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  1. No. 1 for us most of the time. Going to old holes later in the day (if some are nearby), last hour or even after dinner for fuel money with the SDC - depending on what we found patch hunting during the day?
  2. Our first pour for 2017 - 10 Oz ( 5 x 2 Oz buttons). Use Hobos method. (few other lumps as well!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IsdsaSntkzU
  3. Hi all Fantastic information here. Re: Covering Ground Vs Going For Depth My wife and I are semi-pro prospectors and I exclusively use the covering ground method (patch hunting), while my wife does a bit of both. I have put in 1150 hours coil-time in this last season with my 4500 and the new elite 18" coil, only dropping down to the 14" for chaining a new patch. My wife swings a 5000 with a 14" elite coil, dropping down to a 11" elite when we are chaining. (she has put in approx. 900 hrs this year). We will be buying an SDC 2300 for next season. We spent 7 months in th
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