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    Exploring old railroad and mining towns of the West. Detecting the yards of old homes.

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  1. I'm curious if XP will introduce an SMF coil to supplement what is already out there with the Deus (and the Deus controller gets a software update) or if it will be an entirely new coil / controller / headphones arrangement. If it is JUST an SMF coil, it could be more affordable than an entirely new unit. Rich-
  2. I've had opportunity to use FBS since it was introduced with the Explorer series and the Multi-IQ in the form of an Equinox since it was introduced. For me, these are proven in the field entities. If the advertising is correct, Nokta / Makro will be stepping into the arena of SMF shortly, offering what we believe to be the Lightning. A big congrats for them for taking on the challenge. However, I don't plan on selling my 800 to jump to an unknown performance detector. For those unhappy with their Equinox's, Heck ya, go give it a shot. There's good reason to try something else or at least compare. Meanwhile, I'll be watching with interest, like I've done with other SMF's since the early 90's. Rich
  3. Those rotten zincolns. I think they just need to stop making them. They have such little value now, they often get left on the counter at the local convenience stop for somebody to use if they're a few short. And they're left on the sidewalk if dropped, not worth the effort to pick up. Nothing wrong with recovering them and getting them out of the way of masking possible good targets. As for throwing out the corroded zincolns, take a deep breath and toss them in garbage. Believe me, it feels great. rich
  4. This is year 2 of my zincoln project. It goes like this; I don't try to rescue these nuisance targets anymore. If I recover one and it is spendable it goes in my pocket (not my finds pouch). If it is corroded, it goes in the trash side of my finds pouch without a second thought and then into the garbage and is out of circulation. I feel like a I just did the detecting world a favor each time I dump my garbage. i no long waste my time and effort attempting to count, document, clean and store these and I feel better for it. I keep a spreadsheet of my coinshooting finds. They've been removed from there as well and I no longer consider them coins found. They are simply garbage. Rich
  5. What if . . . . . . . What if . . . . . . . What if . . . . . think we need to have a new forum overseen by Tom; the Philospophy of Metal Detecting
  6. Never thought of getting flowers for my therapist. 😉 Good idea.
  7. Hey SchoolofhardNox, Im with you on this as that's where the finer women's rings come in. Everything 1 and up that I could get even a semi-consistent signal over was dug. The area doesn't lend itself to foil. I was expecting more sinkers and split shot from fishermen and I didn't get even 1. That was unusual. I usually come home with several. This area is quite rocky making it easy for anything dropped to quickly disappear in the nooks and crannies i need to get out the waders and move into deeper water and find the women's rings. They should be there somewhere. Thanks for the thoughts. rich
  8. Lol, Must be related to my old boss. But I like what I learned from him. rich
  9. Hi Valens Legacy, Thanks for the comments. The trash ratio was quite good compared to some places I've hunted. There were 6 square tabs, 10 pull tabs / tab rings / beaver tails, 1 squashed screw cap, 4 fishing lures, 1 and two halves sunglasses frames, 2 rusted bolts w/ washer / nuts, 1 - 9mm casing, 1 wad foil, 2 large rusted split rings like those used for car keys, and 3 corroded zincoln cents. I think that is 33 separate junk targets. Some of the tabs were right together and made for quick recovery. I used a waterproof pro pointer AT to speed locating. Keepers; No nickels, which surprised me. A clad dime. A copper memorial. 5 rings and the bracelet. Targets came pretty quick and the area is not so big. I made two passes. I'm hoping to get out again. It was 73* Monday, and snowed 3" Tuesday. I have some more areas Ive scouted but have work and some yard projects still to be done. rich
  10. It's one of those days that I had to go to Plan B. Last minute plans for some detecting with a friend at an old ghost town fell thru. So, I decided to play catch up on some shallow water ring hunting I missed out on last year due to moving. The last several years, I've been scouting places to hunt for lost Jewelry, specifically, rings. Taking a page out of Mike Hillis' post on Inland Jewelry Hunting Tips here on detector prospector, I've been making changes. Some great info there. The last few years it has been paying off for me. Compared to previous years, my ring count is way up.Arriving onsite, the place still looked promising. Once geared up, i walked the shore and picked a place to start. Moments later, first target - a solid 16 on the EQ800 target ID. Some difficult digging in the rocks and the signal is out of the hole. And there is a men's black tungsten carbide ring with a center insert that looked like wood under epoxy. I was hoping it was going to be a good day. And it was. More hunting; some pull tabs, some square tabs, some fishing lures, a couple gold rings, a .925 silver bracelet. a couple more 'other' rings and two hours later, I was out of area I could hunt with the gear I brought. Looking in my finds pouch I see 5 rings, 2 of which are gold, a 3rd is a maybe and the last 2 are definitely NOT made of precious metal. After arriving at home, the magnet test shows the unmarked white gold looking ring responds very faintly to a super magnet. Rats. First water hunt of the year yields 2 gold rings (1 marked with a very worn 14k, the other unmarked) and 3 others, 1 Mex .925 silver bracelet, and a finds pouch with miscellaneous junk / garbage found where people meet water. While I missed out on having a go at an old ghost town, it was nice to turn up a couple of gold rings and a silver bracelet to get the shallow water year started. Rich -----------------------------------------------------
  11. Sorry we missed you guys while we were there. Appreciate the tip on the meteorites. I'll remember that one. Rich
  12. Stunner of a gold coin - Been detecting for more than a couple years and I don't recall seeing a private issue gold coin found with a metal detector. Huge congrats. And love the buckles - very cool Rich -
  13. With the real expensive detectors, it would be nice for a la carte -
  14. I've thought about this very thing before. I could see the customized order working IF the manufacturer is factory direct and there isn't a distributor that has to attempt to try and stock all possible variations in a preassembled box ready to ship at a moments notice. In my mind, if the stock parts are immediately removed upon opening the box and replaced with something else better suited, than I wish I didn't have to pay for the unwanted stock part. rich -
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