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  1. Rich (Utah)

    Waterproof Headphones For The Nox 800

    I just picked up a pair of the Minelab (Koss) Waterproof headphones. Haven't had them in the water yet, but initial testing seems ok. Will drop a note here down the road once I've had a chance to get a feel for things. Rich (Utah)
  2. SteveG I'll dig out my war nickels tonight or tomorrow and check them all and report back. Curious about the 43-S'. Perhaps they are mixed with a little unobtanium? That would explain a lot. Rich (Utah)
  3. Rich (Utah)

    Short Relic Hunt With The Equinox 800

    Pretty sure that is a custom gear shift knob for a wagon, likely from early traders on the Old Spanish Trail. It is missing the glass insert. ๐Ÿ˜ Rich (Utah) Some really nice finds there.
  4. I am with Bryan on this, 12-13. I've dug a bunch of deep targets bordering 12-13 on either side, but it seems that nickels will find 12-13. There are some newer square tabs hitting this same spot and, of course, folded pull tab tongues (beaver tails). My nickel percentage has jumped significantly with the 800 using 5 tones and a narrow segment of 12-13 just for nickels. Rich -
  5. Rich (Utah)

    I've Seen A Picture

    Speculate what might have been? Thatโ€™s a tall order for Steve. Rich
  6. Looks like you had a nice hunt. Thanks for the pics. Most of those small tent stakes that I find are aluminium. Rich (Utah)
  7. Rich (Utah)

    Sorting Through The Rubble

    My heart always jumps a moment when I see round in the hole. Some buttons are a prize, others can be a let down. Im seeing a lot of digging time sitting on the table there Rich
  8. Rich (Utah)

    Why Dig Nickels?

    Was out with the 800 today for an hour before work. Visited a well hunted location. Turned up an 1887 V Nickel at 7-8โ€. Had to remove a bottle cap at 3โ€ that was very close to get a clear shot at the V. Had a rusted nail in the hole with it. It was a good find. Rich (Utah)
  9. Rich (Utah)

    Why Dig Nickels?

    I have to say that I like digging nickels, especially Buffalo Nickels. They're one of the older denominations that is a little time travel piece that takes me back. In my area of Utah, we seem to get a good mix of both Denver and San Francisco mint marks on our coins; perhaps since we sit half-way between the San Francisco and Denver mints. Some areas I hunt seem to treat the nickels better than others, but I've found a number of 'keeper' Buffalo's since I started swinging a detector. Here's a couple pics of a nice example, a 1913-D type 2 in pretty good shape. Some other better dates that have turned up under the coil; 1913-S type 2 (2) 1914-S (2) 1915-D 1916 (multiples) 1916-D 1917-D 1918-D (2) 1918 1920-S 1925-D 1926-S (2) 1935 While they may come up with some 'toning' on them, they are certainly attractive coins to fill your collection with and some may have collector value as well. I received my Minelab 800 in the mail last week and took it to a few spots I am very familiar with to get an idea of capability. It was certainly fitting that the first old coin found was a 1936-S Buffalo Nickel. 6" deep, in the tabs and low conductivity junk. (12-13) In that short hours hunt, I turned up 6 nickels. The 800 can find nickels, for me anyways, I keep an eye out for them. Rich (Utah)
  10. Rich (Utah)

    Eq800 5th & 6th Hunts Field2 & Park2

    Headphones - I turn off the 800 and then reach up to the earcup and press the off button and listen for the descending tone. Then I tuck them away in the travel case. The itsy bitsy teeny weenie lights that indicate on or off are hard for me to see in the daylight. Rich (Utah)
  11. Rich (Utah)

    Dealing With Surface Targets?

    My 800 arrives tomorrow. Question. My etrac has a volume gain setting that controls audio modulation and has a 'boost' point near max beyond which all shallow and deep signals basically sound alike. Does adjusting the volume or tone volume on the equinox have any impact on perceived modulation? Does the sensitivity setting? Many detectorists set volume to max on the machine and control volume at the headphones is why I ask. if I am reading reports correctly, there is little to no modulation in discriminate mode until approximately 6" depth on coin sized objects. Rich
  12. Rich (Utah)

    Out Smart All Other Detectorists

    Judy, Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. It's suppose to be a secret. Rich (Utah)
  13. Excellent report Wayfarer. thanks for taking the time to work it up and post it. Rich (Utah)
  14. After reading the post on the Equinox 800 being in stock and available at Cabela's, I popped over to the Cabela's site that morning. found the 800, added it to my shopping cart and went most of the way through the buying process. I selected FREESHIP to 'save' some money, winced at the sale tax added to the order and stared at the screen. Hmmm. That doesn't seem right. I have to say that my 'hackles' rose a bit that I've waited on my dealers 'pre-order' list since September 21st, (5 months) and to have Minelab go and do this really irked me. I was on Findmall at that moment and even wrote a bit of a scathing response, under a "Cabela's Has Equinox's in Stock' POST, to Minelab, posted it, and then got to thinking (after I already posted of course). Are we really suppose to think before we post? Most every dealer out there was taking 'pre-orders' for the Equinox's. My dealer had at least 6. because I was #6. I know that Kellyco took hundreds of orders (pay up front) as they were classifying their customer in the 1st 100 or 2nd 100. I had not heard about Cabelas taking pre-orders. All over people jostled for 'pre-order' position. Be first to get your Equinox. Anyway, where I am going with this is that Cabelas has 82 stores in the US and Canada. As a Minelab dealer, are they entitled like the rest of the dealers to get 1 or 2 detectors for each of their stores? I think that or a least a large portion of that. That got me to thinking that perhaps Cabela's was notified by their Minelab Distributor that their initial 'allotment' of detectors for their 82 stores was there and ready to drop ship directly to their customers and off they go. I closed the Cabela's Order Page on my computer. I quickly edited my comments on Findmall and am now sitting back waiting. I'm looking outside. There is fresh snow on the ground, 25* temps with more snow in the forecast for the next week. .And my dealer, whom I've purchased a few detectors from, will have my detector here in the next three or four weeks and I got a MUCH better deal than I would have otherwise. HH Rich (Utah)