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  1. Hey SchoolofhardNox, Im with you on this as that's where the finer women's rings come in. Everything 1 and up that I could get even a semi-consistent signal over was dug. The area doesn't lend itself to foil. I was expecting more sinkers and split shot from fishermen and I didn't get even 1. That was unusual. I usually come home with several. This area is quite rocky making it easy for anything dropped to quickly disappear in the nooks and crannies i need to get out the waders and move into deeper water and find the women's rings. They should be there somewhere. Thanks for th
  2. Lol, Must be related to my old boss. But I like what I learned from him. rich
  3. Hi Valens Legacy, Thanks for the comments. The trash ratio was quite good compared to some places I've hunted. There were 6 square tabs, 10 pull tabs / tab rings / beaver tails, 1 squashed screw cap, 4 fishing lures, 1 and two halves sunglasses frames, 2 rusted bolts w/ washer / nuts, 1 - 9mm casing, 1 wad foil, 2 large rusted split rings like those used for car keys, and 3 corroded zincoln cents. I think that is 33 separate junk targets. Some of the tabs were right together and made for quick recovery. I used a waterproof pro pointer AT to speed locating. Keepers; No nickels,
  4. It's one of those days that I had to go to Plan B. Last minute plans for some detecting with a friend at an old ghost town fell thru. So, I decided to play catch up on some shallow water ring hunting I missed out on last year due to moving. The last several years, I've been scouting places to hunt for lost Jewelry, specifically, rings. Taking a page out of Mike Hillis' post on Inland Jewelry Hunting Tips here on detector prospector, I've been making changes. Some great info there. The last few years it has been paying off for me. Compared to previous years, my ring count is way up.Arriving
  5. Sorry we missed you guys while we were there. Appreciate the tip on the meteorites. I'll remember that one. Rich
  6. Stunner of a gold coin - Been detecting for more than a couple years and I don't recall seeing a private issue gold coin found with a metal detector. Huge congrats. And love the buckles - very cool Rich -
  7. With the real expensive detectors, it would be nice for a la carte -
  8. I've thought about this very thing before. I could see the customized order working IF the manufacturer is factory direct and there isn't a distributor that has to attempt to try and stock all possible variations in a preassembled box ready to ship at a moments notice. In my mind, if the stock parts are immediately removed upon opening the box and replaced with something else better suited, than I wish I didn't have to pay for the unwanted stock part. rich -
  9. Scuba diving adds lots of extra equipment, safety concerns and awkwardness to metal detecting. It also open up new avenues and thins out the competition. Hats off to early mornings, gear in the truck and a full tank of gas. Rich
  10. Jonathan, Just make a good note of where that comet / meteor hits so you can collect the pieces. Makes paying off the 6000 and whatever follows easy. Rich -
  11. It's Great to read of everyone's successes. Hats off to those that have turned up 1 or more gold coins. A friend and I found an 1881 $10 a very long time ago working together sifting in an old silver mining town. I'm still looking for the elusive gold coin to show up under the coil. It will. Best that I know of for a day is 20, all in 1 spot. (cache) Wouldn't that brighten your day? It would mine. And I wouldn't dream of placing any sort of rules on how my gold coin(s) has to be found; singles or multiples. Just sit back and enjoy the amazing experience. Rich
  12. Gerry, Any idea how far back in the models that Minelab is still supporting repairs ? If I were able to find a reasonably clean / operating older model, could repairs still be made? Or would I be out of luck should the electronics gremlin strike ? Is there an obvious point in models where age makes the purchase a foolish one? rich -
  13. Since 1976 I've had 34 that I have written down. I currently have 2 primary use detectors - an Equinox 800 and XP Deus. I also have a vanquish 540 for a loaner, a White's Surf PI DF for ocean duties and a couple very old Tesoro's for show and tell. Rich
  14. I appreciate the thoughts, and I like Chase's idea of putting that speedy WM08 to use with a short custom cable. Cudos. If the puck was round and clipped into a favorite pair of headphones sans custom adapter cables it would be even better. I've done the cable routing under clothing and . . . . I can do it. Still a nuisance. Takes time and then I have a wire coming out my collar area or up through an iPod opening in my jacket. But if we're looking for optimal here for this next gen of equinox, a WM08 in a coat or pants pocket with a headphone wire routed up the torso isn't optima
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