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  1. Thank you all! I purchased used ML X-Terra 705. Coil DD 10.5 "7,5 kHz. According to the descriptions I liked MXT but ML I bought inexpensive! If I buy a coil of 18.75 kHz ellipse, it will greatly increase the depth to small targets? Small targets for me is 0.3-0.6 g nuggets. Testing the air coil 7.5 kHz showed a depth of about 1 inch by a nugget weighing 0.4 g
  2. Hi guys! I asked for advice on choosing a forum detector (http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/topic/91-choose-detector/#entry632) . I was planning to buy an inexpensive VLF detector. But I got a bonus at work and bought a used GPX 5000. I went with this detector on some old gold deposits. I found 6 nuggets total weight of 6 grams. GPX 5000 detector is good, but I dug a lot of iron objects. I lost a lot of time digging for iron things. Gold mines are very old, so the soil forged nails, small pieces of wire. I think in addition to the GPX 5000 I need a second detector. The main requirement for the detector - good discrimination. Now I look at the detectors: 1. Whites MXT 2. Whites GMT - because things are little nuggets (less than 1 gram). Am I right to think ?: GMT will be deeper than GPX to 0.5 grams of gold nuggets? 3. Minelab X-terra 705 4. Minelab Explorer SE 5. Fisher Gold BUG Pro/F19. This detector (thanks to Steve for information) shows VDI targets all metals mode, it's good! I know what to look for in the "all metal" because discrimination reduces sensitivity. But I would like to be able to include disc. whenever I want. What do you think of the detector to hunt for nuggets in the tailings. Any thinking please!
  3. Excellent overview! All that is required to select between the two detectors. Thank you Steve! Your information makes us think more to learn more about detectors.
  4. Hello Steve! Hello Fred, thanks for the answer. I regularly read several times forum and information website. Very useful site, thanks to its members! I want to concentrate the information obtained from the site. In one of latest informations Steve said that he sold the MXT, as it has a large weight. I am willing to endure a lot of weight, if MXT is better nuggets 1-10 grams than similar detectors with frequency 19 kHz ( GBPro). I would like to know that MXT has a problem only with great weight and ergonomics. I understand that the MXT is not a universal detector, he does not see that what he sees GMT and GB2. But I have a starting data size nuggets, mineralization and I hope to pick up these requirements detector. I understand everything! I will study more information.
  5. Steve, please tell me that you did not have time to answer. I'm worried that something was wrong did. I promise to share his story and purchase detector finds nuggets, It will be interesting.
  6. Good day, Steve! Sorry for my english Please help me. I'm interested in hunting for nuggets. Steve read stories about Alaska - very interesting! I'll choose my detector. I do not know what I mineralization in the country, but many hunters use PI machine. Basically Minelab. Quite often find nuggets from 0.5 grams to 20 grams. 1. Help me in choosing among VLF machines that will provide depth on the nuggets 1-5 grams. I think about MXT pro, I will reel coil DD 6 * 10 "compared to the coil 12." 2. Steve, I understand from your stories 14 kHz frequency copes better with the mineralization than Let's say 19 kHz the gold bug pro. The 14 kHz will win great nuggets. I understand correctly? Weight detector I am not afraid. 3. Choosing PI machine for me also not simple. I can buy a Minelab. but I have to take out a bank loan. How TDI SL worse depth on nuggets 0.5-20 grams compared to GPX. This hunt we gaining popularity and would not want to miss the season! Andrey Sorry, i forgot to add: I live in Kazakhstan.
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