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  1. Hi CD so far i got 10 hours with mine ,on the poor UK beaches i haunt i did 4 sesh and got 3 silver item,1 wedding ring and 2 pendant.Few coins and few shrapnells.I like the weight ,but i am an old D1 user so i am used to the platform it s a fun machine i am just waiting to dig some deep targets.........like with my Tarsacci RR
  2. I did 4 session with mine a total of 10 hours 3 sesh with silver and my beaches are poor RR
  3. Last time i asked it was a no .It is too much of a niche market .And i think the batterie issue is another one. Now i will be curious how many 6"and smaller coils, all manufacturers combined, sold since the D1 is out........that may make them change their mind. I m planning to sell my D1 and use my lobos with their small coil more on the Thames. D2 is here for a week but my body has been covid stiken so i m indoor. RR
  4. Nice video CD.I received mine with the 11" coil for the beach but will get the 9" asap for the Thames .Trying to reduce my arsenal at the moment i better hurry before noone want of my oldies RR
  5. Merci!!! Sorry just saw your reply,was in Tunisia :) lots of good gold there but ..........i need excavators RR
  6. I tried to buy once but i cant as i am abroad............. RR
  7. The D1 will be on production for years to come............too many spoiled(For choice 😁) detectorist )nowadays,while i understand you live only once and want the latest,a kind reminder that everyday treasure are unearthed with not only Deus 1 2 or Nox.......... A reminder 1992 Silver sabre 2: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hoxne_Hoard This one closer to my heart: 15kg of gold with a 1266X worth a google translate https://thomasnumismatics.com/actualites/tresor-de-vendee/ RR
  8. I ll bet that this deus gonna smash it. May be able to take underwater. RR
  9. Thats why i got 12 machinescwith their coils........ RR
  10. Knowing XP a top of the range aint gonna be a toy.The owner is himself a detectorist.He knows what peeps wants and he is also a visionnary.He knows we (the consumer) are getting more and more exigent.To be honest i ll be very very surprise if it isnt a beast of a mqchine. RR
  11. I dont think it will fit with the other coils. I read it somewhere on a French forum RR
  12. i got only 1 word: xppleasetakemymoney A Tarsacci in Diving version will be good too. RR
  13. Thats pretty neat ,even if i dont need it its a cool tool Thanks for sharing RR
  14. You have to admit in the last 4/5 years we have spoiled for choice,Nox,tarsacci plus all the Nokta/makro.More Versatability or Cheaper Just my 2 cents i think Fisher should take a different approach than the guerilla one they did with the Impulse . I m not pro Minelab but they did an smashing job with their Nox marketing and Vanquish,and so is Makro/nokta. The futur i think will be more Gold models,and beach machines,inland for relics we may have reached the limits... RR
  15. Denim brand right?? https://www.google.com/search?q=diesel+silver+ring&sxsrf=AOaemvK-rptDE8e5rXconRv6A67T4u6zuw:1632432793924&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiQm7SGhpbzAhXVAWMBHSSGAJIQ_AUoAnoECAEQBA&biw=1440&bih=820&dpr=1 RR
  16. Well done that man!!!!!!Look like you had fun Steve! RR
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