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  1. I was expecting to wake up this morning to banners flapping in the wind and a big parade on main street. Crickets. I kinda thought that being Australian based, there would be a leaning towards Australian times / dates, so I was looking about last night for anything. Nope Well, there is a storm blowing in where I live and perhaps there is a parachutist out there somewhere having been blown off course trying like heck to land. I'm hoping. Always nice to see what Minelab has come up with. UtahRich
  2. I kid around above, but i see this attitude out there about running at max and criticizing a detector if you can't hunt with everything set for optimal conditions. Life isn't always optimal. I have some areas i shallow water hunt where there are high power transmission lines running over my head. Most days i cannot get my 800 to be anything close to stable using multi-frequency settings despite efforts with noise cancel and sensitivity adjustments. Here i end up picking either 10kHz or 15kHz as my search frequency and then hunting. Suddenly, things go quiet as a mouse. Some have said, See, what use is a multi-freq if you can't always hunt in multi-freq? To that I've responded that it's great to hunt in multi-freq, but if i can't, i also have in hand a selectable frequency detector that allows me to hunt despite conditions that might otherwise drive me away. I think of it as versatility. I'm excited about learning the new Axiom and exploring some new areas - UtahRich -
  3. speaking of . . . . shouldn't max sensitivity be 11? edit: Sorry, reference was a little vague.
  4. Right back at you MSC.
  5. The manticore takes features from the ctx 3030, etrac and equinox, so i don't see them bringing out a new ctx4040 / etrac 2. "It's better the second time around". Perhaps the other change will be to freshen the equinox to the multi IQ 2 software in a pod similar to the manticore, a'la equinox 1000, and attempt tostep way out ahead of the legend and deus 2. The other option i see is revamping the Gold Monster.
  6. As a NOOB to PI's / nugget hunting, i was thinking the standard Axiom package was the way to go - 13" DD & 11" mono. Should i reconsider? Rich -
  7. Uh Oh ! Best not to let this leak out just before Christmas PSPR - Pretty sure you've just relegated yourself to the Minelab NAUGHTY LIST and will therefore get BUMPED to the back of the Manticore waiting line. Minelab expects patience and LOYALTY from their dedicated customers. Unrelated - growing up, did you ever catch Santa Claus in the act? 😉 UtahRich -
  8. I think Minelab will release the manticore when it is ready and not tie the release to tax seasons, weather patterns or astrology predictions is the local news paper
  9. I wouldn't have even THOUGHT to put that on my bucket list. Crazy amazing find for sure. Right up there with Dragon Treasure.
  10. My best medical advice is this - Don't Hold Your Breath. 😉 2028 is a long wait.
  11. One of my worries when I purchased my 800 was that Minelab was trying to make 1 detector be too many things; coinshooter, beach hunter, relic hunter, gold prospector, shallow water hunter, and such. I'm actually surprised it turned out as great as it is. Excellent in a few categories and very good in others. We know the shortcomings, but overall, really a great All-Round detector. Seems that everybody is trying to be the All-Rounder now. One detector to do everything. Is this our new norm? UtahRich -
  12. Hey there GB, Clarification of audience is needed. Helpful to whom? You? Or is this rhetorical to give us something to churn on while it is cold outside? (i'm ok with that, just asking) When referring to graphics, are you referring to a display that shows like graphical battery levels? Mineralization levels? Probable Depth? Settings and so on? Or is this in reference to TARGET ID Display specifically? Enquiring minds await. UtahRich -
  13. Silicone, duct tape, gorilla tape and a few other options came to mind - in the end, after reviewing the overall Deus 2 package in relation to the hunting I do, I decided a new home for the D2 was the solution. I think the Deus 2 is very capable, just not as good a fit for my situation as i hoped. No worries, I have my 800 to rely on while Minelab finishes up the Manticore. UtahRich -
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