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  1. Any new AQ Limited's going out ? Or are we still at a halt ? I apologize I've not been following as closely as I have earlier in the summer. Neck deep landscaping a very large new yard from scratch. Last I was able to pick up was there were 8 LTD's out there, 1 had been returned and Fisher is/was looking into that. Joe was continuing to retrieve all gold rings lost on the East Coast with a combination of his tried and true Excal and the new AQ. Steve was working the tahoe area - UtahRich -
  2. Sounds like this new detector is going to have multiple personalities.
  3. I look at this subject as most areas I hunt for coins and jewelry have been hunted before, in some cases, many times. So whats left to find and why was it 'missed'? Were items missed due to poor coverage? Deeper than the previous technology could reach? Collocated with other ferrous or non-ferrous items? Does the area have difficult ground? Digging it all isn't an option in some areas, there are simply too many possible targets. The key is having a detector and operator that can effectively sort thru what's there and separate various metallic items from the soil and do it at what is maxi
  4. Very nice ring ! When is a "zinc penny" signal a good thing for me? When I'm in a Ghost Town - likely an IHC or token. When I'm in the shallow water looking for gold rings. When it's a deep target in a park or old yard. Rich -
  5. Lol. We know that cuda. But John Wayne will ALWAYS be John Wayne to everyone that watched those old Western movies. The same for Joe and all of us who have followed his exploits for such a long time here and on other forums. 👍 Rich
  6. What ? Joe isn't your real name ? Thanks like sayin' John Wayne ISN'T John Wayne. Rich -
  7. Joe, Wow, that's a BIG ring! And I noticed under your name, Joe Beechnut OBN, that it says you are a 'Silver' Contributor. Shouldn't that really say, 'Gold' instead? 🙂 Just a thought for Steve. Rich
  8. GET RID OF THE ZINC PENNY. . . . . . . . PLEASE.
  9. For the vast majority of my years detecting, I've knocked on doors and hunted parking strips around old neighborhoods. Here's MY view on this. How do I hunt around my own neighborhood? Obviously, to hunt somebody else's yard, I ask permission. My hope is to find old coins, trade tokens, silver or gold jewelry and other similar items to add to MY collection. Many home owners or those who rent out their homes are ok with this. Others want something out of it for themselves. If the home is a family home they've been in for a long time, I think it is fair of me to offer to return je
  10. Thanks Tom, We missed you and several others that were hoping to make it. I felt fortunate to be able to coincide some vacation time at work with the dates that were scheduled. And this virus thing going around has made everyday life / work challenging and difficult for such simple things as trying to get away for some recreation like detecting. Let's hope a resolution to this virus comes about quickly. Rich -
  11. Last weekend concluded Monte's 12th Welcome To Hunt Outing (WTHO), a gathering of new and old detectorists looking to get together and spend some time out testing their detecting skills against some Western Ghost Towns. This gathering centered around Wells, NV. I was really looking forward to getting away after being cooped up at the house for the last couple months and working from home due to the pandemic. The outing came at the right time. We ended up having 18 detectorists from the Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and Texas. More were scheduled, but some had to cancel due to the
  12. Would i like more? Yes. A 9" coil would be nice. Something like the stock coil on the vanquish would be great for poking around the nooks and crannies of the sage brush out in the old ghost towns. Do I think we'll see anymore coils for the current EQ600 and EQ800. Nope. Something to throw out there; has anybody verified the vanquish and equinox coils are chipped differently ? The Vanquish isn't something I was looking into so I don't know if they are incompatible due to the connectors or are they different beasts all together. Just curious if anybody sacrificed a couple
  13. Againstmywill, Excellent post and lots of good info on this thread. Rich -
  14. GB - Just a little off topic. . . Your data matches mine. IF I am hunting in a park and looking for nickels, especially older nickels, I find that the tab or the beaver tail portion (often folded over) of a pull tab, target ID's the same as a nickel; 12/13 on my 800 in my area. What to do? In general, I like digging nickels. A lot of them have been left behind by previous generations of coin hunters AND there is always that small, small chance a gold ring will turn up instead. How do I deal with these nuisance targets? They are frustrating and very common. In an
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