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  1. I had a half sovereign, but it was with a Golden Mask 5+
  2. I'm not finding that the lower recovery speeds are giving me much in the way of depth, compared to the same on other units, it makes the Nox feel very lazy and laggy, mostly i'm running at 5 or 6 which seems to be a nice balance for my sweep speed. For myself it's a brilliant player in the top 8" of soil, that's where i've been having fun with it.
  3. Here's the one i fitted to a Nexus.
  4. I've had a few of these shafts, there pretty good, but watch for the top collar closest to the handle coming loose. It's actually a threaded collar but they couldn't thread the carbon shaft it's on, so they glue them on. The bottom end plastic part that fits to the coil snapped on my last one in the cold weather. You can buy the carbon rod sections (less the handle) for easy money on alibaba, even cheaper if you do a forum multi buy!
  5. Hi, yes i agree. The only guide i can gives is my test garden is min 3 bars Racer2, 4 bars F19. A large Victorian penny air tests max at 17.5", in ground a get a good dig signal @12". It was more to show how sensitive the 11" dd coil is, i'll do another with the 9" cc.
  6. Pretty good on the small stuff in disc mode.