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    Exploring old railroad and mining towns of the West. Detecting the yards of old homes.

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  1. I have both. I use the carbon fiber shaft for everyday use. If i have to travel "compact", i swap out for the factory 3 piece rod and cuff. Not as sturdy, but much better for travel.
  2. Loren, a quick question. Are you using an aftermarket search rod on your equinox ? Many are using a carbon fiber rod, arm cuff and counterbalance system which add a couple hundred dollars to the Equinox. I have them on mine. They are certainly an improvement over factory search rod and cuff, but they also add to my overall equinox cost. Rich -
  3. I had pre-ordered the 11" package with my dealer weeks ago. Yesterday, after reviewing all the places I enjoy using my Deus 1, I realized I should start with the 9" to continue hunting those areas with the Deus 2. I believe XP will come out with an 11x13" or similar for the beach hunters and think I'll wait for that. So I called my dealer and updated my order to the 9" package. As for coils smaller than the 9" round FMF, i thought I read / heard that XP won't be making a smaller elliptical coil for the Deus 2 due to the size of the FMF chip and battery needed to run it. Did anybody else read / hear that? I've seen so many Deus 2 videos and read so many posts the last month or so, it's hard to remember sources. somebody mentioned they would hang onto their Deus 1 with the elliptical HF coil because of this. Rich
  4. I suspect i will need to hang onto my Deus 1 and the 3 coils that work with it.
  5. That display represents a lot of work. Only detector rich ? Could be worse . . . . . you could be Utah Rich. LOL
  6. Both the birdcage button and the 1 Reale are great finds. Impressed big time by the birdcage condition. Like the first flat button as well. Was trying to figure the writing on the back FINE ? Thanks for the post and video. Always enjoy a trip report. UtahRich
  7. Any thoughts of trying a Dive tank sled for pulling across the sand?
  8. Have to say that when it comes to target separation on the higher conductive targets, like copper pennies, clad dimes and silver dimes, clad quarters and silver quarters, halves and dollars that i do prefer some way to differentiate between them. Some manufacturers have the target ID spread wide in the low and middle conductors and tight in the high conductors. I learned target ID's on a Teknetics Mark I and furthered it on other White's machines. The target ID's were amazingly accurate (as were the depth meters). Later detectors like the Tesoro Toltec 100 and Sovereigns had all of the higher conductors bunched up at the very end making it difficult to do simple tasks like just dig quarters and better if in a clad area. My very capable CZ-6 and CZ-6a were great coin hunters, but I always missed being able to separate the high end stuff. There are areas I hunt specifically for larger silver (quarters / halves / dollars) and I find them. Having a target ID that can tell the difference is really nice. Helps speed things up. A couple years ago i had a deeeep target in what i would call a clad park. I was using my EQ800. Target was 34-35. I dug down 8-9 inches and the target was still in the bottom center of the hole. I was thinking big brass sprinkler something or other, but the 34-35 was dead nuts silver half so i further deepened the hole. At 11" was a lovely walking liberty half that could easily have been left behind as deeeeep junk if it weren't for the target ID. Just some of my own thoughts here. My circumstances aren't the same as everybody else's, so I try to find detectors and settings that work best for me, or at least is adjustable to what i like. i did decide to have a go with the Deus 2. I've seen enough that i think it will work for me in some / most of the places i frequent. We'll see. I'm looking forward to it. Rich -
  9. I didn't realize you were so Saintly, George. Cudo's. Leg*end Middle English (in the sense ‘story of a saint's life’): from Old French legende, from medieval Latin legenda ‘things to be read’, from Latin legere ‘read’. legend (sense 1 of the noun) dates from the early 17th century. I wonder if Nokta meant there to be a little poke to our XP friends in France as well. We can only wonder. Rich
  10. Glad Nokta went with the 3 yr warranty. As the Legend makes its' way into the field and if performance IS BETTER than the EQ800 - still to be determined - having an equivalent warranty overcomes having to make a decision of risking 1 yr of warranty for whatever performance benefits are gained. rich
  11. I would like to see you include your Deus 1 with the 9" x35 coil in this test. Deus 2 looks impressive there. Thx. Rich
  12. I currently use both the EQ800 and Deus 1. I've always thought of the EQ800 build quality as that of ultralight camping gear. Meant for outdoor use, but, be careful with it. My Etrac and Explorer were tougher and more robust which meant they were heavier. Like Calabash mentioned in his video, I replaced my search rod with one of Steve G's carbon fiber versions as well as the arm cuff. I've not had any leakage or failure issues with my control pod. Minelab did replace a loose section of the factory search rod. So far, my 11" coil has remained intact. After using an Explorer and Etrac since 2000, both with the X-1 Sunray pin pointer, the Equinox was a physical relief, especially after i injured my shoulder. I accepted the ultralight build quality for the weight trade off. That said, my Deus is even lighter. I prefer the S rod configuration of the Deus to the straight rod of the Equinox. Watching Calabash's tests, the Deus 2 appears to perform as well or better in test gardens and on the beach. That said, one of the characteristics that has proved to me to separate the EQ800 from other detectors I've used is its' ability to unmask difficult targets from the rusty iron/nails, and to do so at depth. I've posted many finds on Monte's forum with pictures of coins with the rusty nails all coming from the same hole. Coin / nail co-locates isn't unusual, but the # of rusty iron / nails in the same hole has made my 800 stand apart from my Etrac, Explorer, CZ's, Deus and all of the single frequency detectors I've used. I really like what I initially see of the Deus 2. I doubt that I'll sell either my 800 or Deus 1 in order to step up to the Deus 2. More likely to add the Deus 2 and see how it performs compared to what I already have. Rich
  13. I'm glad to see that you had your internal discriminator turned on and you didn't pick up the dozen corroding zinc pennies and the 7 smashed and rusting bottle caps that were left on the ground in the same general area. cudo's on the note. rich
  14. 🙄. Chase . . . you are right. . . . looks like i need to do a bit of editing. . . . thanks for the heads up
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