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  1. Yep, I've been following what now seems to be season 3 of "The Manta". I'm expecting that you will eventually get it back, being that you've already paid for it. 😬 Rich
  2. If nothing else, there is 1 Impulse AQ out there. Unique machine to have in your detector collection. How much could hand tuning a coil tweak the price up . . . ?? rich
  3. Handsome ring Joe. Good luck with the dry suit repair. Warm and dry is good, especially this time of year. Rich
  4. Welcome to the Forum, and good luck with the new GK. rich
  5. How long are we suppose to wait? If it's a long enough wait, I can not wait, but still be waiting. Know what I mean? Rich.
  6. Wow Joe, An impressive group of finds for the month. This time of year, you're certainly wearing the dry suit when on the jet ski - Have you thought about adding a CAPE to your outfit.? 😁 Something with your Pirate theme would look good. Best of luck for February - Rich -
  7. Great hunt Dan ! That's a nice bunch of silver coins. I'd be back to that spot for some follow up. Rich -
  8. Congrats Steve ! Beautiful coins. Sounds like an outing you won't forget. My 800 has turned up a 34-35 (deep walking half) I'll look forward to the 39. Thanks for the post and pics. Rich -
  9. Rick, I've been following the 'manta' for a few years now, and have appreciated the info you've kept coming our way as it's become available. I'm still expecting to read your updates and share in your forays to the beach once you get your detector back from the factory. And drop a note if and when you get your Fisher dealership. I'm sure many will be interested. Get well soon. UtahRich
  10. Joe, In water temps like that, I bet you check the water depth carefully before slipping off the back of the boat. Another great find. Rich
  11. Wow Joe, You're knocking it out of the park again . . . . . Glad you're finding and posting all this stuff because my water hunting is all iced over. Might have to get creative with my efforts or give in and go on a roadtrip. Rich -
  12. Thanks Joe ! That's a great help and appreciated. I would never have guessed the base was a bread tray. LOL Very clever. Rich
  13. Hi Joe, Thanks for the video. What a great 1st target of the day. I'm usually a little wary if my first find of the day is top shelf. But you followed that up with 2 more. Nicely done. Great start to the year. I like your floating screen sifter material better than my wire mesh. Haven't figured out what it is you're using. Can you point me in a direction ? Rich -
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