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    Making Jewelry out of Australian Pre Decimal coins.
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  1. Peter Woodland s modified detectors are amazing.Unfortunately the Biased meter blurs the waters here,as far as the closer you get to the Dealer s and there rep s the more untruth s are spoken. Jp here in Oz has slowly but surely has also been faced with this many times and now unlike in the past is a little more tight lipped. He knows where his bread and butter is. From personal experience and the Gp Extreme i own ,which is fully modded by Peter i will never sell it.I HAd a 4500 and worked and lived in the WA goldfields for 10 years and my Gp Extreme matched and yes beat the 4500 on some occasions.Love the 4500,but not as much as my Extreme. Anyway im not bagging Minelab just some are truly unable to see past there wallet when it comes to expressing honest proven information. Peter at Detector mods has found some spectacular gold with his modded machine ,the likes of which almost all on this site will never.However the doubts and criticisms keep flowing. Again this is not a personal attack on anyone's ability but 30+ ounce nuggets are far between!. Currently own and run 3 x Minelabs.... Ash
  2. Decanfrost

    Iron Bias

    I like this post. Good insight into ,"Although deeper,Noise also will increase (In Mineralized ground),hence lower speed setting ,noise = greater depth potential (To hear the target).
  3. Decanfrost

    Iron Bias

    Excellent post ,i agree totally. Also,as for depth at a fairly clean beach regarding recovery ,lower goes deeper.Im now finding im digging with the 800 at the limit of what i want to dig at ,at a public space.Great machine this 800.
  4. Yes ,well written and enjoyable to read. Ive come to enjoy my Equinox more as time goes own. My only issue is there is a backlight button to highlight the screen.Just wish it also had backlight keyboard,cant see the buttons. Look forward to the smaller coil.Hope it s elliptical and open desgn .
  5. Decanfrost

    Equinox First Gold Nugget Photos

    I agree with steve.Those nuggets at a bit of depth with some minerilazation is what i want to see ....please.!
  6. Decanfrost

    A Unique Accidental Coin Find

    I think these type of finds are cool. I to found one here in Oz ,which i posted awhile back. They are keepers and make excellent additions to the display cabinet. Well done Steve.
  7. Decanfrost

    11 Gold Coins Found + More

    I wanna stab myself in the neck when i see such things. Well done to the lucky finder. My dream is to find a Gold Coin.....Been at it 3 years now.
  8. Decanfrost

    Oh Man!

    Excuse me.......! Just found this the other day, 1929 Centenary of Western Australia Medal(Coin)...really BIG!. These were made in 5 x variations to my knowledge,Gold ,Silver,Bronze(Dutch Gold) Copper and a Lacquered copper patina finish,put out by the Perth Mint. Absolutely stocked...really big ,heavy and this one BRONZE ,weighting about 33 grams from memory and 4mm thick. Anyways thought it best to end on a positive as we ve all been there in lean times. Chin up fellas . Ps Pic Alongside an Australian 20cent coin for size reference. Hope you like. Ash
  9. Glad Steve and Mike sorted it all out. Seem d to me just mis understandings/translations and also possibly a age thing. We are all getting older. Older i get the less i like see hear disputes and the like.Really no need for it. This Nokta....starting to get me interested. Wonder if the a new machine will have 8 x AA battery,waterproof ect? Also regarding the Equinox.Ive heard that in prospecting mode ,that those 2 x frequencies wont be"MULTI" I might be wrong hear but thought id get it out there.....Just to get burned..!....
  10. Hi, Regarding the VLF detectors.Can someone answer for me what constitutes a VLF with good discrimination?.I feel to discriminate that speed is a factor as well.Otherwise no matter how good,if a target is next to iron it will read off a good hit. The Deus has fast reactivity,so is this now a good discriminator.Between ferrous and non ferrous?. How does this compare to say the Nokta Impact for speed discrimination. Thanks in advance Ash
  11. Decanfrost

    Video - Equinox 800 Depth Test

    Ive found like so many who own the CTX ,that you will be amazed at how it pulls "Good" targets from trash when going slow and High trash is selected(And Fast Recovery on)My experience has been in this Target separation,even when the Threshold is in a constant Null that a coin like target will give signal. One of the only draw backs ive found with the CTX are in relation to DD coil not giving any signal from the blade like field it put outs in relation to orientation of target to trash. Anyway ,my 2nd machine will be this Equinox 800 when they arrive here in Oz.Also wonder on the Mono type coils for now or future given the problem above.However wont be holding my breathe on that one as VLF s need all the help they can get for discrimination/depth so mono s are out for now i suppose!.
  12. Decanfrost

    Minelab Equinox Multi-IQ And Search Modes

    If the price is right im keen.Currently got the AT Max on hold because of this new Machine.However i feel this "New" I Q business really isn't far off the same old thing in regard to tweaking the Frequencies.I don't doubt it,s better tuned to hot ground and hope the higher frequencies can hit small gold .Is the coil a DD or a Concentric ???. Would be great if mono style coil as reading signals from all angles improves over certain directions compared to the DD's.