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  1. Well done that man!!!!!!!!!!!You find gold with all your machines!!! RR
  2. Well thanks to all for your comments i didn't know it was that bad ........really bad.....sponsored by minicab maybe??? RR
  3. Hello to all , So i went back to the beach after another storm nothing really changed as i think it is protected from the ferocious sea. I managed few improvements in my detecting with the nox,first the finds pouch is now located where my heart is (yes i got one:)) which doesn't got down anymore every 2 minutes.And i found out that the bluetooth connection isn't that powerful that why it is cutting while i am digging or detecting in a certain way so i hang up the module WM08 on the pouch of my smock jacket work a treat. i started on the wet sand and after not much luck(tide was short anyway) i moved where the gravel/shingles break with the sand and mud,and my session turned into mudlarking something i am really familiar with, so my skills prevail not easy to retrieve the targets from a thick heavy black mud but here are the finds: a silver ring with mother pearl,a large medal few fishing weight a 50 cal bullet(maybe from a dogfight this time :) i may return now with the PI or try again those muddy patches. The next day i did a session of beach crawl with a mate digging into shingles is a night mare pinpoint isn't great and retrieving the target is worse i found few coins nonetheless and left with the question of what could be better to dig there than a spade..................hopefully this week i will do some Thames sessions. Last pictures is my now my full home made carbone set up cost me not much maybe Β£25 max and 25 minutes job.The main stem is longer but i am tall the lower one is slighter shorter and thiner the arm cup is the old style XP one.I will weight it once i got find a scale :).The big round stuff is a lead weight i guess must be at least 800gr Enjoy RR
  4. i read somewhere the first batch were a bit deeper different tone of gold on the stem........ RR
  5. Yes lots of shrapnel's from anti aircraft coming to bomb London and the are air base no too much dog fights remains I am afraid maybe one day I also been told there is a target pratice in the area with 100s of bullets..................but it is on that beach that I found the 13th century hammered coin so it may have more .................I asked a local detectorist and he told me there was no one in the vicinity well I found one...........but that was with a pulse. RR
  6. Hello to all was was away in Vietnam for 3 weeks weeks eating and discovering the country but the crave for beach combing pushed me to schedule all my shifts straight at work then head to the coast. A Strom is battering the UK at the moment but i wasn't really interested in that i had my eyes on a beach which i think has been ignore for a while......not a really good access as the road isn't maintained and i dont have a 4x4 so i need to be careful if i dont want to leave most of my car thereπŸ˜… So i took my nox which i swap for my CTX in January and headed to the spot at 5 am. Signals started straight away with big lump of brass, then i started to pick up fishing weight one after another then i hit Gold with this nice 9ct 4.45gr alas 9ct.....πŸ˜ͺ Then few holes later my DIY unbreakable shaft broke but i brought a super dupa spade so i headed to the car and after a water refill(Was sweating despite the strong winds and low temp) i carried for another 2 hours finding the biggest anti aircraft shrapnells i ever found ,imagine been hit by that.The fishing weight are apparently 70/80s.....and the deus shaft you see on the picture of the broken shaft was actually the one i put inside to reinforce Anyway please find the result in picture,i think that that beach has much to offer will try to do another or two long session with the Nox then i will hit it with the PI.....if i succeed it will means 1 thing...my tenacity has paid off or maybe i am just getting to know the beaches better.............. Enjoy RR
  7. Just my 2 cents the XP OLD SCHOOL ONE IS THE ONE... its light and resistant bolted with 2 titaniums bolts and nuts and u are sorted RR
  8. On a french beachcomber forum a guy filmed with a Go Pro underwater a guy raking a lake with a similar tool .That was pretty cool.I love develloping digging tools.Need to upload a pic of my inverted sand scoop i used in the river nicknamed :The Dredge.This is my workshop sink btw not my kitchen RR
  9. UK has its lot as well 1p,2p new 5p new 10p.......rusting in peace in the deep layers of sands..... RR
  10. I think in a few weeks we will all be fluent.Some peeps are really good as memorizing functions and panels .Sometimes by heart they can advise you on the phone remenbering the settings or even a whole program.I am absolutly rubbish ,perharps because i am using few different machines......... Lets Pulse peeps😎😎😎 RR
  11. Thats pretty cool 1 thing retain my attention πŸ˜…πŸ˜…: All other competitors abandoned (66 prospectors / 48 abandoned) RR
  12. I think Alexandre is teasing me or asking for an invite Ian Smith (on the picture) has been using a Compass 77b (Only)for .........30 years RR
  13. I want one i believe im small businesses so the MDT is tempting me very problem is the customs arent very gentle 😁😁😁😁 i like the design and the way the batteries are cleverly located. I always have completly different machines to search same spot and they all finds stuff..... RR
  14. Steve i like that one: As long as you can find junk gold still can be found This is what i am trying to prove myself at the moment where i search( Kent beaches UK) ,le Jag has been advising me ,so far i am still finding junk and i became a PI addict.........deep holes ,craters if you like chasing the deep whispers,with my Old Goldscan 5c optimised by Alexandre . RR
  15. This machine will have a following cult is anyone going business with me for the merchandising????? The book IMPULSE : HOW TO OPTIMISE EVERY BEAT,the caps ,the Ts,the covers, the 3 part carbon shaft ,the 50000 nihm battery pack MONSTRACHARGER (tm pending),The stickers,THE BIBLE VERSE banner: Ecclesiastes 11:9 Rejoice, young man, during your childhood, and let your swing be pleasant during the days of young manhood. And follow the Impulse ,your heart and the discrimination of your eyes Yet knowing that Gold will bring you enjoyment for all these things. HAPPY NEW YEAR AGAIN TO ALL RR
  17. Reminds me the Ferrari buying scheme: Ferrari will often demand to see a history of ownership before allowing customers to buy a new one. If you've never owned a Ferrari, you've got a slim chance of walking off the forecourt with a new one, while many dealers won't take any buyer under the age of 40 seriously. i am over 40 still own 3 fishers metal detectors does that give me a priority ticket ??? On a serious note is there a control box cover in the making? also the 2 parts stem seems like it won't fit in a back pack saying that you may need to carry a serious digging tool with it ............but i am planning to tour the beaches by motorbike RR
  18. The fact that we could get another "Gold Rush" but in beach mode this time is exciting.Dump your spades and cheap sand scoop,this machine will punch so deep that you gonna need some serious tool. RR
  19. it is pretty good come in the UK and the light you shall see..........:) Well done for all the ring RR
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