlfriend they were delight and enlighted Spend my whole day working with a kiwi yesterday we had fun! RR
  7. Rivers rat

    Goldbug Pro 2 Lite

    Very nice ,I received the battery for the bug here they are: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2pcs-Etinesan-9V-3600mWh-lithium-li-po-rechargeable-battery-micro-usb-cable/272644422492?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 USB chargeable,same charger as Samsung S6/7 and they came inside a kid Torch(part of the packaging I guess),I was wodering how heavy is the spealer now :) RR
  8. Rivers rat

    Tesoro Metal Detector Models 2018

    Still got 3 love them to bits!! RR
  9. The 5.75 DD compare to her size IS DEEP.......but Lobo need to be retuned either for DD or concentric if you want to have the most of it....funny you say the 5X10 isn't deep because when i tried a retuned lobo it was with this coil it was fitted.......and oooo boy it was deep for a Tesoro. The target was a fragment of a bell. My 2nd lobo tuned ONLY on concentric is on his way from France and i am trying to source a 5.75 concentric .......i can't make video to show you execpt if you have WASSAP OR VIBER. RR
  10. Well done that s a good session......... RR
  11. Rivers rat

    Must Have Been Karma

    Niceyyyyy RR
  12. Rivers rat

    Lucky Strike

    Hi Tom I am searching the bank of the river Thames not in the river as it is too dangerous ,current ,holes, and the rest. The lobo is only protected with the brown Tesoro cover and is under my arm (better balanced) mounted on a full carbon stem like most of my detectors. My mate tuned it with mineralised potteries from Roman villa not cancelling the pottery but it is recognisable, only superfined tune for DD coils and I have to reduce sensitivity .A tiny antic coins will be detected meaning the lobo is more sensitive but you dig more stuff. The coil I am looking for is the Tesoro 5.75 Concentric long or short cable . I am based in the UK RR
  13. Rivers rat

    Goldbug Pro 2 Lite

    I just mounted the 13" coil weight is 1380gr RR
  14. Rivers rat

    Goldbug Pro 2 Lite

    Ok thanks will have a look Have a great week end RR