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    Exploring old railroad and mining towns of the West. Detecting the yards of old homes.

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  1. It's been fun reading the tale ghost miner spun. I wish him luck on the claim this season as the snows melt and his mining efforts resume
  2. Andrew, I've found that my cell phone does interfere with my Equinox. I hunt with my cell phone completely off. I'm typically hunting in Park1, no disc. Sensitivity max or as close as i can get it. I first noticed this quite some time ago when i found a deeper keeper in a park and decided to send a pic to a friend for a little "look what I found" message and turned on my cell phone for the pic. My 800, which had been silent immediately started chattering and continued chattering while i took the pic. Aside from being ON, my cell phone had the WiFi AND the Bluetooth enabled. The Wifi connects to my house and the Bluetooth my car. I turned off both bluetooth and WiFi and the chattering continued. I turned off the cell phone and the trouble cleared. I've continued to notice this when i stop to take pics during a hunt. So, I continue to hunt with the cell phone OFF. I don't recall whether i tried airplane mode or not. A side benefit is that i don't get interrupted by calls or text Dings while i'm hunting. Really allows me to focus. LOL Rich
  3. LOL. Almost - still have a hole in the 22 plain. And last i recall, there is 1 easy one that i just haven't stumbled upon yet or perhaps missed and tossed in the jar. Been lucky enough to find the hard ones though, some in multiples. Being in Utah, we seem to have benefitted from both San Francisco and Denver mints. I don't want to appear ungrateful for the old coins i do find, especially as we move further down the road and most of the 'old coin sites i visit have been hunted so many times by myself and others that ANY keepers needs to be appreciated. I imagine most of you feel the same way. It is always nice to have some research or exploration pay off with a site less visited that produces a handful of keepers and brings back recollections of the early days. Rich-
  4. First thought was a Tool tag - used by workers for checking out tools. A key fob of some kind makes sense as well. I have some of the railroad luggage tags. The ones i've found have a slit for a leather strap rather than a punched hole. Always nice to find something other than same old coins. Rich
  5. Retired Spares are in a plastic tote that contains 'retired' accessories. I have my current Garrett Pro Pointer AT and my XP MI6 in my detecting bag. The carrot has duty with my EQ800, the MI6 was linked to my Deus (sold) and will be linked to my Deus 2 once I have it in hand. Waiting . . . . Both PP stay in the detector carry bag so i have an emergency spare if one or the other should have a bad day. I like the rack you devised. Looks good. I have a shoe box of sorts used for storing batteries. Helps me with using older batteries first in various battery powered items around the house / auto. I keep a spare 9v battery for the carrot in my carry bag. It has some tape across the terminals to prevent shorting.
  6. Phrunt, That would be one heck of a specimen. Keep us updated. Rich
  7. Probably a good time to be out hunting with the deuce 2 ! (Deus 2)
  8. It's a fun read GhostMiner - more enjoyable than watching the World News. Rich
  9. Glad to see you have things well covered. How do you handle batteries for them? Any favorites?
  10. Gerry - so sorry that happened to you ! Which detector . . . . i mean ring did you order? do you have the website handy?
  11. Think it's time to get that GPX 5000 up and running. Seriously.
  12. Impressive Joe. Especially so with you being out of commission for some months. Glad you're still with us ! Be safe out there. I look for ways to implement your methods to improve my own results. Of course, being in the middle of a desert, there are limits. A big take away is research / scouting which means location. I do appreciate you taking the time to share what works for you. Rich -
  13. I really appreciate the comments. Some thoughts and comments are better when they come from another source. Interesting how closely my experiences and thoughts parallel many of yours. I did leave my questions generic and vanilla as I didn't want to appear to be steering the conversation in any particular direction. Rich -
  14. I've been a user of SMF detectors since they were first introduced waaaaay back in the early 90's with the Fisher CZ-6 and its' competitor, the Minelab Sovereign. I went with the CZ-6 because it was in a better package. CZ-6, CZ-6a, Explorer XS, Etrac, Equinox 800, and now waiting on a Deus 2. I have a lot of years on them. There have been endless discussions on the marketing vs real world frequencies actually used. All that aside, I ask these questions for a couple friends - Below are some of the claimed benefits i hear related to Simultaneous Multi-Frequency. If true, how? How does simultaneous multi-frequency impact / improve dealing with the ground signal? How does simultaneous multi-frequency impact / improve dealing with a salt signal on the wet salt water beach? How does simultaneous multi-frequency impact / improve Target ID at Depth? Any other claimed benefits I left out ? I will direct a couple pair of eyes over here to evaluate your responses. Thanks, UtahRich -
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